• The Shadow User

    Now Soul Calibur V may or may not be coming around the corner. I for one greatly anticipate if/and when this great series continues. however, I am curious about one thing. If you had to pick ten characters from the SoulCalibur series (just ten) to be carried over into V who would it be? And as an eleventh character pick a guest character who u think would shine and fit in well in the SoulCalibur Series Mine are from Greatest to Least

    1. Siegfried,

    2. Kilik,

    3. Astaroth,

    4. Seung Mina,

    5. Ivy Valentine,

    6. Cervantes,

    7. Hwang,

    8. Li Long,

    9. Xianghua,

    10. Rock,

    11. Dante (Special Guest from the Devil May Cry series!)

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