Father and Son

Father and Son (made with photoshop cs5 NO STEALING)

This is a fanfiction I finished a few months ago :) I decided to upload it here. If you're interested to read the rest the link is below. Please leave feedback if you like it.

The Phoenix Rises

The Phoenix Rises Chapter 1 - Trinity Treasures

High in the mountains and beyond the clouds lied the Ling-Sheng Su Temple. This was no ordinary temple, where men came to learn martial arts, nor where women simply cooked and cleaned for their children and husbands. Rather, it was a mysterious and devastatingly secret temple within China's mainland. Male and Female Washus alike came to learn the secret arts of the Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod, or the Ling-Sheng Su arts of the Sword.

The training there was rigorous, and only would one be considered a worthy heir of the three sacred treasures if their master monk, Kong Xiuqiang, found them to be so. The three sacred treasures of the temple were holy weapons, capable of only purifying and expelling evil, if one is strong enough to comprehend and maintain their stability with such power in their hands.

When a man was handed the Krita-Yuga, the pulsating force of power was too much for him, and despite he proved himself worthy before, murdered everyone around him in a frenzy. Perhaps it was because the Krita-Yuga was in the hands of a greedy swordsman, who fought only to seek the power for his own ego, not to protect his people. During the horrific raid, not only was the man forcefully executed, but the holy weapon was shattered into pieces. The head monk was not only outraged, but the temple's head mentor, Edge Master, then realized that they must be more cautious and make more rigorous training programs in order to make sure the trainees are nothing less than noble and pure-hearted.

The Dvapara-Yuga was given to a woman named Xianglian, a spirited swordswoman who would give her life for the temple's sake. This event would occur sooner than she thought, as the temple was discovered by a band of, what they only called them not daring to say their demonic name, rogues. Xianglian was murdered; the Dvapara-Yuga was then stolen by these thieves.

However, the last of these trinity treasures had not and still has yet to be defeated. The temple's sacred cow, as no one was allowed to touch or interfere with its being. The holy staff of the Ling-Sheng Su temple, the Kali Yuga.

When these rogues attacked, the wielder of the sacred staff fought boldly in honor of his fallen comrades and slain lover. Indeed, Xianglian's husband was the holder of the Kali Yuga. His name was Kilik. However, no good deed goes unpunished. It was that night when the brave man discovered the Kali Yuga's true power.

He stood over the men, they cowered as they tried to inch away in fear, "It doesn't matter what you do! They've ran away with your precious treasure!"

The warrior only stood over the man, the town was now empty and silent, all had evacuated or hidden in their homes. He held the rod to his neck, Kilik pondered on smashing his head in or not, taking away the woman he loved. That's when the rod started to vibrate in his hands, causing him to shudder back. The rogue below him was bemused, the Kali Yuga emitted some sort of light, as beams and strokes of flaming wind streaks busted into the long staff, causing Kilik to drop the weapon.

The man had ran away, but Kilik was baffled, what had just occurred was something never spoken of the sacred rod. But the town was safe again; they now knew to take greater efforts in protecting them and keeping the temple hidden. The man, bruised and tired, returned to his small, safe home at the foot of one of the mountains.

Kilik slid the door open and then back closed; his home was dimly lit by the fire place. In the main room, where books and leisure furniture were kept. He peered around the corner to see Edge Master, whom had trained him since he was a teenager sat on the couch. "Is he alright?" were the first words Kilik said to him.

Edge Master had his arms folded; in them was a bundled blanket with an infant cuddled up to the elder's chest. He stood up and handed the child to Kilik, gently. He looked at his sleeping son. How was he supposed to tell him what happened to his mother? He wasn't even a year old yet. "Xiba…" he whispered in relief, not wanting these events to disturb the baby's slumber.

"Kilik." Edge Master put his hand on the father's shoulder, understanding his pain. But this was something he was accustomed to, death. However, there were questions that needed to be answered,

"Master, when I was in battle, the Kali Yuga…It-" he was interrupted by the fumbling in his arms. The infant boy Xiba blinked his brown eyes, bubbling. The baby rubbed his eyes, having obtained his motor skills. He recognized the man holding him and began to gurgle happily, holding out his arms. Kilik almost instinctively smiled at the adorable giggling of his son, forgetting of his troubles.

"Kilik," the master of blades interrupted him, he had to know… "I thought Kong Xiuqiang informed you of this." The man widened his eyes, holding the baby tighter,

"Informed me of what?"

There was a brief pause of silence; the baby had started to wine. Xiba was for some reason attuned to any type of negativity around him. It was as if he was concerned for his family's well being. Edge Master sighed, "The Kali Yuga is a benevolent being…but also malevolent depending on where its energy comes from."

Kilik raised a confused brow, his arms felt heavier as he used a knee to readjust the infant back in his arms. "What does that even mean?"

"The Kali Yuga is capable of absorbing pure spiritual energy, as well as evil…if a corrupted soul were to handle the spirit staff, whatever evil energy it absorbs will take over its host."

Kilik gasped, "But…Master, what happened earlier…" he looked over at the staff leaned against the wall, "I think I…" he didn't know how to admit his error, nor his fear, but Edge Master chuckled and nodded his head,

"Don't worry Kilik, I think now I understand why the master chose you." He looked back at the old man, once again confused, "You're pure spirited and only fight for love…only if your soul were to become corrupt would the Kali Yuga take you over…because of this, you will be protected in battle by the staff."

