This story is based on the happenings and events in the life of Pyrrha Alexandra along with the story's i wrote where she took part in)

Pyrrha Chronicles

The Pyrrha Chronicles Poster

Hello there my name is Pyrrha Alexandra i am 24 years old now i have a brother called Patroklos he is now 23 our lives where different from eachother cause we where seperatated, during this seperation we both had other lives and different ways but at last we found eachother i was 20 and my brother was 19 he was de wielder of Soul Calibur *the sword of destiny my brother called it* he became the wielder of Soul Calibur when he was on a search for my and he found my but not in the way he hoped when he found me i was already a Malfested.

No it happend on a very strange way we never had expected but i will tell you all of it later but first i will tell you what happend before that how i met Tira and became a sort of servant for her but i hated it till the very end but i had no choice....... here is the story

Chapter 1 - Adoption and servant 

Like i told i had to meet Tira a very evil person would she be in the near future, but in the beginning i had no idea of what kind of person she was cause when i was much younger she stole me *that was the truth after i heard it from my brother*  but she told me she adopted me cause i was alone and had nothing or someone to go to.

But Tira took care of my as a big sister and was always there to help my and to teach my things like to survive and hoe to fight on later age, But i grew older and Tira became more bossy over me and that was the Beginning of the person she was really but she didn't go that far yet.

No instead she was also a minion herself from a very powerfull warlord knowned as Nightmare he was also called the Azure Knight Tira served him but lefted my out of it *why she did it? i still don't know that*   i had to tay on the background because i was to fragile to be a fighter in Nightmare's army *At least Tira told my*  but things happend sow fast and Tira lost her master after he was defeated by the the one who wielded Soul Calibur Tira was able to drag him to his throneroom where i was watching from behind the curtain he was dying and Tira was in front of him she was talking to someone cause i heard two voices but i could'nt figure out what it was or who it was.

After a time Nightmare died and turned himself in somekind of light and flewed to Tira it looked she felt something inside that light and said something to it: *I feel it, its here, its right here.*  but i didn't knew what she ment when she said it but that light vanished and Tira walked away when she saw my that i saw everything she was mad and she said:  *You heard and aaw everything.....?, this is no room for little girls* and she took me away from the throneroom.

Some time later she told to herself she would never serve someone again and that she would be on her own to look for souls to collect and use them to bring back her master to life but that would never happen *how do that fills in?? i will tell you later about it*.

Some months passed since the death of her master and Tira began to change herself like she wanted to become a new kind of warrior that was in the search of Souls to use them for you know what........ thats when i was threwed in Tira was going to learn to handle a sword but i always said i hate violence but she wouldn't accept no sow she forced my to handle a sword *like i had a choice back then? i was young and needed guidance then*  sow i did what Tira asked my to do and sometime slater i became a goos\d swordswoman *Not yet knowing of what awfull things i had to do* .

Some years passed since i started practicing with a sword and Tira thought it was time to get to the more serious part of the job *she called it like that, i called it torturing myself*  to make myself worthy to help Tira i had to kill people but i always refused to do things like that *like i said before i hated violence, but i had to do it this all would led to the very thing i most feared*  became evil myself *i will tell you later also how it happend*  we where in a city  a big city it was it was a beautifull place but Tira rampaged the city and i helped aswell we killed allot of innocent people *wich i regrets myself everyday*  but this all would led to the very point that i would become evil myself and that i had to fight against the only family i had but i will tell you in the next parts......

Chapter 2 - Family Fued

It was a few months after the rampage that Tira made in the city and i was a part of it aswell i always felt it like torturing myslf when i killed another innnocent Soul again , ButTira didn't wanted to hear any excuses for beeing lonely and feeling bad about killing People.

Then i heard rumors about a greek boy who was searching for someone he was in order of Graf Dumas this man was killing innocent people aswell he said they where Malfested People and a disgrase to be alive and this young boy was killing them for him his name Patroklos but soon i would met him with a discovery that would change him allot.

Patroklos and Tira had to meet eachother in battle under the moonlight and this battle was to get heto listen to Patroklos's words not to kill anyone but she wouldn't listen *Like i would expect from Tira, she was only living for her own goals*  But this fight would also be the beginning of my own Malfestation, Tira was defeated by Patroklos and flewed away and lefted my behind Patroklos came to my and asked my or i was alright and he asked my name i said my name was Pyrrha, Then he was at silence cause it turned out that he was looking for my as his own Sister, he was at a long search for my cause he heard that he had a sister  that would be me *I never knewed i had actually family, that was caring for me*.

