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Poster for the upcoming chapter: The Phoenix Returns

This Story takes p[ace into two worlds the Soulcalibur world and the Marvel Universe, the names and characters of marvel have no pages or char profiles here in the SC wiki and are all part of this crossover story

In a world of super hero's where evil always lurks and bad guys always gets defeated they are about to meet a new world: a world far before them and years ago there where no here's to be found only sowrds and wars where be fought out.

This world was about to meet the other side of time when a group of hero's must travel back into the past to stop a very powerfull treath that escaped the future by travelling back in time to find the very one thing what could make this thing unstopppable, This creature knowed as Nemesis Phoenix was created from the original Phoenix named Jean Grey. However she was already backl to herself for years now But a little part survived of her Dark Side and formed itself to Nemesis Phoenix and travelled back into the year 1607 to find the weapon that could make it unstoppable the Legendary Spirit Sword Soul Calibur.

Chapter 1 - Rise from the ashes Part 1

Somewhere in the future on the S.H.I.E.L.D Hellecarrier

YOU LOSE MATE.......... beated you again: Hawkeye spoke to Thor 

What do you mean with that, it wasn't a fair fight without my hammer Thor yelled to Hawkeye

Then Tony Stark entered the room and he told them that they had to report to the brige to seak with Nick Fury

You two stop that nonsens and report to Commander Fury he wants to speak us A.S.A.P Stark told Thor and Hwkeye

In the commander room Nick Fury was waiting for the three to report in the room cauee he had to tell them something what could be the end of the world soon, as the three entered the room they wher still arguing about the lost fight of Thor against Hawkeye but commmander Fury told them to stop yelling and listen

Now listen up men our security meters around the world took high levels of strange energy patterns that would be the bebinning of something weird to happen,

before we take action i want you three to investegate the strange signals, One of the strange signals was report in New York in manhattan as we speak, You trhee will go there and you will meet another person who knows the city like no other who it is its a secret6 till you reach New York Nick fury spoke to the three Hero's

As soon he ended they gotten themselves ready to go, Stark putted on his Iron Man armor and thor picked up his hammer and Hawkeye hos bow and arrows and they where ready to go.

Good luck gentlemen and come back save with the info we need: Nick Fury spoke as they headed to New York

Somewhere in the Year 1607 back in the Past.

Siegfried and Nightmare where battleing as they always where doing asn always a hard battle with no ending

You will never raise again Nightmare not aslong i will protect Soul Calibur from your evil. hands Siegfried yelled

Im not in the search for Soul Calibur but i am going to destroy you puny knight Nightmare yelled

as they attacking eachother again Hilde Showed up and saw them fighting again and wanted to help Siegfried to defeat Nightmare but Siegfried yelled to her to stand back cause it was his fight and he ahd to do this on his own

Let me help you Siegfried, together we can defeat him Hilde yelled

But Siegfried didn't hear her words as he attacked Nightmare again and smashed him hard with his Sword, Then Nightmare wanted to do the same to Siegfried and attacked him as they clashed 

You will never win Nightmare spoke

Wrong...... cause i will destroy you Siegfried yelled

Suddenly the air started to became black and Nightmare and Siegfried still where going on as Siegfried looks up and sees the sky became black and Orange, and smashed Nightmare away and he vanished by saying This isn't over yet

as Hilde joins with Siegfried they looked up and saw a strange hole appearing and something fast came out it was an black/orange bird liking thing but it was to fast to see what it really was.

Siegfried and Hilde looked to eachother and both said


Somewhere into the future again:

The Three hero's arrived in New York and where meeting another Hero there

Well well its you Thor spoke

Yeah its me A voice spoke

Sow your the one who supposed to help us to find the strange pattern or signal that was around here Iron Man spoke

Yeah thats me The voice spoke again 

Show youreself then then we can talk straight to eachother Hawkeye yelled

Im here................ The voice spoke and it appeared to be Spider-Man the help the gonna need to find the answers the looking for.

Welcome to New York City Spider-Man spoke to the three men

End of Chapter 1


Chapter 2 - Rise from the ashes Part 2

Somewhere in the past:

What was that flying thing we just saw Siegfried asked Hilde

Don't know but it came from somekind of strange thing in the sky Hilde said

The two where off to find the strange thing what entered their time but where to begin, sow the began to walk in the direction the object flew to as, sometime later they saw a strange person covered in flames it was standing stil and looked to a big tower in front of it

Soon i will find you and then i will take the two Soul Blades with me and i will return to the future again the thing said

Soul Blades..?? Hilde asked to siegfried

Its looking for Soul Calibur and Soul Edge but they are gone since Patroklos and Pyrrha destroyed them Siegfried told hilde

Then suddenly the thing flewed up again straight to the tower and was gone, Siegfried and Hilde decided to follow the thing into the Tower.

Somewhere in the future in New York

Sow you are supposed to help us ey Thor spoke to Spider-Man

Yup thats me didn't Nick Fury told you  Spider-Man asked

Yeah we where informed but to make it short we are here because of strange signals about a strange orange thing that appeared here Iron Man spoke

Well the Orange thing where you are looking for is Phoenix, also knowned as Jean Grey an X-Men but the strange part of this all is that Jean Grey isn't the Phoenix anymore since it was released from her body sow this Phoenix is or another person of its ben revived by something else Spider-Man told to Iron Man

The four headed to the spot where the signals where been seen by the S.H.I.E.L.D computers, after a trip they came to the spot but nothing was seen there only a big crater ws left behind, Iron Man used his search device to see what caused the crater

Hmm my device shows some black stuff around looks like ash that where caused by a strong Fire-Creature could be Phoenix but i don't know Iron Man said to the group

Then Thor found something under the black stuff a little piece of a device what was unknown to all of them

I've found this, what could it be? Thor asked Hawkeye  

I don't know but i suggest we go back to S.H.I.E.L.D and do a little re-search on this piece Hawkeye spoke

All of them agree'd and where off to the S.H.I.E.L.D base.

Somewhere in the Past:

Siegfried and Hilde came closer to the tower as they saw the object flew away from the tower, But suddenly came down to Siegfried and Hilde and it grabbed Siegfried and was holding him when the flames where gone a person was speaking
Nemesis Phoenix SCV

Nemesis Phoenix

Where is he....... Where is the person named Algol The person spoke but Hilde try'd to free [[Siegfried but it didn't work [[Hilde] was smashed back and was down and not moving

Im asking you one more time.... Where is Algol or feel my wrath The person said

I don't know. nobody saw Algol since he disappeared from this world Siegfried yelled

The Creature dropped Siegfried and flewed away again and Siegfried runned to Hilde

Hilde are you okay Siegfied asked

Yeah but who was that and why it is searching for Algol Hilde asked Siegfried

Algol is the creator of the Soul Blades, that thing wants the Soul Blades sow its looking for Algol to discover or they are still here Siegfried explained

We need to find Algol and tell him that he is in danger Hilde spoke

Well fine with my but i don't know where he is, i know i wielded Soul Calibur but after he took it from my i never saw him again Siegfried spoke

Somewhere in the future on the S.H.I.E.L.D Base

Iron Man did a re-search on the device piece and discovered its a piece of a Time-Machine that was used by the Creature

A Time Machine thats weird, why a Time Machine Thor asked Iron Man

That creature that made the crater used a Time Machine to travel to somewhere Iron Man spoke

Yeah fine but to what time or wich year Hawkeye asked

Don't forget what our main objective is men, to find strange signals Spider-Man explained

Fine but the signals where stopped since that Orange thing disappeared from this time Hawkeye spoke

The four men had to go back to the crater or they could find any trace of the Phoenix that used a Time Device to do some time travelling

After a while they came back but they weren't alone there cause someone else was searching around the Crater and used no equipment but its head to search around

What the who is that....... Thor asked

Don't know but its is in our way Hawkeye told

We need to get closer to see who it is and what it is doing here Iron Man spoke


Hilde and Siegfried

Well don't talk just go there come on
Spider-Man yelled as they where off to the creater

As soon as they get there they saw who it really was

HEY I KNOW are....... Spider-Man wanted to say but was interrupted by the prson

Yes its me Jean Grey....... I might be responsable for this crater, or at least what made this creater Jean spoke

You responseable for this crater.......?? i don't believe it Spider-Man yelled

Yes its me that is responsable for this cause the creatrure who made this was created by my Jean spoke

Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Spider-Man looked all to Jean cause she had some explaination to do...