The staff could protect him in battle? Of course! Using its energy to his benefit rather than his demise. "So, master." He looked down at his child, who was sucking on his small, soft hand, Kilik gently slid it out of his mouth, though the child was teething, "As long as its wielder is pure and good spirited, the staff will protect it?"

"That is correct." The old warrior confirmed with a small, he walked over and ruffled whatever hair was forming on Xiba's head, "And whoever the next wielder is, they must be like you…in case the rogues return." He noted, just before exiting the home. The house was now quiet and empty, Kilik looked into the child's eyes, and he looked back into his.

"Xiba…you will be our salvation." He swore. The infant, not understanding only smiled at his father's words.

16 years later…

Ling-Sheng Su Temple, Shaanxi, Ming Dynasty (China) 1608 A.D.

The renewed, stone temples and training dojos were full of life as the school season of the Secret Arts of the Ling-Sheng Su were in heavy practice this semester. The boys and girls across the village gathered their belongings, grabbed their assigned weapon and headed to the training arena. Since a young age, they trained to see who the next wielder of the remaining sacred treasure would be. Whoever was passed down the Kali Yuga, was the savior of the temple.

All of the teenage boys would claim it was their destiny to be the next spiritual heir, whilst the girls would just giggle at their cockiness. They preferred their sword style to rod style. This morning would be the last session of training before the final exam. It was an important day to be at the arena. The students stood properly, positioning themselves upright, awaiting their orders. Their teacher, a simple monk walked out into the blistering heat of the arena, with an ink pen and a notepad, "Sit!" He demanded, they all sat on their knees, right where they were assigned.

"Wang Fe?"

"Present!" A cheerful girl called, lifting her jagged blade. The bald monk nodded, marking next to her initials,

"Chen Da?"

"Yup!" Another called, lifting his sword, Qing-Long.

"Ling Na?" He continued down the list. At the base of the training mountain, in a subtle home, a boy with spiky, short, crimson hair lied face down on his pillow. He was fairly muscular, as he'd been trained by Edge Master and his own father since he was capable of picking up a stick. He also kept to himself. He didn't exactly like interacting or being around people, unless he had to.

The 'wild monkey boy' was his nickname, as his hobbies included climbing trees as a child. "Xiba?" a voice chimed into the room, he didn't move from his spot.

"Xiba!" the voice said louder. Xiba lifted his head from his pillow, not ready for that sudden awakening,

"Yeah?" he moaned, wiping the sleep dust from the corners of his eyes. His father Kilik stood at the edge of his room,

"What are you doing?" he didn't seem very happy, the boy was confused though, he raised a brow,

"Uh…I think I was sleeping." Was he mumbling in his sleep or something? He didn't think anything was out of the ordinary,

"Do you know what today is?"

He'd just woken up and he wanted him to think? He sat up, he didn't have a shirt on; it was simply too hot for that underneath his thick sheets. Let alone, he didn't even use the sheets the night before. "Um…let's see…" he still had to get his brain functioning. He rubbed his head, ruffling his wild hair, "Thursday, right?"

Kilik nodded, smirking. He was waiting for it to hit him. Xiba didn't get it, his tired eyes gleamed brightly in the sunlight, "Thursday…" he mumbled to himself yet again. Then he remembered, the last training session, "Oh my god! It's Thursday!" He screeched suddenly reinvigorated and rushing into the bathroom to brush his teeth. It wasn't even a minute later that he whipped back into his room to change into day clothes, getting a black, open shirt and some yellow trousers, "Why didn't you wake me up?" he demanded, now in a rush.

"I did." Kilik joked, having no worried about his son's progress. While no one would admit it, Xiba was the best student there. While Xiba didn't at all like the training in any way, he knew what he was doing.

Xiba was irritated by his father's nonchalance, "How are you so calm? Normally you'd kill me over this!" he grabbed his training rod, Three Karmas from the side of his bed,

"Because you've got nothing to worry about." He optimistically asserted. The wild boy was too worried to care. Before he could dash across the village to the arena, he needed something else with his attire. He put on a gold anklet and a small pendant necklace. They belonged to his mother before she died in battle. He kept her jewelry. Xiba didn't know why, but they comforted him, despite not knowing his mother at all.

Kilik frowned slightly upon seeing Xiba add those two things. The boy noticed, wrapping a fur, tiger pelted coat around his waist; it often got colder in the afternoons, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He shook his head, smiling. Xiba didn't even bother putting shoes on, since they had them take them off anyway when training. He didn't care if it was indoors or outdoors, he just wanted to hurry and get over there.

"See ya later!" he yelled, frantically running out the door.

"Feng Dao?"

"Here." A boy yelled.


There was no response at the arena as a wild boy blitzed across the temples, heading for the long stare case up to the training temple, he bumped into a lady, startling the two, "My bad!" he exclaimed before continuing up the debilitating path.

"Xiba?" the monk said again, knowing that the students often didn't pay attention in the mornings. The monkey boy rushed through the doors, "Xiba?" the monk began to sound irritated when a loud voice rose in,

"I'M HERE!" he cried, getting the entire classes attention. Breathless, he staggered over to his position next to Feng Dao, "I'm here. Xiba is here!" he plumped down onto his knees, breathing heavily to catch it.

He was going to mark him tardy…he knew it, he saw the look in the monk's eyes. Xiba began to frown in worry; "Speaking without permission…" he marked next to his name. Oh yeah…that was a rule.

Xiba sighed, just his luck he thought.

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