As it was ment to my i felt safe now as Patroklos was looking over my and took care of my and i was no longer a servant of Tira's evil doings sow i thought it will be a good life from now on, But was was sow wrong about that cause this was the start of everything that would make my a Malfested One.

Patroklos told me everything what happend to his family *its our family to be exact, but i didn't knew that yet* and about our Mother that she was killed by a Malfested *I would believed it if he told my it was Tira who killed our mother, but he didn't*  then he told me about how he got Soul Calibur and its former wielder Siegfried and his two traveling companions Z.W.E.I. and Viola but when i met my Brother they weren't with him.

After some travelling together with my Brother we encountered some other people who challenged us to fight but everytime Patroklos took the fight on him and defeated the others whle iwas looking and doing nothing.  that would soon be change.

It began while Patroklos's former master Graf Dumas was seeking for Patroklos to get the Sword Soul Calibur from him, When i met Patroklos he was already wielding that sword in the fight against Tira, But the graf has a big suprise form him in store but Patroklos wasn't about to give him Soul Calibur as he attacked the graf but he didn't felt a thing of it sow he rushed him backwards and then he revealed his secret he transformed himself into the creature knowned as Nightmare when that all happend Nightmare told Patroklos the real reason why he had to kill innocent people, i hearded him mumbling *Monsters........ Monsters....* and he attacked Nightmare again and again he was rushed back and i saw it happen.

Then i FELT it the anger and the hatred what i always feared it was enough to see how that THING tortured my brother sow i stepped in and stopped his attack  he was laughing and saying: *So a puppet controlled by a fool intends to stop me? *  that was the moment what IT happend my eyes turned into an orange/red color and a red glow was surrounding my and i yelled, When i was over i had to fight this Nightmare myself and protecting my Brother from that evil incarnation i was no longer Pyrrha.that hated violence, No i started to love violence i had become Pyrrha Omega and it would be getting even worser for my Brother......... in the next part i tell it all to you

Chapter 3 - Alpha and Omega

There i was a Malfersted the kind of people my Brother hated the most and now i was one of them, it was about to get even worser for him cause Tira showed up again, while i was still confused what happend to my Tira fought my brother again and now he lost cause i didn't nothing when i was by my senses again *as you can call that, as a Malfested*  my brother was afraid of my he said *give my a moment* but h flewed and lefted my behind i was alone again, then Tira took my to a place called the  Denever Castle there i received a blade that was called Soul Edge and Tira told my that this was my sword from now on and my ONLY friend i could hear it talk to me and i said *yes il'l do it, i collect the souls for you*

Patroklos lefted me behind sow he was my enemy aswell Tira told me that Soul Edge needed Souls and i went looking for them as a new Servant of Soul Edge, My brother had his own issues to deal with as a knew he had to meet a  Spirtiual Creature this spirit told Patroklos that Soul Calibur needed to be reactivated to destroy Soul Edge *that had to be my*, But my Brother told it that he had to save my to be normal again sow my Brother took the job on him to re-activate Soul Calibur again for that he need three stones they where called Dvapara-Yuga, Krita-Yuga and the Kali-Yuga with thse treasures my Brother could unlock the power of Soul Calibur.and save me.

But things got different before he could get his hands on the 3 Yuga's he had to battle four other people their names: Maxi, Natsu, Xiba and Leixia these fighters where on a travel and needed some practice, but my Brother defeated them all four and got the treasures to unlock the Sword, with the help of a woman named Ivy he succeeded to gain the power of Soul Calibur but the sword would have other plans with him as he would discover later.

Back to me then, i had already drained some Souls and i became stronger and stronger everytime i took a soul but i was still feeling alone cause Tira lefted my again i only got my sword Soul Edge with my as my only friend sow i headed back to denever castle to deliver the Souls as i was informed to do, But when i arrived a huge croud of soldiers blocked my way to the castle i had no choice but to defeat them with the help of my Soul Edge  and gain entrance to the castle, but after the fight i was very upset *why i was?, i never knew*  and raised up my Soul Edge and opened the sky when i did a new world appeared above my it was called Astral Chaos, this place was a dimension between times *at least i thought it was*. 

