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Favorite SC Death Cries?

I don't know, something to talk about. I miss the echoes =_= I really hope they return in Lost Sword or VI. Anyways, these are my top ten favorites in no particular order.

(Note: let me just say that ALL of the SC II death cries bring back childhood memories xD)

  • Siegfried (SC IV)
  • Hilde (SC IV Of Course...)
  • Amy (SC IV)
  • Tira (SC III and IV in Japanese)
  • Xianghua (SC IV in Japanese)
  • Kilik (SC II)
  • Rock (SC)
  • Nightmare (SC II)
  • Setsuka (SC III in Japanese)
  • Taki (SC II and SC III) Note: Her death cry in IV is the same as III.

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