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"You won't get any pity from me."
— Jarek

Jarek is former merc, now turned ally of good. I created him on Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur IV, and Soul Calibur V. In Soul Calibur III, he uses the Chinese Sword move set, and in Soul Calibur IV, he uses Yun-seong's fighting style, and in Soul Calibur V, he uses Cervantes' fighting style.

In Soul Calibur IV, what lies in his soul is Honor. In Soul Calibur V, he is reffered to as He Who Gives His All.


Soul Calibur III

In Soul Calibur III, he wears a red dragon tunic, long, black fingerless gloves, black tapered pants, and protective greaves.

Soul Calibur IV

In Soul Calibur IV, he still wears his protective greaves, but he also wears a red bandana, a black short-sleeved shirt with red body armor, and black pants with two belts.

Soul Calibur V

In Soul Calibur V, he wears red and black bandana, a red vest, Cervantes' pants(only one part of it is black), and steel boots that are kind of simular to his protective greaves. He also wears a belt with two knives in the back, and a pistol attached to it.


Soul Calibur III

As a member of Kano's clan, the Black Dragon, Jarek had a life of crime with Kano. But deep down his soul, Jarek doesn't trusts Kano. Jarek believes Kano is obsessed with power. He never wanted to be partners with someone who is always power hungry.

"Ain't you had too much power?" Jarek said to Kano. When Kano heard what Jarek said, he punched Jarek in the face with force. "Argh. I'm takin' that as a 'yes'." "You just never learn, do you, Jarek?" Kano said to Jarek in disgust, while Jarek stays silent.

But when hearing recent rumors of an asure knight causing chaos in cities between Europe and Asia, he sneaked out of the Black Dragon caves to investigate the attacks. He brought his sword and covered himself with a cape and hood to make sure he doesn't get noticed.

When he saw what the asure knight destoryed in a southern Asian city, it shaked Jarek to the core. He got infomation that the asure knight carried the cursed sword, Soul Edge, and goes by the name, Nightmare. He didn't want Kano to know the info Jarek got, and set out to go after Soul Edge and destroy it.

Soul Calibur IV

Wanted to destory Soul Edge, Jarek had to get more infomation on the cursed sword. But when he tries to find out more, Kano attacked Jarek out of nowhere, but Jarek managed to block Kano's attack with his sword.

"You just don't understand who you're dealing with, Jarek!" Kano said to Jarek in a blind rage. Kano kicked Jarek off his feet, which broke Jarek's sword, then Kano walked up to Jarek, saying, "I don't need you anymore. Goodbye!" Kano attempts to kill Jarek with strike of his knife.

But when Kano attempts, Jarek impales Kano with his broken sword. Kano falls to the ground, near death, with Jarek's broken sword thought his torso. Jarek walks up to Kano's near-dead body and says, "No, I don't need you anymore." As Kano heard Jarek's words, his one eye rolled up as he dies.

Now finally free from the evils of the Black Dragon clan, Jarek finds himself recrited to Liu Kang's forces and vowes to destory Soul Edge with his new sword. With Jarek on Kang's side, Nightmare's forces could truly be destoryed. But with Soul Edge getting stronger, Jarek may fear that he may be in risk of dying. "Never give up hope, Jarek. Promise me that." Kang said, with Jarek responding, "Don't worry, I won't."

Soul Calibur V

Coming soon!


Work in-progess.

Jarek's Home Stages

Soul Calibur III: Indian Port

Soul Calibur IV: Sailor's Rest

Soul Calibur V: Free Imperial City Center

Character Relationships

  • Once a member of the Black Dragon until Soul Calibur IV.
  • Has a hate relationship with Kano(whom Jarek killed after the events of SC3) and Tremor.
  • Joined Liu Kang's forces in Soul Calibur IV.


  • His Protective Greaves were Jarek's signature foot equipment during III and IV.
  • His fighting style changes in SC III-V. In III, he uses the Chinese Sword style. In IV, he uses Yun-seong's style. And in V, he uses Cervantes' style.

Create-A-Soul Formulas

Soul Calibur III

Coming soon!

Soul Calibur IV

Primary Costume


Style: Yun-seong

Weapon: Ramdao

Undergarments: Loincloth (0: 01, 01)

Upper Body: Asura Brestplate (Color 1: 0: 41, 32, Color 2-3: 9: 02, 15, Color 4: 0: 01, 13)

Arm: Dueler's Gloves (Color 1: 0: 41, 32, Color 2: 9: 02, 15, Color 3: 0: 01, 32)

Lower Body: Dueler's Breeches (Color 1: 0: 40, 32, Color 2: 9: 02, 15, Color 3: 4: 06, 16, Color 4: 0: 01, 15)

Feet: Protected Greaves (2: 05, 19)

Physique: -50

Musculanity: +25

Face: 4

Hair: Gelled Back

Hair, Eyebrow and Facial Hair Color: 3: 01, 32

Eye Color: 9: 41, 18

Skin Color: 1: 12, 11

Skills: Shave Damage C, Soul Gauge Rate Up B, Nullify Ring Out B

Alt. Costume

Coming soon!

Soul Calibur V

Primary Costume

Coming soon!

Alt. Costume

Coming soon!


  • Jarek in Soul Calibur IV.
  • Jarek in Soul Calibur IV. (close-up)
  • Jarek's alt. costume in Soul Calibur IV
  • Jarek's alt. costume in Soul Calibur IV. (close-up)
  • Jarek in Soul Calibur V. (close-up)
  • Jarek's alt. costume in Soul Calibur V.
  • Jarek's alt. costume in Soul Calibur V.