What had i done.......? i opened a world that was unknown to my and then suddenly Patroklos stoot before my, he told my that he would release my from the grasp of Soul Edge but it wasn't time to say good-bye to it yet no i had to face Patroklos for the fight that would decide both fates as for My as for Patroklos................ what happend? i will tell everything in the next chapters

Chapter 4 - The tricks and lies of Elysium

Before i tell you about the battle between us *me and my brother* i'll tell about the one that betrayed my Brother to be convinced to kill me because of my malfestation it was a spirit that was called Elysium.

This Elysium took the form of our mother Sophitia to misguide Patroklos and convinced to re-activate Soul Calibur to unleash its power from the sword and my Brother believed her in all ways the lies and tricks it did to my Brother to make him believe that this spirit was really our Mother she said *there is no need to fear, i will guide you* that was the first Lie it told against Patroklos and he believed really what it said.

In the moments after patroklos had met with the spirit it went going down with my Brother cause he kept his eyes closed for the truth about this Spirit *but he soon would see that it was all a set up* but before that he had to find the three sacred Treasures *also knowned as the three Yuga's* to re-awaken the sword was told by Elysium.

In the first state of Soul Calibur it was a small sword size that could fit in his shield but that shield would be destroyed after the fight Patroklos had with a man named Z.W.E.I. he saw that Soul Calibur was growing in size but it wasn't fully awakened yet, sow my brother needed the treasures to awaken the sword's powers and defeat the Evil Ones *as Elysium called *they who where evil to this world* soon as my brother had re-awakened the Sword he started to the search of a way to cure me from my Malfestation, But the spirit told Patroklos that all Malfested had to be killed in order to make the world safe again.

While Elysium was telling lies to my brother it was already making her own plans what it would do when it all was complete and all Malfested would be killed, She wanted to escape with the body of my brother to use his body to do her things as she would commmand him as a slave, After a time near the end of era Patroklos found out what Elysium really was he said * Who are you really?? answer my.....Elysium told him *I am no one. You humans call me the spirit sword, Soul Calibur. And the one who created this you, Patroklos!*  then Patroklos knewed he was tricked and after a long battle he was able to destroy Elysium the last thing it said was *I do not understand....* then while my brother was walking away he said *Good bye Mother*   ....... before he was able to destroy Elysium he had already an intense battle against my but that will be told in the next chapter.

Chapter 5 - The Destined Battle

Then the moment was there that i stoot against my Brother he was absolutly convinsed that he could save me after what Elysium told Patroklos, but this fight would be deside our fates as mine as the one my Brother had.

Patroklos told my that i was a slave to Soul Edge but i wasn't losten to any f his words the only thing i had needed was his Soul to give it to my Soul Edge i said: *it needs Souls, Many Souls*  and i attacked him but he defended himself with his Soul Calibur and made a clash on Soul Edge wich lost control over my for a few seconds sow i was normal for that moment but Soul Edge took control over my again.

Alpha vs Omega 2

Patroklos against Pyrrha

The battle was about to take place had 2 ways of going, Patroklos could kill my like Elysium told him or i could win and take his Soul for Soul Edge and be a slave to the Sword my entire life, it was a hard battle that was about to be take place under the sky that was letting show us the Astral Chaos and that it was Chaos, i attacked Patroklos at first but he was able to defend himself again and gave me a few hits with his Soul Calibur, in the first few minutes it wasn't a real battle yet but that soon would change.

Later on my Brother began to become more stronger cause he was speaking of how he could save my from the grasp of Soul Edge like his mother told him *He didn't knew that that spirit was an evil spirit*  but he kept defending and slahing and i was also keeping defending and slashing with my Soul Edge then i had enough of it sow i did my most strongest attack on him and he was wounded but still strong enough to stand up and kept fighting.

Near the end of our fight Patroklos used some of his stronger attacks to weaken my defences and it started to work i became tired and almost out of energy it was time to end this battle sow i told Patroklos to end my life sow he could forefill his faith but he had other plans he wanted only to destroy the evil inside my and Soul Edge.  
Alpha vs Omega 1

Patroklos defeating Pyrrha

He did his most powerfull attack on my and stabbed his Soul Calibur into my stomach and i was feeling empty and i said *Im alone again.....* and i felt down to earth as it should be i was defeated but not dead When i woke up............

