In a Future two boys discover an old house in the middle of a forrest and there they discover a Chest but without a key,

What they will find in it ia a Map and that will take the boys on a search to find the Remains of Two Swords that belonged to a Legendary Warrior that lived far in the Past

Chapter 1 - Ruin in the Forrest

On a good day somewhere in 2011 on a good morning a boy named Jonathan woke up in his bed in his bedroom, the sun was shining in his eyes what woke him up 

Man..... what a strange dream i had, but again its a good morning again  Jonathan said to himself

When his mother was calling him from downstairs

Jonathan...... you getting late on school please hurry up'   his mother said

Jonathan dressed himself up and came downstairs to eat his breakfast what his mother made for him

I have to go now to work, sow i'll leave you behind alone for now good day and be good at school his mother said

Alright mom i will have a good day  Jonathan said

Jonathan's friend Dave who lived next to him came by to pick Jonathan for school as they would travel to school together

Yow jon............ how are we today man Dave asked

Im fine, it was late yesterday cause i played to long my new game Jonathan said

You played for hours as i saw, youre light was on in youre bedroom as i was looking outside rthe window of my bedroom  Dave spoke

The new game rockes, when i come home i will go play again, but now lets go to school Dave we getting late  Jonathan said

As the two friend where running to the bus stop they saw the bus riding away and they where to late

Man thats bummer..........., we missed the bus now we are getting late  Dave yelled

Mr Davidson will not like this Dave Jonathan spoke

I know a shortcut to get to school in time but we need to hurry Dave spoke

As the boys took a run to get to school in time they had to cross a path in a forrest, this forrest was an old forrest that was large and had many ways, it said that this forrest was also knowned as the Unknown Forrest and was very old, the boys who where still running came deeper inside the forrest and as it should be they got lost at a point

Where are we..........?  Jonathan asked Dave

I think we lost cause.................   Dave spoke

You said you knew the way    Jonathan yelled

Yeah i thought also but i think we took a wrong turn and now we are lost   Dave spoke

The boys where lost in the Unknown Forrest and had no idea where to look for the way back, sow they decided to walk on to see or they could end up outside the forrest.

Jonathan and Dave walked for awhile as they ended up on an open place in the middle of the Forrest and saw something in front of them

What is that............ Dave said 

Looks like a ruin of something old     Jonathan spoke

As the boys came closer it appeared the ruin was an old house that was totally rotten from the outside the wood was old and holes where in the roof and the windows where all broke

Man  Dave spoke

Yeah.............. this must be very old as i see the looks to what happend to it   Jonathan said

The boys decided to do a search in the house and as they opened the door the dust from it blew away and the boys stepped inside, in the house was everything broke all the glass and all the other stuff where destroyed.

As Dave inspected an old desk that was standing inside a corner he founded a chest in a corner of the room, when he looked to the chest it was rusted and damaged but it also needed a key to open it


As Jonathan entered the room he saw Dave with the chest and Dave said it needed a key to open it but since they didn't had a key to open it they have to find it inside the Ruin of the house

We need to find a key to open this chest  Dave spoke

What is in it'  Jonathan asked

When we find the key, we will know it   Dave said


Chapter 2 - Search for the Key 

The boys where on a search inside the house to find the key that could open the Chestlock as they both did a search on their own they each decided to take one corner and room in a time, After hours of searching they didn't had any success to find it and they came together again

No luck here...........  Dave said

Nah me neither  Jonathan spoke

we need to find that key, but we did an hours of search and found nothing Dave said angry

and he smashed a wall and there dropped something out, it was a key that was hidden in a book that was in the closet where Dave smashed a wall, as they picked up the key the boys grabbed the Chestlock

Could this be the key  Jonathan asked

As Dave putted the key into the lock it opened the lock and they opened the Chest, and what they found in the Chest was an old map and the boys looked to eachother

What the.................   Jonathan said

Looks like an old map that is very unknown to me  Dave said

When the boys took a closer look to the map they could not see what was on it cause the map was in very bad shape and what was on the map was also not readable

We need to take it with us and find out whats on it Jonathan said

Yeah but the only way to make this map readable again, is to re-create this map Dave spoke

The boys lefted the ruin and not long after they find th exit from the Forrest and they decided not to go to school anymore but to the library, maby they could find something about that old ruin and this map they found.

In the library Dave and Jonathan did found some books of the old ruins and they discovered that the house was owned by an old man that di seek for treasures around the world and that nhe found a chest deep inside and old castle ruin, but he never opened it cause he died soon he found the chest and brought it to his home, the house in the woords

Very interesting........... Dave spoke

Yeah im also readed that part  Jonathan said

The boys did know allot more now but still many questions where still unknown, like what was on the map and where would lead the map to, After the boys lefted the library they headed home cause it was getting late and they would getting a better look to the map they had found.

That night Jonathan was having a dream about the map

  • Dream*

Jonathan sees a shadow of a person that is fighting and moving, and after awhile he sees the map glowing up and vanishes

  • end of dream*

Then Jonathan woke up and said Strange...............


Chapter 3 - The Map

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