Chapter 3 - Rise from the Ashes Part 3

You created that thing what escaped with a time device Iron Man asked

Yeah at least its a part of my own former Phoenix powers Jean said

I know you where Phoenix but a good Phoenix, why is this one evil....  ",  as you said Jean Spider-Man asked Jean

It goes like this, after i was released from the Phoenix Powers and it lefted my body after myself and the other X-Men fought on a planet against some Shi-ar fighters i was going berserk after Cyclops was shot down by one of them, after a time i was back on earth again with my friends and all was over at least i thought since a few days Jean explained

Jean Grey

What created that thing then and what is its name?? Thor wanted to know

Just listen to my other part please Jean asked Thor A few days ago i was feeling not well i talked with Professor Xavier about it and he said it was nothing but i was knowing better after a few hours later, when i was out side to do some morning walking i was getting visions about this creature and this crater and suddenly it was there without even knowing it, it was standing before me and said nothing just looking then it began to speak with the words I have to find it i asked what but it flew off it was like it was my when i had the Phoenix powers but this one was even more evil then i was Dark Phoenix Jean said to the group

But what is the name of this Creature then Jean Iron Man asked

It was calling itself Nemesis Phoenix'' Jean told 

And this Nemesis Phoenix caused this Crater and stole a time device Spider-Man asked

It might but i don't know, i've came here cause i saw this place in my visions, and now i must find it and destroy it cause i made it Jean told

Then you may join us cause i think we need to have Nemesis Phoenix aswell, it caused strange activity on some places Hawkeye spoke and we can use the help especially from you Jean cause you know how it might think or move Hawkeye spoke again

But the main goal is to find out where Nemesis Phoenix gone to and in wich time it is Iron Man told

The group Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Jean Grey lefted the site to find out where Nemesis Phoenix had gone to.

Somewhere in the past

Nemesis Phoenix was on its way to find Algol to retreive Soul Calibur and Soul Edge it already defeated Siegfried and Hilde but it was close to its destenation, Meanwhile Siegfried and Hilde tracked also Nemesis Phoenix bu\y following it from the ground.

Man what a long way it is, im tired and need a break Hilde told to Siegfried

We have no time to rest Hilde, we need to find that thing before it reaches Algol Siegfried told

While the two where speaking Nemesis Phoenix founded Algol who was sitting on his throne, Nemesis Phoenix landed before Algol

Who enters the realm of the mighty Algol Algol spoke

But Algol was smashed away by Nemesis Phoenix from his throne and landed on the other side of the platform and Nemesis Phoenix began to talk

Shut up you worthless creature, im not here to hear youre nonsens i want the two Soul Blades where are they, TELL ME NOW Nemesis Phoenix yelled

My Swords you will NEVER get them, you are to evil to hand......... Algol wanted to say but was smashed again by Nemesis Phoenix

I SAID SHUT UP AND GIVE ME WHAT I NEED NOW!!!!!!!!  Nemesis Phoenix yelled

Then it grabbed Algol and stabbed him with two swords she had formed from her hands and and Algol fell down

You............... what are you............ Algol yelled
Nemesis Phoenix SCV1

Nemesis Phoenix fights Algol

I am Nemesis Phoenix and the ONE who will get the Soul Blades, and not you or anyone will stop me from getting them, cause i've travelled from the future right after i was created from within Jean Grey but she didn't even saw me before, i stole a time device from the X-Men Lab and travelled to this time to find you ro get the Two Soul Blades named Soul Calibur and Soul Edge at first i wanted only the Calibur sword but now i want them both and YOU GOING TO GIVE THEM TO ME......... Nemesis Phoenix yelled

Algol stoot up and attacked Nemesis Phoenix but was smashed away very easyly and landed on his throne and was confused while Nemesis Phoenix was walking towards Algol Siegfried fell in and attacked Nemesis Phoenix from behind but she knew he was behind her and grabbed Siegfried

YOU AGAIN............. i saw you before with that other knight, what do you think you can do against my..?? Nemesis Phoenix yelled to Siegfried Siegfried wanted to say but Nemesis Phoenix took him out and threwed him away the Hilde joined also

You are evil and stay away from my friend, FEEL JUSTICE YOU EVIL VAIN Hilde yelled while she attacked with her spear but was stopped by Nemesis Phoenix

YOU PATHETIC KNIGHT................, i've no use for you get lost Nemesis Phoenix yelled while it threwed Hilde to Siegfried and was also out then it walked to Algol again who was struggeling to get up......

Somewhere in the Future

The group reached the lab and Iron Man and Spider-Man did some research where Nemesis Phoenix could have gone to and they where close cause the little piece that was found was a part of the time device Nemesis Phoenix used

I've got it, i know where Nemesis Phoenix has gone to Iron Man spoke

To where......... and what time Thor asked

We need the rest of the group first then i will tell Iron Man spoke

A few minutes later everyone was together and where curious to what Iron Man had found

It appeared that Nemesis Phoenix has gone to the past, to the year 1607 AD Iron Man told the group

1607 AD............ that.......... is a long way back Spider-Man said

What is Nemesis Phoenix doing there?? Hawkeye asked

Jean told that it was looking for something when it said  I have to find it sow its clearly looking for an object or something else Iron Man spoke

Meanwhile Jean was out side after hearing where Nemesis Phoenix had gone to and she encoutered another person  that was willing to help her out to find Nemesis Phoenix

Jean and Deadpool

Yes sure i will help, but we are with also others thats a big group a shadowly voice spoke 

I know but i am responsable for this sow i will go back in time to stop Nemesis Phoenix Jean said

As Hawkeye came outside to call Jean he saw Jean Talking With a red colored creature with a sword

This creature was called Deadpool


Its time to go to the past, but since we cannot all go Jean may pick 3 others to take with her to the time of 1607 AD, and Jean who you will take Iron Man asked Jean

Hmm since you are not coming Iron Man i've chosen to take Deadpool, Spider-Man and Thor with me, Hawkeye and you will stay here as back up may it be required Jean told

Alright get ready then Iron Man told

Come back safe okay guys Hawkeye spoke

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, AS the time machine sended Jean, Deadpool, Spider-Man and Thor back to the year 1607 AD

Somewhere in the past 1607 AD

The time portal opened and dropped out the four humans as they stoot up the portal closed 

Well guys here we go Jean spoke as they headed off to find Nemesis Phoenix


Chapter 4 - A Nightmare Encounter

Somewhere in the future

We did it i've sended them back in time a success Iron Man spoke

Yeah i just hope they are alright and will come back safe and sound Hawkeye said

The two went out to do some new readings or there would be any signals around but they where not seen.

