Tira's split personalities Jolly and Gloomy is one of the reason why Tira become one of the unique character in the Soul Series.This split personalities present in Soul Calibur III but oddly they are not named, in Soul Calibur IV is the game that this personalities is first introduce and will be back in Soul Calibur V, It said that Tira split personalities because she was infected by Soul Edge where she witness the battle beetween Soul Edge and Soul Calibur in the Lost Cathedral, but she already had split personalities even before she meet Nightmare. In Soul Calibur IV, they are present as Tira's main fighting style, usually Tira will fight her opponent in Jolly side in the first round and Gloomy side for the next round,Tira fighting style in Jolly side in Soul Calibur IV is the same as her fighting style in Soul Calibur III with some upgrades, but in Gloomy side she will have new moves that quite brutal and wild,but sometimes this new moves will eventually hurt herself, her stance are also change each side, in jolly side, she hold her ring blade with both arms in front of her, but in gloomy side, she bows her hair and put her ring blade in her shoulders,each side also have diffrent aura, jolly is yellow and gloomy is dark purple, this split personalities will be back in Soul Calibur V, but they will appear randomly, diffrent with the previous game where jolly is the most dominant.

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