I..........I saw Patroklos inside a big block of ice i felt down on my knees and yelled *NO...NO...NO* it was feeling like my brother was dead instead of my  sow i stoot up but i was very weak to stand but i had to save Patroklos i walked to Soul Edge to pick it up and it wanted to take control over me again but it didn't happen i said in myself *I wish i could hear you saying my name just one last time* that it was that Soul Edge lost his energy and i took it from the ground and started to smashing into the big ice rock just to save my Brother from this Ice-Tomb.

Then the ice began to break and i could free my Brother's body but he wasn't moving any bit just like his life energy was vanished but he was moving in a weird way like he was fighting to wake up again and that happend he woke up and was saying nothing at the first moment he said *Good-bye Mother*  i was to happy to speak i cried and cried of happyness that Patroklos was alive.

A few moments later we saw Soul Calibur was laying before us and we used Soul Edge to destroy both Swords, we where helding both on Soul Edge and stabbed it into [Soul Calibur]] and the swords where destroyed and all was back to normal again............    we looked over the hills how the sun was going down and we where happy to have eachother again.................

But it would soon be change again cause Soul Edge would retuen to my aswell and Elysium would return again to have her revenge on us................ But that is a part for the next chapters.

Chapter 6 - Meeting Leandra

A few years passed since we destroyed Soul Calibur and Soul Edge even our lives where normal once again but as i was knowing it would be a little time before we got trouble again, but just after we destroyed the two Swords we where back together as i hoped again even the enemy's we fought didn't showed up as the weeks passed by Patroklos had already hungry for a new adventure, sow he equipped his old sword and had gotten on a mission to get something what that was i didn't knew, he told me that he would be soon back again and sow i waited for him but he didn't came back and after a few weeks i had gotten worried again, sow i decided to search for him sow i even equipped my sword and shield and i had to search for Patroklos again.

I wandered around for some days but i couldn't find him and at one day it was rainy and i didn't eat for days cause i just wanted to find my brother Patroklos but the weather was making my tired and hungry and then all the sudden i saw a house coming up from out of nowhere i....... was struggling or i should knock and ask about my brother, but i had to do something i walked to the house and knocked on the door and a young boy named Luke opened the door an when i was about to ask about my brother i passed out.

A few moments later i woke up in a chair and i had a blacket  around me when i opened my eyes i saw the boy and a woman they where talking about something, them the woman came to me and introduced herself as Leandra she was very nice to me and gave my some soup to get back in shape again and after that they lefted me alone to get some sleep, after i had a good night i woke up and Leandra was sitting next to me and she asked me what i was doing there in the middle of that bad night and the bad weather i told her that i was searching for Patroklos that he was gone for weeks now and that i was searching for him to get him back home, Then  Leandra told me what happend when i knocked on the door and passed out then her son entered the room and gave me some food to eat and i thanked them for taking care of me and that they would help to find Patroklos.

Some days passed since i came with Leandra and Luke and i was back on full strength sow i could find my brother Patroklos again in the first days i searched together with Luke and later also with Leandra but we didn't had any luck finding him sow we returned back to Leandra's house and that night Leandra told her life story to me that she lost her parents cause they where killed by an evil man named Cervantes and i reqonized that name from something but i could not remember from what or where.

I saw also that Leandra was wearing a metal mask on her left face side i asked her what happend to her and she told me how she got the mask that she wears now

Leandra This Face-Mask i wear now is all Nightmare's fault he injured my face while was in a fight against him and i also lost my old swords The Soul Edge Twin Blades in that fight as if it wasn't enough after destroying my swords he also injured me by slashing his Soul Edge into my face and i was injured by this Burn Mark

Leandra removed her Face-Mask.and i was looking to a Burn Mark on her face it was huge, i was shocked 

My first Face-Mask was bigger then the one i wear now Leandra continued But i made a smaller version of it and now i wear it, i hoped that my Burn-Mark could be healed but it didn't happen and i swor Nightmare my revenge as i fought him allot of times he always escapes everytime.   

