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  • SoulsSwords

    Sorry I've been gone for a year... with my parents divorcing and me moving states to go to college, I kind of lost track of this account. :P But I recently decided to sort the SC characters into Hogwarts houses... welp, here you go; any comments are appreciated.. and if you disagree with me, please be nice about it. I didn't include guest characters either.

    And for those who need help:

    Gryffindor House is for courageous souls: “Where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.”

    Slytherin House is for the cunning and ambitious: “Those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.”

    Ravenclaw is a house for the clever, wise, creative, and sometimes strange: “Where those of wit and learning will always find…

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  • SoulsSwords

    Hey guys! Let's get creative and see how we would like the SC V story mode to have gone.

    Here is my brief summary.

    Seventeen years had passed and Nightmare had grown weak. However, he refused to give up his place on Osthreinsburg's throne and continued to consume countless souls with his sword. Meanwhile, the malfested, tired of playing games, began to train each other in hopes that once they were able to get the sword left alone, it would open up to them and choose them as their new host. Tira just knew she'd be picked, but she was soon outshined in the Azure Knight's eyes by Pyrrha, whom had been influenced by the evil sword since birth.

    Angered that she no longer the favorite, Tira would use her usual two-faced routine of being on Pyrrha's…

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  • SoulsSwords

    What If...

    May 14, 2014 by SoulsSwords

    Having a writing problem, I love to think of ways to re-write the story. I always like to pretend Pyrrha's "fragile" personality is a ruse and is truly the sadistic, dark Pyrrha Omega at heart, who had the potential to make a great villain, had they made her more intelligent than outright bloodthirsty and crazed.

    I also feel it would've been a powerful story had Pyrrha always willingly accepted (or embraced) being malfested and wanted Patroklos to join her. After he rejects her, she too accepts that and has no qualms of killing him afterwards.

    So many possibilities. What do you guys think?

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  • SoulsSwords

    Come on, that would be pretty cool! Instead of just the English or Japanese settings, though Japanese is a wonderful language. Mitsurugi, Taki, Maxi, and Natsu are already set! Haha. Ignoring the language barriers, I'd just love to hear Sophitia or Pyrrha speaking Greek.

    Leixia and Xiba as well as their preceders would speak Mandarin... though I'd like to say they'd speak Cantonese (Which I personally find more appealing), Cantonese is only spoken in Hong Kong or Macau. All of the Chinese characters so far have been born within the Mainland.

    I feel Siegfried would sound kickass speaking German. What are your thoughts? :)

    By the way, Miss me?

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    About my Absence...

    February 23, 2014 by SoulsSwords

    Sorry for my lack of activity, on top of personal priorities, my younger brother came down with strange breathing problems which turned out to be effecting his heart rate... He is only seven years old, he is smart, funny, and too innocent to be as worried as I am about this...

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