Somewhere in the past 1607 AD

Oh man my legs are feeling like they can use a break Deadpool said

No we will go and find Nemesis Phoenix till then no breaks Jean spoke

Spider-Man was already go ahead with some webslinging and landed on a mountaintop and was looking over the place to see any signs of Nemesis Phoenix and as he saw something moving that was coming straight to Jean and Deadpool

Thor....? something is coming our way but it aint Nemesis Phoenix, go tell Jean and Deadpool Spider-Man yelled from above

Okay im on it Thor yelled back and headed off

Thor told Jean and Deadpool that they had upcoming visitor on their way and that it wasn't Nemesis Phoenix

Jean and Deadpool

What or who it is?? we have to go on..... Jean spoke

Yeah but what if ots a bad guy who wants to fight us Thor spoke

Then i defeat him with my Blade Deadpool said while he grabbed one of his Katana's

No Dadpool we do not fight until its needed Jean spoke to Deadpool

Then suddenly a huge blast came from nowhere and all jumped away and dodged the blast

What was that........ Jean yelled

I smell trouble........., and it ain't little Deadpool spoke

I will protect us with my hammer Thor spoke

A strange creature appeared on the stage while everyone was getting ready to battle if it was needed and Spider-Man joined also with Jean, Deadpool and Thor and wthey waited what was going to happen next

Meanwhile on Algol's place

Siegfried and Hilde where still out cause of the blast Nemesis Phoenix gave them and Algol was struggling to get up as he was grabbed by Nemesis Phoenix again

Now........ you will listen to me, where are the Soul Blades and don't lie to me, cause i can read your mind Algol cause when i was created i took over some ability's from Jean Grey sow you cannot lie to me Nemesis Phoenix spoke

I made them but i don't know where they are now, the Soul Blades where destroyed by two children Patroklos and Pyrrha his sister Algol sputtered

Sow you said they are gone, well you lying cause i can feel their energy Nemesis Phoenix spoke

Hilde and Siegfried woke up and saw Nemesis Phoenix with Algol and where watching from behind

What are we going to do Siegfried, if we attack again it might kill us Hilde asked Siegfried

I don't know yet, but youre right if we attack that thing iut might kill us yes, we have to get out of here and retreive Soul Calibur Siegfried spoke

You know where Soul Calibur is?? Hilde asked

Yeah i know where it is, But that thing may not find it Siegfried said

But Nemesis Phoenix overheard their talking and turned itself to Siegfried and Hilde

Sow........ YOU HAVE IT........... Nemesis Phoenix yelled while it try'd to grab Siegfried but Hilde stabbed her but wasn't feeling anything and Hilde was throwed back again

Now....... let me read youre mind then.......... and show me the location of Soul Calibur Nemesis Phoenix spoke while it was busy reading Siegfried's mind

Noooooo..... you will not get it.......... Siegfried sputtered

Somewhere outside

Jean and the rest where waiting what was coming and the cloud was formed it was a huge Creature knowned as Nightmare, all of them where getting ready to battle him as Jean attacked him first

I don't know what you are but youre in our way........ Jean yelled

Jean attacking

whahahahaa puny humans.......... I AM NIGHTMARE THE AZURE KNIGHT nothing can stop me and my Soul Edge Nightmare yelled

Deadpool also attacked with his sword and Spider-Man gave hi some web shots but all attacks where dodged, Then Thor did a Mighty thunder attack and damaged Nightmare a little

You are not strong enough to stop me, now that you all have attacked my now its my turn Nightmare yelled while he was charging his Sword

But deadpool jumped in again and attacked Nightmare again and grabbed him and stabbed the azure knight and landed back by the group

Deadpool fighting Nightmare

Hmm this guy is strong it took my aswile to know how to get him but it seems we got him Deadpool spoke

But Nightmare crawled back up and attacked all of the group with a devestating attack and all where down and out

hmm is that all you had against me Nightmare said while he walked towards Jean

Then suddenly he was attacked from behind and dropped his Sword and fell to his knees

Wha........ what attacked me Nightmare yelled

Leave them alone, or i will destroy you Nightmare a voice said

Meanwhile Jean was waking up again sow as the rest of the group and she saw someone talking to Nightmare, the person walked towards Jean and gave her a hand up while Nightmare was preparing another attack

Who are you...... Jean asked

A friend.... who will help you now the voice spoke

but the person was under a hooded mantle sow she could not see the face of her helper, while Nightmare attacked again the person smashed him away and Nightmare vanished into thin air

He is gone...... now i must leave, good bye The voice spoke and vanished also

Who ws that Jean?? Spider-Man asked

I don't know, But i owe that person my life Jean said

Lets move on we have along way to go Thor spoke

And the group headed on to find Nemesis Phoenix


Chapter 5 - The Dangerous axe of Astaroth

Somewhere in the past 1607 AD

The group under the Leadership of Jean Grey arrived on an open field nothing was seen there it was totally deserted but they where closing in on Nemesis Phoenix as Jean could feel it

What can we expect more on our way to find Nemesis Phoenix Spider-Man asked

Don't know, we just keep on walking till we find any trace of Nemesis Phoenix Jean told

But that can be days, and even we to sleep Deadpool told

Yeah youre right okay wel will spend the night here, and we need some food Jean told

Somewhere in the future

Iron Man and Hawkeye where still doing research about the strange signals that where sigted a few days ago

What could it be?? do you think Nemesis Phoenix had to do with it Hawkeye asked

Hmm possible cause they where all gone when it took the time travel device and used it to go back in time, but i don'know for sure Iron Man spoke

Meanwhile a stranger was searching around the building and was looking for an entrance, Hawkeye and Iron Man didn't noticed the stranger and where keep going on with their re-search

Think the signals where stopped and vanished as soon Nemesis Phoenix was gone back in time there is no other conclusion why they are gone Iron Man said

Hmm then i hope Jean and the others will have better luck Hawkeye spoke

Then the stranger attacked Iron Man from behind and gotten him in his grasp, Hawkeye wanted to attack the stranger but he had no weapons with him since he dropped his arrows and bow

Where is Jean.......... ThinMan, tell me now or i'll make little thincans from your armor got it A voice spoke.

Somewhere in the past 1607 AD

Jean and the rest headed on after a night of sleep and they where fresh to go on again but their morning was about to get disturbed again by an unknown creature

WAAAAAAA GIVE ME MORE SOULS!!!!!!!!!!! A voice yelled while a strange thing landed behind the group and averyone turned around

What the...... Spider-Man yelled

What is that thing with a giant Axe, who are thou friend?? Thor spoke

SOULS I NEED SOULS!!!!!! The creature spoke

Who or what are you?? Jean said

I AM Astaroth AND I WANT ALL OF YOUR SOULS!!!!! Astaroth yelled

Astaroth raised his giant axe to get ready for battle to collect the souls of Jean and her team, But Deadpool again wanted to fight him

Lemme fight him Jean, i will teach this overgrown hulk copy a lesson Deadpool spoke

Deadpool fights Astaroth

No..... wait Jean wanted to say but Deadpool was already in fight with Astaroth

Deadpool smashed Astaroth back to a rock but he raised up again and attacked Deadpool abd Deadspool attacked Astaroth, Then Thor jumped in also to help Deadpool against Astaroth

Feel my MIGHTY SPARK OF THUNDER Thor yelled while he raised him hammer and charged it up

As Thor unleashed his attack on Astaroth it was a hard hit and Astaroth flewed back into a bunch of rocks, after that Deadpool attacked Astaroth again by slashing with his Katana's he was able to wound Astarorh but not that much as Astaroth crawled back up

hehe you are strong........., But you all will be destroyed Astaroth yelled

Then Jean did one of her attacks to Astaroth by Lifting him up like he was a light feather and the rest was looking suprised cause he was a heavy creature that was lifted by Jean like it wss nothing

Jean attacking

This has to stop, we are not here to fight anyone we encounter sow begone.... Jean yelled while she smashed Astaroth a long way back into another bunch of rocks

But the heavy Astaroth raised up again and took out Spider-Man and Thor by a devestating ground attack wich only Jean and Deadpool where left and no-one was there to help them, Suddenly Astaroth got hit by another devestating attack fired from behind this attack was so hard that Astaroth flewed and was't seen for awhile

Thor and Spider-Man woke up and looked to Jean and Deadpool looking to the dirction where the blast came from.

