Okay, let's think rationally, I'm thinking more along the lines of the Twisted Princesses series on DeviantArt. But there are some that are badass alone if we alter their stories just a smidgen... Or a lot.

Please consider my input :)

  • Mulan - I give her Soul of Setsuka, theme song Innocent Vision.
  • Snow White - Soul of Tira (the song Mischievous Whispers always makes me think of the famous running through the woods frightened scene)

I also imagine the poison apple made her mentally unstable rather than kill her; she is vengeful against the wicked queen.

  • Alice - I thought about American McGee's Alice (AMAZING series by the way) but I was thinking more of a Hilde-esque knightly Alice like in Tim Burton's Alice.

Take a look at the Twisted Princesses series on DA. :) I picked out theme songs for them... For my own benefit xD.

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