After she told her story's i also told what happend to our parents and to us that my Mother was killed by a Malfested and my father was dead for a long time only my and Patroklos where left but i was in the hands of Tira and that Patroklos saved me from the evil Soul Edge and that Patroklos had defeated Elysium a spirit that had the lookings of our mother to deceive him.

Then Leandra asked me something that was sow nice to become family of her since i had no parents anymore and i accepted the offer as a gift for the nice treatment they gave me sow i became a member of the scott family.

But as i had to go further on my mission to find Patroklos i told Leandra and Luke that they had a new family member and i had a new mother to look over me and a little brother but i knew i had family out there also and i had to find him.

Chapter 7 - Slavemarket

Some days passed by since i lefted Leandra to find my brother Patroklos but they promised to keep looking also for my brother, as i was walking again i thought back at the moment i told my story to Leandra about something with the slavemarket and Tira and a man named Dampierre

And then i rememered it cause Tira told me what happend and how she got me out of there Tira told me that i was sold to the slavemarket by *smooth-talking* busness from this Dampierre guy he sold me and i had become a slave to everyone as a young girl what can you expect as a slave that was been bought from the slavemarket, as i was told i was a slave and this Dampierre guy was keeping me in his dirty hands to sell me at the best parize at the market.

and i everytime returned to Dampierre sow i could be sold again...... over and over

I was thinking back at the moments when i was a slave well i cannot remember anything of that cause  Tira never told me something about that she did told me how she got me away from the slavemarket and made Dampierre suffer for keeping a young girl as a slave.

Tira Told me that she had meet Dampierre and i was with him and he was mean to me as Tira was a mean person to as i would find out in the future back then she was a very nice person to me and she got me away from him by kicking his butt when we where alone aomewhere in an ally, Tira used her skills to defeat Dampierre by smashing and slashing him for everything he had done to me at the end of this beat-up

Tira said this to him: You will never have this little kid again as long as i live, DO YOU UNDERSTAND......

Dampierre was convinced not to mess with Tira and i was handed over to Tira and i was gone from the salvery, sow i grew up at the side of Tira and witnessed the things i already told you guys before.

Till Patroklos saved me from Tira's grasp and i was re-united again with my family

Chapter 8 - Growing up

As the years passed on i grew up as an adult but in between my growing up i was still a little scared for violence after all those years of battling against serval people and Tira it made my life allot more difficult, also my brother Patroklos grew up as he was on the age of 23 he was still a seeker for justice and set things right.

The story of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge beeing gone was to good to be true as i would soon find out, but before that time was lived an easy and great life i even had to meet Leandra again she was still the amaxing woman she was when i met her at that stormy night and also her son Luke was a fine young man as he had become between the time i last saw him with his Mother when i was speaking with Leandra she told me she had a daughter named: Alexandra and she told me also who her Father was it was Mitsurugi who appeared to be also Luke's father, after a while talking we both seperated our ways again in the hope to see her soon again.

Times flew by when we grew up allot has happend i beame a more stronger woman wich looked to the future with a smile, but at one day i was doing a little sparring against Patroklos when suddenly an old ally of my brother appeared from out of nowhere it was the girl named Viola she was still a stranger in my eyes and to that of my Brother as she told soon there would be happening something that would change our lives again, as my brother said he didn't believed her i was a bit suprised by Viola's words but i folllowed my brother's senses and also i didn't believe that something would happen soon: a very disturbing happening

But i was wrong.........

Cause not many days later when i was looking to the sky it was black colored as i was waking up Patroklos the sky took the blue and beautyfull air away and i was feeling something strange inside my body like i was called by something  and it was a strong feeling......., Patroklos said that it was noting and there would be a storm was coming because of the black air, but i was feeling another thing about thisd wole situation.

As i looked out of the window it was a lighting storm there but the strange part was this lighting wasn't any normal cause it was Red and Blue colored those colors above here could only thinking about one thing Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, But that could not be what was happeing cause we destroyed those Swords a long time ago, but it awakened my interest to find out sow me and my brother where out there to seek for the origins of te colored lighting.

But what we where about to find would make all things even more worser then the years before when i was Pyrrha Omega back then


Chapter 9 - Return of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur,  Pyrrha Ω vs Alpha Patroklos

As my Brother and i whwre going after the strange sightings of lights Red and Blue something was attrackting me it was a feeling that i had when i got Soul Edge the first time and it was the same feeling like back then cause it felt the same way.