What was that.........?, what did that thing go away Spider-Man asked the group

I don't know, maby someone that wanted to help us but wanted to stay unknown Deadpool spoke

But Jean had a vision again about who attacked Astaroth

Nemesis Phoenix....... You attacked that thing, i can feel your appereance here, But why and how Jean spoke in Thoughts

Jean.......? are you okay Thor asked

Yeah im fine....., Lets move on Jean said

and the group moved on to find Nemesis Phoenix

Somewhere in the future

Now...... i'll ask you one more time ThinMan, WHERE IS JEAN The voice spoke

Hawkeye was getting his weapons and Iron Man couldn't break free from the grasp of the stranger

Jean Grey isn't here, she is gone back in time Iron Man sputtered

Back in time........, LIAR!!!!! The voice yelled


Chapter 6 - Enter Wolverine

Inside the S.H.I.R.L.D Building

Stop right now, or i will capture you with my electric net Hawkeye yelled while coming back

You are not making me scared arrowhippy, sow get lost The voice spoke

Who are you anyway stranger? Iron Man asked while still in the grasp of the stranger

The name's Wolverine, Remember that Wolverine yelled

Why are you here, as you see Jean Grey isn't here anymore she's back in time to 1607 AD Hawkeye spoke while aiming his arrow on Wolverine

You can shoot all you want bub, But i won't die cause of my self healing abiliy, sow thats a waste of arrow's Gombo Wolverine spoke

Facanating, a self healing mutant Iron Man said

But Wolverine had no time to wait and took out Hawkeye and grabbed Iron Man again

NOW LISTEN, you going send me back in time to Jean's location, or you know what i will do with you right?? Wolverine yelled

Alright alright i will do it, but take this to its a time watch to return to this time again and also take some more to give to the others Iron Man spoke

Hmm Time watch ey........., fine i will, now send me back Wolverine said

As hawkeye woke up he saw that Iron Man sended Wolverine back in time to Jean's Location and Hawkeye jopined Iron Man again to see what was happening

You sended him away, finally some rest Hawkeye spoke

Yeah i only hope Wolverine will find Jean causew i think she can use all help to defeat Nemesis Phoenix Iron Man spoke.

Somewhere in the past 1607 AD

The group of hero's leaded by Jean Grey where heading to the last place where Jean felted Nemesis Phoenix its life energy, as soon they arrived on the stage they saw everything destroyed and flames burned around the place

Nemesis what have you done.. Jean spoke in thoughts

Man this is what i call a Burning end Deadpool joked

Not funny Deadpool, look at this place its totally gone Thor spoke

Even i don't know how big the power of Nemesis Phoenix is Jean,, you know anything Spider-Man asked Jean

I don't know it Spider-Man, i only know that it has grown in power snd strength as i look to the damage it has done to this place Jean spoke

Somewhere near some mountains

As the group headed on Nemesis Phoenix has gotten the exact location of Soul Calibur cause it was able to seek in Siegfried's mind and located the Spirit Swords location

  • Flasback*

Where is it...... Nemesis Phoenix yelled

I never tell you,,,,, NEVER Siegfried yelled

Hehe that doesn't matter cause i've already looked in youre mind and ifound it, only the problem is, HOW DO I GET THERE TELL ME!!!!!! Nemesis Phoenix demanded

  • End of Flashbackl*

But siegfried didn't told anything of the way to enter the location sow it had to find a way to enter the ralm where the Spirit Sword was located

Soon very soon i will posses the most strongest power there is, and then i will go back to the furure and take over the planet Nemesis Phoenix spoke in thoughts while it flews in the air to the loction of Soul Calibur

Meanwhile Wolverine landed somewhere around the place but not in the close nearing of Jean but he ended up in front of an old castle and looked around or he would see Jean

Man........ when i get back ill make that ThinMan a little lighter for not sending me in the good way back in time Wolverine yelled

While Wolverine ws looking around Nemesis Phoenix arrived on the same location as Wolverine ended up

YOU.......... YOU ARE A FRIEND OF JEAN GREY, How interesting to find you here Nemesis Phoenix spoke to Wolverine while flying in the air

Yeah......... fine you overgrown canary, come down and tell me where Jean is Wolverine yelled while his Claws where shown to Nemesis Phoenix

YOU DARE TO COMMAND ME........ YOU LITTLE BAG OF SCUM Nemesis Phoenix yelled

Somewhere near the Castle

Jean and her group of hero's where close to the location where Wolverine and Nemesis Phoenix where and Jean could feel Wolverine's energy

LOGAN........, you are here Jean yelled

The others where looking to Jean as she was in her mind looking where Wolverine was landed

Wolverine is here......., why? Deadpool spoke

Maby to find Jean or to help us with our quest Thor said

While Jean was looking for Wolverine Nemesis Phoenix and Wolverine where going in battle against eachother

Is that all you got, come on show me more Wolverine yelled

YOU WANT MORE.........? FINE THEN I'LL GIVE YOU MORE!!!! Nemesis Phoenix yelled

It launched a blast of fire against Wolverine what hitted him and he was striggling to get out of it

YOU WILL NEVER GET MY DOWN..........., I..... WILL SURV.... Wolverine yelled while Jean saw Wolverine fighting against the flames



Chapter 7 - Meeting

While Wolverine was surviving the Flamesea done by Nemesis Phoenix, Jean and her friends arrived on Wolverines location they try'd to attack Nemesis Phoenix but all attacks where dodged by her shield and was still going on attacking Wolverine with Flames

NEMESIS STOP THIS NOW....... Jean yelled

YOU....... have cannot save him from the flames he will perrish hahaha Nemesis Phoenix yelled

Listen lady i cannot die cause i heal very quick ya know...... Wolverine spoke while jumping out of the flames and showed his claws

Wolverine attacked Nemesis Phoenix while Spider-Man, Thor and Deadpool also attacked the Nemesis Phoenix while Jean try'd to break the shield that was around Nemesis Phoenix

When i done you will be weaker cause youre shield will be destroyed Nemesis Jean yelled

Haha i see you try it Miss Grey, don't forget that i was made from youre Phoenix powers itself sow i have all youre strength and ability's Nemesis Phoenix spoke to Jean

Then Wolverine was able to break her shield with the help of Jean and hitted Nemesis Phoenix and it fell down to the ground and smashed into the floor

CURSE YOU........ Nemesis Phoenix yelled shile flying up again

This isn't over, be happy that i have more important things to do then keeping busy with all of you, but next time we meet i will have what i came here for, REMEMBER THAT Nemesis Phoenix yelled while it flew away

Where it came for......, what is it saying with that Wolverine asked Jean while everyone came together

LOGAN....... you are alright Jean spoke while she hugged him

Yeah...... thanks to my healing powers that is Jeannie, but one other question who are these circusclowns with you Jeannie Wolverine asked

Logan meet Spider-Man, Thor, and Deadpool, they are here to help my destroy Nemesis Phoenix Jean explained

We help Jean to destroy that thing you just fought Wolvy Deadpool spoke

DON'T CALL ME WOLVY BUB Wolverine yelled to Deadpool Whats next Jeannie, i will stay with you now to help you destroy this thing, but its powers are very intense Wolverine spoke to Jean

We must find Nemesis Phoenix, and find out what she is looking for Thor spoke

Yeah and try to find a way to contact Iron Man in the future, maby he knows what the main goal of Nemesis Phoenix is Spider-Man spoke

The group headed further on the trail of Nemesis Phoenix.

