1. REDIRECT Template:UserCharacter (Old) His name is Zalek-Threel. He speaks with a British accent he is from the future after time travel is invented so he goes back in time to insure that the soul swords are united to cause balance in the universe he wears all dead white and his weapon style is similar to Setsuka's except his sword is a hilt of which the blade extends out of when he wants it to and he is adept in all martial arts so he can kick and club powerfully when his sword is sheathed one of his though moves is he presses his hilt to his enemy's chest then blades it out spins the enemy to the ground took out his sword stabs again and stomps on the hilt takes away an 8th of the enemy's health his critical finish is he presses a button on his sword and electricity arcs around the blade and he stabs them electrocuting them to death then he mutters "life is...meaningless without knowledge" what lies in his soul is balance his weapons are

Quantem Mechanics




Soul Edge
The Edgebur sword

Soul Embrace

Soul Calibur

Soul Embrace ( ultimate weapon)

Magic Bamboo Sheath (joke weapon)



"Life is... meaningless"

"Time shall still flow"

"Impossible, I should be immortal"

"Death...I shall succumb"

"Death...shall haunt me"

"History shall say I died"

"Historians will find my body"

"In History I am immortal"

"Death...I suppose it was inevitable"


"It was inevitable

"Don't worry in a million years you'll be remembered as a hero"

"History said it would be so"

" shall soon succumb"


"A pacifist could die here"

"I thought this was a game...then you died"

"Your fate is to decay in shackles"


"Gravity a law of physics in your time but..."

"This goes without saying but you fell"

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