As we had found the origin of the lights we came on a location that looked like and old Ruin exact as the last Location my Brother Patroklos and me held out battle *that was when i was under the spell of Soul Edge* but what we saw was nothing it was a deserted place, but we where sure the sightings where coming from this area, but then all the sudden from the sky a new lightshow was seen but the time two Lightingbolts came down and hitted the ground as me and Patroklos where looking what was happening it also suddenly stopped as it began but there was smoke around the spots the lightingbolts where hitted the ground, as the smoke was clearing up we couild not believe our eyes with what we saw.

Cause what we saw it just could not be true........ *i mean really when i saw what was was just......*  in the ground where the Lightningbolts crashed into the ground we saw Soul Calibur and Soul Edge standing in front of us and it where the same Swords as we Destroyed years ago.
Pyrrha O vs APat3

Pyrrha and Patroklos fighting

But.......... they where there restored and in the same forms as they where years ago, but the same feeling that was inside me was coming back again, this feeling was coming from Soul Edge like it was calling to me to be owned again the feeling was sow strong tha i walked to Soul Edge but Patroklos grfabbed my hand and rushed me back when he said Youre not picking up that Sword again Pyrrha  but Soul Edge had a big attraction on me as i walked in somekind of trance to it and pulled it out from the Ground as i was saying Sow pretty  then Soul Edge  started to light up and i became Pyrrha Omega again when the transformation was done............ i was free'd
Pyrrha O vs APat1

Pyrrha Omaga vs Alpha Patroklos adults

and feeling powerfull again as i saw Patroklos everything returned back again from years ago as i said again

You left me behind back then and took away my Soul Edge and defeated Tira and Elysium  now Soul Edge has come back to me to make right what i started back then, TO LET YOU PAY MY DEAR BROTHER  as i wanted to attack Patroklos he pulled Soul Calibur from the ground and we clashed our Swords as Patroklos was saying Not again........... .

It was like back then me and my Brother fighting against eachother i had no feelings anymore about protection and honor all i wanted is to fight Patroklos and serve the will of Soul Edge and i knew this time it was more diffecult for Patroklos to release me from the grasp of Soul Edge cause we where adults now and Soul Edge had more power in itself then the first Soul Edge,

Pyrrha O vs APat2

Pyrrha Omega attacking

While Patroklos and i where fighting Eachother sow that he could save me again one thing was raging to my head where was Soul Edge coming from and also Soul Calibur and what made them beeing Restored again and also something was telling me that we would see Elysium back again cause the Swords where come back it might that Elysium has came back aswell but i was hoping that wasn't the case.

In the fight we had i was way stronger then Patroklos cause i was feeling Soul Edge would make me stronger as i would find out soon enough , as i gave Patroklos a hit he was smashed into the wall and fell down and all the sudden my Soul Edge began to reacting on my Arm  as it started to Glow also i was screaming......... and Soul Edge was about to transform me again into what i was called PyrrhaMare *i called it a re-incarnation of Nightmare)


Chapter 10 - The Rise of PyrrhaMare

As my brother Patroklos had woke up from the last hit i gave him he was still struggling to get up i was transformed my lookings had the ones of Nightmare i had a big arm and my Soul Edge was feeling stronger then before, i was transformed into PyrrhaMare..

Patroklos fights PyrrhaMare

When Patroklos saw me standing in front of him he looked scared cause i had become the thing my brother was fearing allot a new Nightmare but i wasn't the new Nightmare no i was just a newly created version of him as my brother Patroklos said I was always affraid that this would happen to you Pyrrha.

Patroklos had to attack me as i was seeing it but i blocked his atack and smashed him back into a wall while i screamed LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!, my Brother flew far away and smashed indeed into a wall behind him and i felt no sorry that i attacked Patroklos no i only felt Revenge as Soul Edge took over my mind as poisoned it again with the Evil that i knew before when i was Malfested the first time.