Somewhere im the future

Iron Man and Hawkeye still figuring out what the origins where of the signals that where out ther eover the place, but stopped suddenly

Hmm interesting...... very Interesting Iron Man spoke

Sorry stark, but what is that interesting Hawkeye asked

Hmm it seems i know what Nemesis Phoenix is looking for, and why it has gone back in time Iron Man explained

I hope we can contact the group in the past to tell them what you foundHawkeye spoke

Just hear me out first, I've discovered a strange pattern that is going to from the past to our time, somekind of energy that i found from the exact spot where our friends had gone back in time íron Man spoke

But what energy is this then Hawkeye spoke

Hmm a Blue energy line and a Red engery line, like these two energy lines are making contact with something that is in our time but what it is in don't know yet Iron Man explained

The two kept searching to the location where the two energy lines where coming from and where they making contact with.

Somewhere in the past 1607 AD

Nemesie Phoenix flewed on as it reached the location of the forst Sword Soul Calibur but the entrace was not seen in a mile, Nemesis Phoenix had to find a way to enter the realm where Soul Calibur was putted to Rest.

I've found it the location of Soul Calibur, The [][Astral Chaos]] here is the spirit sword resting, but soon it will serve my Nemesis Phoenix spoke in thoughts

Meanwhile two other people where also on the location practicing for battle, Natsu and Xiba they where fighting eachother as a sparring match

You sow gonna lose Xiba Natsu yelled

Well if i win you will give my food right.... Xiba yelled

Maby but ten you have to beat me first Natsu spoke

But Nemesis Phoenix had spotted the two young fighters and fired a flame wave to them and they where hitted by it

AHHHHHH...... WHAT THE....... Natsu yelled

OUWIEEE.... Xiba yelled

as they looked up they saw a big burning Phoenix bird with in the middle a human that looked down on tham

Who is that.........?? Natsu asked

I guess no food for me then...... Xiba spoke

STOP THINKING ABOUT FOOD NOW Xiba, think we got a major problem here Natsu explained

Then Nemesis Phoenix flewed a little down the the ground and stopped above Natsu and Xiba

YOU........!!! TELL ME HOW TO ENTER Astral Chaos, or be destroyed Nemesis Phoenix demanded

Astral Chaos........??, Never heard of it Natsu spoke

I want food........... Xiba yelled

You two will tell my or i make you suffer, and i will do the same as i did with the other 2 knights Nemesis Phoenix yelled agsinst Natsu and Xiba

Then suddenly the same unknown warrior appeared to save Natsu and Xiba as it pushed them away from the incoming flamerain done by Nemesis Phoenix

LOOK OUT........!! The warrior yelled while he pushed them away

The Unknown warrior looked up to Nemesis Phoenix and pulled out a sword from its back

You have to face my njow stranger, be ready to feel my power and attacks The Unknown Warrior yelled

While Natsu and Xiba where crawling back up they saw the cloaked warrior and where looking to him while he looked up to Nemesis Phoenix.

Who is that...... Natsu asked Xiba

Dunno....... Xiba spoke

But Nemesis Phoenix wasn't scared at all of his words and gotten herself charged up to destroy the unknown warrior in one blast of flames

WANNA BE THE HERO.......?, THEN TAKE THIS Nemesis Phoenix yelled while she blasted a huge wave of flames to the Unknown Warrior, as he was looking to the incoming flames

Here we go The Unknown Warrior spoke


Chapter 8 - Unknown Warrior

As Nemesis Phoenix shoots down her waves of flames to the Unknown Warrior it jump away and dodges the attack by a hair, after that the Unknown Warrior jumps up and try'd to attack Nemesis Phoenix but it gotten smashed away to the ground

YOU DARE TO ATTACK ME..........!! you useless human Nemesis Phoenix yelled

I will not see that you find Soul Calibur and destroy my world the Unknown Warrior spoke

Nemesis Phoenix had heard enough and attacked the Unknown Warrior from above by grabbing him and trew him away in a bunch of rocks, as he raised up again

I've seen youre powers, But its me that will prevail over you Nemesis Phoenix Unknown Warrior spoke

I don't know who you are, but do not get in my way or i will destroy you Nemesis Phoenix yelled

Natsu and Xiba where also close to the encounter between Nemesis Phoenix and the Unknown Warrior as they came closer to overhear what they where saying

I want food...... sooooooow badly Xiba said

Shut up, i want to hear them talking Natsu said

As they listened to the conversation between the Unknown Warrior and Nemesis Phoenix Natsu finally heard what Nemesis Phoenix was seeking for

Soul Calibur sow thats what that thing is looking for, i've got to help that warrior to stop this creature getting his hands on Soul Calibur Natsu spoke in thoughts

Meanwhile Jean Grey and her team tracked down Nemesis Phoenix and they saw it also talking to a strange person with a cloak over its head, but Jean regonized the claaked person

Its the same person that helped us out, but why is Nemesis talking to this person Jean was thinking

But then a giant explosion was heard and everyone was looking what happend, as they saw the Unknown Warrior laying on the ground

We have to help that person Deadpool yelled as he runned towards the unknown Warrior

Nemesis Phoenix was already gone and wasn't seen in a mile, Thus Jean and her team helped the Unknown Warrior but he was injured by the blast that Nemesis Phoenix gave him, as Jean putted of his cloak to see his face

Sow you are the one that helped us back there Jean said

Yeah......... that would be me, my name is Z.W.E.I. ZWEI spoke

Then Nastu and Xiba showed themselves to Jean and her Team and they where introducd also to Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine and Deadpool

I am Jean Grey, nice to meet you two Jean spoke [[File:NatsuZ.W.E.I..jpg|thumb|170px|Natsu watches over Z.W.E.I.

I will take care of Z.W.E.I., cause i heard you are here for that thing to stop it Natsu said

Yeah but what its goal is we still don't know, we heard its looking for a Sword namded Soul Calibur Jean spoke to Natsu

Yeah Soul Calibur that's the Spirit Sword and an acient weapon in our time, from what i've heard its hidden in the Astral Chaos but its impossible to get there Natsu said

Why...? is that place somekind of secret place where no-one can come Jean asked Natsu

The Astral Chaos is a place between time and space and the final resting place to Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, but i guess that thing doesn't even know that Soul Edge is there aswell Natsu explained

Then the team decided to leave Z.W.E.I. in the hands of Natsu and Xiba and that Their next destenation was to seek for the entrance to Astral Chaos and defend Soul Calibur and Soul Edge to fall into the evil hands of Nemesis Phoenix

The........way is very dangerous and is full of hidden traps Z.W.E.I. told Jean

But Jean said to be carefull and that she had her Team on her side to help her, as they said good-bye to Natsu and Xiba and the injured Z.W.E.I. they headed on to find Astral Chaos

Jean talks to Natsu

This going to be searching for a needle in a haystack, where do we begin Wolverine spoke

Hmm what i heard from Natsu, the only way to get into the Astral Chaos is to find the Astral Chaos: Pathway that is the entrance to the Astral Chaos Jean explained

Well i hope Nemesis doesn't know anything yet about the Astral Chaos: Pathway, or it will be the first to be there Thor spoke

The group headed on as Nemesis Phoenix found the exact location where the entrance to Astral Chaos had to be but it couldn't see the entrance

DARN IT......., i am sow close and its been locked for my, well then i have to make my own way into it and steal Soul Calibur from the Astral Chaos

As Nemesis Phoenix charged itself to fire some waves of flames it was hit by a vortex beam that was a shield that was protecting the Astral Chaos: Pathway the Entrance to Astral Chaos and Nemesis Phoenix was slammed into the ground

