Hey guys! Let's get creative and see how we would like the SC V story mode to have gone.

Here is my brief summary.

Seventeen years had passed and Nightmare had grown weak. However, he refused to give up his place on Osthreinsburg's throne and continued to consume countless souls with his sword. Meanwhile, the malfested, tired of playing games, began to train each other in hopes that once they were able to get the sword left alone, it would open up to them and choose them as their new host. Tira just knew she'd be picked, but she was soon outshined in the Azure Knight's eyes by Pyrrha, whom had been influenced by the evil sword since birth.

Angered that she no longer the favorite, Tira would use her usual two-faced routine of being on Pyrrha's side until she seemed vulnerable enough to give up the sword she had just earned... She had clearly mistaken, as when Pyrrha grasped the sword's hilt and became the Crimson Despair, she was able to cast Nightmare out of his own castle and slaughter anyone who came near, Tira barely escaped alive. While she plots her revenge in the shadows, Nightmare has tried several times to retrieve his sword, and failed.

Patroklos hears of this 'Crimson Despair' and, because he's such a Malfested hunter..., heads from Greece towards Germany where the murders have been most frequent. There, he encounters Nightmare in another attempt to reclaim his sword, Pyrrha defends her castle of the damned and defeats him yet again, unaware that Patroklos, in horror, recognizes her as his older sister who disappeared mysteriously. She recognizes him, but feels no emotion and tells him to leave and if he doesn't, she will claim his soul.

Patroklos is conflicted about letting this go and returning to Athens, but when he hears that she is planning to find and destroy the holy sword Soulcalibur, bringing the world to darkness, he knows he must act quickly. As the Schwartzwind and Osthreinsburg's army are soon battling, the young man encounters his sister yet again, angered upon seeing him. After their final boss battle (lol), he is able to knock the blade from her hands and could easily land a finishing strike... He doesn't.

Still seeing her as his sister he, in agony, drops his sword and falls to his knees. Far from touched, Pyrrha walks to the edge of Osthreinsburg's balcony and destroys Soulcalibur. The world is a dark place now. And as the young Greek woman sneers at her brother, she says that Soul Edge is satisfied and doesn't want to eat his soul, so she walks past him, sparing him. A life for a life.

Before she returns to the castle's interior, she reminds Patroklos he is the only one who knows where she is and that is people attack her fortress again, she knows who to go after. With that, they leave. Pyrrha returns to the throne room where she perches regally with her sword and glows a blood red. She smiles, now happy she can continue her life eating souls... Patroklos walks back to Greece, less than satisfied.

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