Patroklos kept me attacking and attacking all over again but i could not give me a big hit no he wasn't giving it all to fight my he only kept attacking and i was attacking back, till the moment i grabbed him with my claw and i said to him LISTEN BROTHER, IM NO LONGER THE PYRRHA YOU KNEW, SOW I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, LEAVE ME ALONE AND GO AWAY BEFORE I MIGHT KILL YOU, hearing this Patroklos felt on his knees and was saying This is all my fault but i didn't care about the fact what he said, no it was time for Revenge sow i gave him a big hit that knocked him out of battle i felt no pity and i also felt no feeling that he was my Brother.

After awhile Patroklos stoot up and said if i have to fight you again to get you back once again, sow it will be that way then WAAAAAAA he spoke and attacked me with his Soul Calibur as i wanted to defend myself he was able to give me a big hit that brought me on my knees aswell as it was hurting my Rage was growing bigger and bigger at every moment Patroklos hitted me like Soul Edge was gaining energy to unleash an attack on Patroklos as i was feeling the Rage of Soul Edge was also infecting my mind.

But after a serval attacks and hits me and Patroklos where still fighting and my Brother wasn't about to give in and sow w


as i then Patroklos said I will get you back as i did last time, but this time its a different fight, cause i am not fighting against you Pyrrha, no i am fighting against a FREAK'N NIGHTMARE CL;ONE who has you in its possession, with Patroklos saying that something inside me was coming back as my old self i was starting to fight against Soul Edge's powers wich where stronger then i was cause inside the PyrrhaMare who fought my Brother i was fighting against the strength of Soul Edge after Patroklos spoke to me. But the powers of Soul Edge where sow much stronger then the last time i was using Soul Edge it took total control over me and i yelled IM SORRY PATROKLOS, ITS TO STRONG as i attacked Patroklos again and he was smashed back to a wall again and he felt down on his knees, then all the sudden something strange happend to the Soul Calibur of my Brother cause it was lightning up and fired a blue energy light to the sky and i stopped attacking..........
Elysium SC1

an old sword came back

Elysium SC

with a resurrected Elysium

But it didn't take long before i got back the attantion to attack my Brother Patroklos as i walked upon him i said under the control of Soul Edge Now i have you where i anted you, sow i can forefill my mission to end youre existance and that of Soul Calibur, sow here it ends for both of you as i wanted to finish off Patroklos with the final blow a Blue Light attacked me and smashed me away from Patroklos, as i struggled to raise again i saw something that came down from the air a big Blue Light Ball was floating down to the ground.

Patroklos who still was out didn't saw the Light Ball coming down as it hits the ground and started to vanish in front of me, as i was seeing the Light Ball was starting to vanish a Sword appeared into the Light and behind it a person appeared as i tought who it could be i was thinking it can't be, cause when the Light Ball was totally vanished i saw who it was, cause the Sword i saw was the long lost Soul Calibur from the past as i spoke in toughts how did came back from beeing lost for ages and behind the Sword the Angelic Elysium came back as she stoot up and spoke to me Soul Edge must be destroyed as i was standing against Elysium with a long lost Sword Soul Calibur the one who should be destroyed and Patroklos was still out of battle after i gave him a big hit.

Sow it was the resurrected Elysium against me (PyrrhaMare) a new chapter of our story was about to unfold


Chapter 11 - The Wrath of Elysium

As i was standing before the ressurrected Elysium with the Legandary Soul Calibur from the acient past, Elysium had been re-awakened or has been somehow came back into one piece after Patroklos destroyed her back then.
Elysium vs Pyrrha Omega-2

Elysium stands before PyrrhaMare

Soul Edge must be destroyed once again Elysium spoke to me

But i wasn't about to let it happen that my Soul Edge was beeing destroyed or had been gone again after i received it back, Patroklos was still out of battle after my hit knocked him out after that Elysium appeared again with the Legandary Spirit Sword, it was me against Elysium to fight for the survival of my Soul Edge as i was deep inside still fighting against the will of the evil Sword while my outside was fighting off Elysium
Elysium vs Pyrrha Omega-4

Elysium attacks PyrrhaMare

Then Elysium attacked me as i heard her screaming NOW SOUL EDGE WILL BE DESTROYED as i blocked her attack and gave her an attack of my own and it knocked her back as i spoke also to Elysium YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME, CAUSE I WILL DESTROY YOU ALONG WITH SOUL CALIBUR and i attacked her again, after my attack Elysium blocked it and smashed me up in the air and i fell down on the ground i fell and it was a great impact on myself but i could stand up again fast and defending myself against a new attacxk of Elysium.