Darn it a protection field....., that will be a hard one to break but im am to far to quit right now Nemesis Phoenix yelled

While it was trying to attack the forcefield again Jean and her Team where also close to the location as they saw flames from behind the moutains

LOOK GUYS......... overthere we might be to late, cause Nemesis has already trying to open the enctrance Spider-Man yelled

I hope we are not to late Jean spoke


Chapter 9 - Re-living the Past Part 1: Phoenix

While Jean and her Team was in a hurry to reach the location of Nemesis Phoenix who was trying to open the portal to the Astral Chaos: Pathway to reach Astral Chaos, But it was heavy defenced by a powerfull shield what could not be broken

The Nemesis Phoenix try'd to use all of her attacks to break the Shield but everything failed but suddenly it got Jean and her Team in sight and she thought

Hmm maby those friends of Jean Grey can help my to destroy the shield hehe Nemesis Phoenix spoke in thoughts

Jean and her Team Deadpool, Thor, Spider-Man and Wolverine fought themselves allot of fights during their search for Nemesis Phoenix and won every fight, the battles theirfought where against people who didn't like strangers in their homs and their villages

Then Suddenly Jean got attacked from the side by a man with an Axe, Deadpool jumped in and attacked the man with his Katana's as soon as the man was gone Wolverine yelled JEAN

Jean was taken out and wasn't moving whil her team try'd to get her back, Jean herself landed in another world she woke up in a cockpit, while she looked around she had the feeling she already knew this location.

I know this place and location, but it....... can't be Jean spoke

As jean was looking around she saw someone laying on the floor, it was Jean herself, but Jean was there not laying down sow how could it.......

I remember now......... this is the moment i got the Phoenix powers for the first time, i was able to land in the river and the i was flying and after all went black Jean spoke in thoughts

Jean knew what happend to her she landed in somekind of spiritual form that who was seeing her past as the Phoenix

Then Jean saw herself laying in a bed with Scott Summers next to her but he could not see or hear the real jean, cause she was in a past what she already knew

Its my after we got back, they brought me here and scott not left my side, but i was feeling strange then cause it was the power of the Phoenix that was inside my Jean spoke in thoughts

Seeing this with her own eyes made Jean believed that she was a great powerfull creature but also dangerous as later would be shown.

Then she was teleported to another area a castle where her X-Men friends where fighting a warrior namd Gladiator who was beating up the jaggernaut and Jean saw that another guy namesd eric the red was holding the Shi'ar princess Lilandra hostage

I remember this encounter here i saved Lilandra from Eric the Red as i woke up to fly off as Phoenix, and i saved her and then i told as Phoenix that i (Phoenix) was the guardian of a very powerfull crystal named the M-Kron Crystal Jean was thinking and seeing it alll with her own eyes

Then Jean was landing in another area, a spaceship that belonged to Dken the emperor of the Shi'Ar, there Jean witnessed the battle against the X-Men and the army of Dken and space pirates knowned as The StarJammers leaded by Scott his father as Jean/Phoenix saw in one of her visions

This battle was created when the starjammers

Jean seeing her past as the Phoenix

wanted to give the M-kron Crystal to Dken but scott had to kill him but that didn't work cause i used him as a beacon to transport us to the ship of Dken
Jean was speaking

And then Jean saw that Dken was activating the crystals power and became an invinceble monster and after that the planed figh they had to defeat Dken, After those images where seen Jean (in ghost form) landed in an area where her X-Men friends where and she was hearing that Phoenix/Jean had to hide the crystal from evil hands.

This was a sad moment, i had to say good-bye to get the M-Kron Crystal as far as i could, this was the hardest thing i had sow far Jean spoke in tears seeing it again

As Jean saw that Phoenix/Jean was flying around while kissing Scott and vanished, Jean landed in space floating to see what happend to Phoenix/Jean, as Jean saw that Phoenix/Jean was sacrificing herself to destroy the M-Kron Crystal

Sow this is what happend in the time i became Phoenix, i also know that i came back but............ as Jean was pullet away from her ghost world as she heard:

Jeannie wake up Wolverine yelled

As Jean wakes up everyone was happy to see that Jean was alright, She told her team what she saw and re-lived her time as Phoenix

That must have been awesome to be the strongest in the universe Deadpool spoke

It was but not as i hoped to be, as i was revived as Dark Phoenix Jean explained

Yeah and it was terrible to fight you Wolverine spoke

But it was that last war against Lilandra's warriors that brought me back from the dead by all of you giving some of youre life-energy Jean spoke

Lilandra's warriors...?? Spider-Man asked

Yeah the new Shi'Ar empress after her brother Dken was gone Jean spoke

This fight was to save Jean to be destroyed by this empress, sow we had to battle on a planer against her strongest fighters, after we all got taken out Jean lost control again and became Dark Phoenix and we defeated her, but it was Lilandra trhat did the final blow with an laser beam, but after awile Phoenix raised up and brought Jean back to life and we all went back to home, not knowing that Jean had still some evil inside her what made that Nemesis Phoenix Wolverine spoke

You told a part now of what you saw as you became the Phoenix and how it ended but what happend between it??.. And what made it happening that you became the Dark Phoenix Jean Spider-Man asked

You can tell later But now we have to stop Nemesis Phoenix to open the portalt to Astral Chaos Thor spoke

I will tell you later Spider-Man, but for now thor has a point we must find Nemesis Phoenix Jean spoke

As Jean and her Team continued their way Jean was feeling a strange sighting from outside this world, as the rest was walking in Jean was thinking

What is this presence from outside this world, what i am feeling now?........ Jean spoke in thoughts


Chapter 10 - Re-living the Past Part 2: Dark Phoenix

The Dark Nemesis Phoenix was still trying to open the gate to the Astral Chaos: Pathway to collect the Spirit Sword Soul Calibur as it already ty'd to open it with flame blasts and other attacks it failed to open it

HOW DO I OPEN THIS DANM PORTAL Nemesis Phoenix yelled loud

Then suddenly Siegfried and Hilde where standing in front of Nemesis Phoenix, as it was tired of attacking Siegfried attacked Nemesis Phoenix with his Sword

DIE YOU EVIL CREATURE Siegfried yelled while attacking Nemesis Phoenix

But the Dark Nemesis Phoenix had enough of these unimportant humans and it decides to take them out again and it attackecd Siegfried first after blocking his attack

You pathetic little ant, DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME!!!! Nemesis Phoenix Shouted

I can and will beat you, i am the protector of Soul Calibur, and evil thugs like you will never reach the Astral Chaos [[Siegfried sputtered while Nemesis Phoenix was holding him up
Nemesis Phoenix SCV4

Nemesis Phoenix atacking Siegfried

Well well well...... that's interesting to know, then tell my you little ant: HOW DO I OPEN THE GATEWAY? Nemesis Phoenix yelled

But then Hilde Jumped in and attacked Nemesis Phoenix from behind

LET HIM GO.........'Hilde shouted

But Nemesis Phoenix blocked her attack and smashed her away

Somewhere at the same time:

We are close to Nemesis Jean spoke to her teamates

Jean and her Team had to stop Nemesis Phoenix, but they didn't know that Siegfried and Hilde where already trying to do that

What happend with you as the Dark Phoenix?/ Spider-Man asked Jean

Alright i will tell you, we are to far from her location but while we walking i will try to remember what happend back then, but its already some years ago since my Phoenix powers where gone Jean spoke

Lets hear it then, and i hope we will get in time to stop Nemesis Thor said

Meanwhile Wolverine and Deadpool where already far away from the rest cause Jean asked them to go forward to seee or Nemesis Phoenix was close by

I hope we willl stop that evil thing, cause i have enough of this freaky world Wolverine said

As soon we destroy that thing we can go back to our time, IF Iron Man and Hwakeye are still there Deadpool spoke

Meanwhile Jean thought back of her time as The Dark Phoenix and was about to seek in her memory's to those moments as she would call it *the worst time of her life*

As i can remember i landed back on earth again after i was revived from the same flames i sacrificed myself into to protect the M-Kron Crystal, But the Phoenix was feeling other ability's and senses what made her evil and i was knowned as The Dark Phoenix, when i landed back on earth my Team the X-Men found my and brought my to the school but i woke up on Muer Island in a tank Jean spoke

Hmm interesting, sow you where revived from youre own ashes thats cool Spider-Man said

The Professor and a friend of him named Moira McTaggert did re-search on my and was was acting strange even stranger then i got the Phoenix Powers, i was evil and that was it i was an evil version of the Phoenix, I became myself again for awhile but soon that would change, cause on a night when i was asleep and Storm (one of my fellow X-Men) was at my side at that moment, i had a nightmare wel not a scary one but i ended up in a world that was created by a man named: Jason Wyngarde he created an alternate world in my head that made my believe i was his wife Jean said to her two team members

Dark Phoenix/Jean in a moment from the past

Wow thats quite a story itself what happend next and this Jason Wyngarde character, what's his role Thor asked

Yeah and what happend after that Spider-Man added

Well he was helped by another mutant named Emma Frost she was able to make this world ordered by Jason Wyngarde, and it worked before i knew it i was in his world and thinking that i was his wife and not the wife of Cyclops (Scott Summers), and this made The Dark Phoenix even more powerfull and i was one of them a member of a club called: The HellFire Club and also a few mebers to don't remember their names anymore, but later i was sick of them and their word\rds and their lies and even more of Jason Wyngarde, Sow i turned myself against them and got rid of those members fast but i also had to fight my friends cause The Dark Phoenix was still in control, till in a fight against Professor X he was able to capture The Dark Phoenix Soul in a web and she was under control, after a time we got challenged by Lilandra and her crew and that end you know already Jean explained

Man that story its amazing Thor said

Yeah impressive and yeah we know the end you got back to life and the Phoenix was herself again and vanihed Spider-Man told

Sow now you know it all of my past as The Phoenix, Now lets move on Wolverine and Deadpool are already far sow we have to hurry Jean spoke while they moved on

Meanwhile at the Location of the Astral Chaos Pathway portal

Siegfried and Hilde fought themselves against Nemesis Phoenix but they where to weak to fight the evil Nemesis Phoenix, Siegfried was already taken out and Hilde was still fighting
Nemesis Phoenix SCV5

Nemesis Phoenix fights Hilde

ENOUGH OF THIS........ Nemesis Phoenix yelled while it grabbed Hilde

It stabbed Hilde with her Blades (she calls them Phoenix Blades) and [Hilde fell down also, Barely alive she was looking how Nemesis Phoenix was trying to open the gateway again.......

We.......have.......failed....... Hilde said while closed her eyes


Chapter 11 - Defending the Gateway Part 1: Enter Lady Sif

While Hilde and Siegfried where taken out by Nemesis Phoenix, Jean Grey and her Team arrived on the scene where they saw the defeated warriors laying on the ground

Logen and Spider-Man take care of the two warriors, the rest will hold off Nemesis for finding the Pathway Jean spoke to the rest

While Wolverine and Spider-Man where trying to awake Hilde and Siegfried Jean, Deadpool and Thor started to fight against Nemesis Phoenix as Thor raised his hammer to call upon the thunder to strike on Nemesis

Feel my Hammer you vermain waaaaaa Thor yelled while the Thunder attacked Nemesis Phoenix but she was able to dodge it and attacked Thor instead you little insect do you really think that Hammer can hurt me Nemesis Phoenix spoke while attacking Thor

Meanwhile Jean and Deadpool where preparing an attack on Nemesis to attack her from behind as Deadpool prepared his Sword to strike while Jean was about to launch Deadpool to the air sow that he could attack Nemesis Phoenix in the back while she was attacking Thor

Logan and Spider-Man where abel to awake Hilde and Siegfried as the where waking up they looked into the eys of two strangers as Siegfried spoke who are you and what are you doing here

Saving youre asses and to prevent Flamelady up there to enter that Pathway Wolverine spoke

You saved us thank you, but we could not stop it Hilde spoke

Thats why we are trying to stop her cause we are with allot more then two you know Spider-Man explained to HildeIn the battle Nemesis Phoenix was still atacking Thor but he could dodge her attacks for a serval times, Meanwhile Jean prepared Deadpool to launch to attack Nemesis Phoenix

Here you go Deadpool, i will use my telepatic powers to launch you Jean spoke

Ohwwwww MOMMA, THIS IS GOING TO BE SO BRUTAL Deadpool yelled while he was launched by Jean

Whe he was flying towards Nemesis, Deadpool pointed his blade to Nemesis as he was yelling THIS IS GONNA HURT

But Nemesis Phoenix turned herself around and smashed Deadpool down to the ground with a fire attack GET OUT OF MY SIDE Nemesis Yelled

Jean saw that the attack had failed and saw that Deadpool was falling down OWHHHHH MOMMA NOT GOOD............ Deadpool yelled, but Jean caught him with her mind powers and landed him on the ground.

Deadpool, are you okay Jean asked

Yea Yea im fine just a broken ego that all Deadpool joked around


You all will be detroyed when i will have the Soul Calibur and then i will absorb its energy and then i will destroy you all, and when i have destroyed you all i will take over the world Nemesis Phoenix yelled

Yada Yada Yada............... you talk allot Flamelady but you aren't even knowing where that Sword is Wolverine yelled to Nemesis Phoenix

HAHAHAHAHAHA, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT, WELL I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE IT IS, Thats why im here at this old Ruin to open the Astral Chaos Pathway that leads to the Astral Chaos the resting place of the acient Soul Calibur, and after i've entered the Pathway nothing wil st......... Nemesis Phoenix wanted to say as it was smashed down to earth by an unknown thing......

While Nemesis Phoenix had smashed into the ground and made a hole in the ground everyone looked up and saw someone coming earth and it landed near the hole where Nemesis Phoenix was smashed into

Lady Sif enters the battlefield

You will not get anything, not aslong as i am around a voice spoke

When everyone turned himself around Nemesis fled up to the air ans saw who had smashed her down to earth

SIF!!!!!!!............... ITS YOU............. Thor yelled

Uhm dude do you know this lady.............. Deadpool, asked

Everyone meet Lady Sif from Asgard, she is one of my greatest warriors and close friend Thor spoke

Yeah nice to be here but we do not have much time to talk Thor, no we need to stp her from taking that Sword, Yea Yea i was already informed by another hero and he sended me here, Now if you don't mind let's do some cleaning work Sif spoke

Little ant, you will be destroyed............Nemesis Phoenix yelled to sif

You talk good but do you fight also that good, Lets find out shall we, everyone stand back this round is mine Sif spoke

Sif and Thor talking

Go ahead we will find the pathway and seal it off Jean yelled to Sif while her team was jumping over a deep hole to enter the ruin

I will help Sif Jean, go and seal the pathway Thor spoke

Alright good luck Jean spoke

Now Thor and Sif where standing before the ruin and where trying to hold off Nemesis to enter the pathway that was located inside the old Castle Ruin

Thor we have to stop this evil cause i saw images what can happen if this Nemesis Phioenix finds Soul Calibur, it can destroy worlds and that also that of ours Asgard Sif spoke to Thor

HERE I COME WAAAAAAAAAA Nemesis Phoenix yelled while it came down to attack Sif and Thor, Then

Sif attacks Nemesis Phoenix

Sif threwed her Sword on to Nemesis wat hitted Nemesis in her stomach and Sif jumped up and grabbed her Sword and Nemesis fell in front of her

THOR ATTACK HER NOW...................WITH YOUR THUNDER................DO IT!!!!! Sif yelled

Thor summoned the Thunder and attacked Nemesis who was still on the floor after the attack of Lady Sif and the thunder hitted Nemesis 'NOOOOOOOOO........................ Nemesis Phoenix yelled and a bunch of smoke was coming from the impact.