She was strong very strong might be even Stronger then my brother faced her in battle some years ago, but i had my own attacks aswell at one moment i made a hit to elysium that knocked her back with a great impact what caused her to fall on her knee but she was back on her feet fast as she runned towards me and when i wanted to attack her she stepped to the side and hitted me in my back what caused allot of pain, i fell down and all i could do is defending myself against a new upcoming attack of Elysium but i could not dodge the attack and she smashed my into a wall what caused even more Damage on me, while i was was in pain Elysium walked upon me and started to talk  

When i first met youre brother Patroklos i was almost able to convice him to destroy you as i took the form of youre beloved mother Sophitia and almost i had to make him believe i was Sophitia but later i
Elysium (Defeated)SCV1

Flahback of Elysium's defeat

dropped the act and told him that it was him that had chosen this form of his mother Sophitia, he believed sow in his Mother that it was an easy job to almost make him destroy you and Soul Edge, but when he faced me in battle and i dropped the act he was weak but before he had to face me he had to face you in battle to free you from Soul Edge's grip but instead i was hoping to convince Patroklos to destoy you along with Soul Edge but that boy failed to do it sow his Soul Calibur locked him up into an iceprison then there was my chance to escape from this world by gaining control of his body, and i almost succeeded BUT THEN YOU CAME IN and free'd youre brother and my plan had failed, and he faced me and Defeated me in the process, But while he saw me Vanishing after he defeated me i did something he didn't saw cause i was able to save my life by locking myself up ,into Patroklos's Soul Calibur with the last of my strength i was able to transfer myself into the Blade and after you and  Patroklos destroyed both Swords i was still inside the Soul Calibur but because i am the Spirit of Soul Calibur i was able to save this blade but what i didn't expected happend, it also restored Soul Edge as it was vanishing after its restoration i had to follow it sow i transported this Soul Calibur again and thats when You and your Bother saw the strange lightning in tne air.

I escaped from the Blade when Patroklos picked it up again cause i made my way back to Astral Chaos to restore another Soul Calibur the one you see here now the Acient Blade who was destroyed when it defeated Nightmare and Soul Edge 17 years ago. 

While [[Elysium was talking to me i could not stand up cause i had allot of pain onj my back from the previous attack Elysium gave mke sow she stepped closer as she saw also Patroklos laying on the ground as she stopped and said When i have destroyed Soul Edge you and i will live forever my dearest son
Elysium vs Pyrrha Omega-3

Elysium stands near Patroklos

This was the moment to attack Elysium while she was distracted i raised up and smashed elysium away from my brother as it was slammed into another wall and was out for a bit 

Now its my turn to make things right, Patroklos failed to destroy you but i will not  as i raised up my Soul Edge to eliminate Elysium she whoke up aal the sudden and slammed me away to near Patroklos as he was about to wake up i was smashed into the ground, as Patroklos saw what was happening he could not belive his eyes to see a ressurrected Elysium he didn't hesitated for a moment and grabbed his Soul Calibur and attacked Elysium while screaming YOU.........!!!!!!!! he attacked Elysium with a serval combo's and hits and she was driven back to a corner as Patroklos spoke 

YOU................I............KILLED YOU....................I.............SAW IT

When i was laying there i was feeling my Soul Edge was losing its grip on me and i was able to take control of my own body for a minute when i screamed PATROKLOS, SHE WANTS TO KILL ME AND TAKE YOU AS HER HOST BODY AGAIN when i said it Soul Edge took control over me again and i raised up and attacked both Elysium and Patroklos then Elysium knocked Patroklos away and attacked me why she did that i didn't knew but she hitted me with a huge attack that knocked out the grip of Soul Edge and smashed me into a wall and i was out of battle the thing i felt before i was knocked out was the feeling to be released of Soul Edge as i was knocked into the wall i closed my eyes.

Meanwhile Patroklos stoot against Elysium and yet again it was back then the same situation but now Patroklos had aged and Elysium had a new weapon.

While i was out my Brother had to face Elysium as he did some years ago and again he had to fight against the same person who wanted to take over his body but now Patroklos was ready to face her and he wasn't confused, No he was more then ready to destroy this incarnation of Sophitia.


Chapter 12 - Combined Battle

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