Thor and Sif where waiting while Hilde, Siegfried, Jean and her Team where almost to the location of the Astral Chaos Pathway

I hope Sif and Thor can hold her off sow that we can lock off this place sow hat Nemesis can't reach the Astral Chaos Jean spoke to the rest

Let's hope sow yes Hilde spoke aswell

Meanwhile Thor and Lady Sif where waiting for what was coming after Thor attacked Nemesis Phoenix with his Thunder attack and was hit by it

Is it over............. Thor said to Sif

Hmm its a little to silence here............ Sif said

THOR LOOK OUT...........!!!!!!!!!!!! Sif yelled afterwards

From the smoke Nemesis Phoenix grabbed Thor and took him up to the air the grabbing too Thor out and didn't move and his Hammer fell on the ground as Sif looked up

THOR...........!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sif yelled

MWHAHAHAHA............. LETS SEE OR HE CAN FLY WITHOUT HIS HAMMER Nemesis Phoenix yelled from above

Then Nemesis Phoenix released Thor and he fell down to earth as Sif was looking to it

THOR.......!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP.............. Sif yelled


Chapter 12 - Defending the Gateway Part 2: Defeat

As the group watches how Thor falls down after he was grabbed by Nemesis Phoenix Jean try's to save Thor by grabbing him with her telekinetic powers as it was a succes Nemesis Phoenix was gone to the portal that would lead her to the resting place of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge

Where is Nemesis gone to?, while we where saving Thor Lady Sif asks Jean after saving Thor

She must have gone to the portal where the opening to Astral Chaos Pathway has been hidden, we have to stop her before she opens it Jean spoke to the group after also Thor had come to his senses

What happens to me, i remember i was fighting against Nemesis Phoenix Thor spoke

You lost to her thats all you need to know bub Wolverine spoke to Thor

Meanwhile Nemesis Phoenix was close to the portal to Astral Chaos Pathway as Siegfried and Hilde had also come to the location of the portal to help Jean and her team to stop Nemesis Phoenix

We know bnow what this Nemesis Phoenix wants, she wants to enter the Astral Chaos Pathway that leads to Astral Chaos thats the resting place of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge Hilde spoke to Siegfried

As we know we must help these future people to stop Nemeis Phoenix to enter the realm Siegfried spoke to Hilde

As Nemesis Phoenix was near she saw them standing waiting for the arrival of Nemesis Phoenix to stop her Those fools can't stop me from entering the realm of Astral Chaos to claim what will soon be mine Nemesis Phoenix spoke in thoughts as she strated to attack Siegfried and Hilde

FOOLS GET AWAY FROM THERE AND LET ME IN Nemesis Phoenix yelled as she attacked them with her flames Siegfried and Hilde attacked also Nemesis Phoenix in the hope that Jean and her team would arrive soon to assist them in the battle.

Meanwhile not far from the location Jean and her Team where almost close to the portal location as they talked bout what to do to stop Nemesis Phoenix to enter the realm of Astral Chaos

Man i hope we can stop Nemesis Spider-Man spoke

Yeah as far as we know, if she gets her hands on those swords........... Thor spoke


Calm down Logan, i sense Nemesis is very close Jean said

On the battlefield where Siegfried and Hilde where battling Nemesis Phoenix to hold her back had a rough time against the overpowered Nemesis Phoenix, on the same time Jean and her Team arrived as they saw them fighting

Lets help them to stop Nemesis and defeat her Jean spoke

Lets party Wolverine said

I am Ready Thor said

Im with you Thor Lady Sif Spoke

Lets do it Spider-Man said

OH MOMMA.........PARTYYYYYYYYYYYY Deadpool yelled

as they all runned towards Nemesis Phoenix to stop her from entering Astral Chaos

You fools, do you really think that you all can stop me for reaching my goals, i will will teach you a lesson in defeat, hahaha'Nemesis Phoenix yelled as she started to glow and created a huge Phoenix bird around her made from Flames as she started to powered up her attack she spoke

NOW TAKE THIS AND BE DEFEATED BY THE HANDS OF NEMESIS PHOENIX Nemesis Phoenix nyelled as she unleashed her attack on the enitre group, the attack was a direct hit and knocked everyone out in one hit even Jean was kinocked out

WELL NOW THAT YOU TASTED THE WRATH OF NEMESIS PHOENIX, I will enter the portal now and take where i came for

Meanwhile Jean started to wake up as she saw the moon light showing the door as it was opening itself and Nemesis Phoenix was waiting till it was fully open, Jean started to move to stand up but she was weakend by Nemesis Phionix's attack and could not move

I have to stop Nemesis, even if it means to kill myself in the fight aslong as i can stop her it will be the best thing to do Jean spoke in thoughts

As the door was almost fully open Nemesis Phoenix fled into it and tt

Finally my mission is complete now, Only i have to find the two swords to make me unstoppable Nemesis Phoenix spoke while flying into the Astral Chaos Pathway as Jean saw her flying into the Pathway she stoot up but very weakend and started to walk towards the door wich was alreay started to close

I have to make to into the door, i have to........... Jean said

Meanwhile the others woke up aswell as they saw Jean entering the door to the Astral Chaos Pathway


We are a team and we will fight alongside you Lady Sif yelled also

JEAN!!!!!!!!!!! The others yelled but Jean was already near the door as she looks back and spoke

Im sorry, but this is my fight now........... Jean said as she entered the door and it closed itself and vanished

As the doos closed behind Jean she looked around but Nemesis Phoenix was nowhere to be seen as she started to walk on the Path that was laying in front of her she looked around and thought

This is it, my final Face off to stop Nemesis

Meanwhile the others had come by and searched for the entrance to the Astral Chaos Pathway but it was vanished and they where unable to find it again

We have to find Jean and the door again, and we must help her at any cost Wolverine yelled to the rest

Logan she had entered the door and now she is there all alone and we are here doing nothing Lady Sif yelled angry

There is a way to find the doorway again, but we need help from someone Siegfried spoke

You then bring us this person and i hope for you he can bring back Jean, safe and sound bub Wolverine yelled

I will do my best Siegfried spoke

I will assist him Hilde said

We stay here, and maby we can find our own way in Thor spoke

Jean................, i hope we can reach you in time Wolverine spoke in thoughts while looking to the moon........

Meanwhile Nemesis Phoenix had gone some transformations during her flying inside the Astral Chaos her hair changed into orange and also gotten a new look but she was still as evil as she was before as she reached the end of the Pathway she ended up in a platform with big wals around it

This is it...., Here i will find where i came for

Jean herself was also close to Nemesis Phoenix's location as she was thinking I WILL STOP YOU NENESIS, EVEN IF IT WILL KILL ME,,,, I WILL STOP YOU!!!!!!


Chapter 13 - The Phoenix Returns Saga Part 1: Awakening

(more to come)

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  • Chapter 15 - The Phoenix Returns Saga Part 3: Discovery
  • Chapter 16 - The Phoenix Returns Saga Part 4: Deadpool's Courage
  • Chapter 17 - The Phoenix Returns Saga Part 5: Dark Phoenix Rises Again
  • Chapter 18 - Collision
  • Chapter 19 - ?
  • Chapter 20 - ?

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