Note: This story is based on future happenings some years after Soulcalibur V

Chapter I

Princess Hildegard von Krone became Queen if the Wolfkorne kingdom in her time as Queen she had given up her fighting skills and became a Queen that was a ruler and a wise woman she builded up her own army of knights brave men who would give their life for Queen Hilde bur as it was going well with the kingdom also evil was about to show itself again into the kingdom.

On a far place from the Wolfkrone Kingdom there was an evil land this land was all but good as the ruler heard of Wolfkrone he had to conquer it cause then he would rule the entire land cause Wolfkorne was the only kingdom that wasn't been defeated by this evil king (his name was unknown) but they called him the Shadow King cause he was always wearing a black shadow armor just like his knights called the Shadow knights.

Hilde was feeling that something was about to happen with Wolfkrone cause serval knights of her army where defeated by the sow-called Shadow Knights of the Shadow Kingdom, as hilde called the help of an old friend her sworn ally: Siegfried Schtauffen sho helped her in the past with battles and other problems but years passed since she and Siegfried had spoken to eachother.

When Siegfried heard that Hilde was calling for his help he answered the call and travelled to Wolfkrone Kingdom, when he reached the land he was welcomed by Hilde as they didn't have much time to talk the land was attacked by the Shadow Knights as already many Knights of Wolfkrone lost their lives Siegfried battled on his own as Hilde was seeking for help in the war against the Shadow Kingdom

Siegfried told Hilde to seek for his old Rival a woman that stoot knowned as The Legendary One but years had passed since she was seen or heard but Hilde sended a messinger to the location of this Person to contact her as the messinger reached almost the exact location he was attacked by 2 Shadow Knights as they would kill him they where killed instead by a shot from somewhere around as he saw a person wearing a black cloak and couldn't see the face of the person who just rescued him.

As the messinger wanted to say thanks it reavealed its face it was Leandra Scott the one he had to search for but before he could say something Leandra told them to leave cause many other shadow knights where around, as they where safe now the messinger explained the situation to Leandra.

As he said: Its been awhile since i battled against enemy's, My skills aren't as quick as they where some years ago and i retired as a fighter to live my life as a retired fighter, but when i saw you i picked up my swords after some years again Leandra explained

That that was the first battle again after a serval years, sow the messinger explained the whole situation to Leandra as she heard the name of Hilde who once saved her life, Sow Leandra accepted the inventation and she travelled to the Wolfkrone Kingdom as Leandra had to meet Hilde again but now as the Queen of WolfKrone Kingdom.

Hilde also told that her old rival Siegfried had joined her side but Leandra and Siegfried where no rivals anymore they became friends a serval years ago as Siegfried saved her son Luke, as Hilde continued her story about the shadow knights and their king as Leandra heard the story and that already allot of
Leandra V249

Leandra as a WolfKrone knight

Wolfkrone Knights lost their lives she wanted to help the kingdom but her battleskills weren't that good anymore, Hilde decided to learn Leandra a new battlestyle a style she never used before, As Hilde prepared Leandra for her new skills she also gained a special Wolfkorne Knight armor that would fit perfectly.

Leandra leaned the skills to fight with a Spear and Sword the skills that Hilde used in her period when she battled for her kingdom as a Knight, Leandra was a fast learner and in a few days she controlled the skills perfectly, It was just in time cause the Kingdom was about to be attacked by the Shadow king and his Knights.

As Siegfried saw Leandra again but now as a Wolfkrone Knight he said that she didn't aged that much she also wears the Face-Mask she had when they where rivals, The war begun and serval days passed since Leandra joined the Knights of Wolfkrone she was the leader of an Army of 30 Wolfkrone Knights and Siegfried was Leader also of 30 Knights they where seperated to battle across the land of Wolfkrone.

The Shadow KIng had a strong army of knights and even was in the possession of Golems these creatures where stronger the The Wolfkrone Knights, as the Golem army of the Shadow king was fighting Leandra's Army they where defeated easyly, But Leandra had still one skill behind cause in the years after the last appereance of her  Malfested Side her forms changed also cause her Soul Edge *Necro* was more powerfull then before, As the golems turned to Leandra to defeat her she transformed again cause now she didn't need her Dual Swords anymore cause she could control the transformations by herself, Leandra became The Dark Omega (this form was changed the most) cause instead of black it had a green/black armor and her Face-Mask was also changed.

The *New* Dark Omega

As The Dark Omega took out the golems one by one she became even more powerfull as she took out the entire Golem army with one Devestating attack, then she changed back into her normal-self again cause all the evil was gone for now, Siegfried reached Leandra's spot but all golems where defeated.

As they returned to Wolfkrone no-one knew of her secret cause all of the Knights she had where all gone and Siegfried was to far away to witness the transformation, but now everything was normal for now as Siegfried and Leandra took out a part of the army of the Shadow King, but the war wasn't over yet


Chapter II

While the battle for the Wolfkrone Kingdom took place somewhere else another battle took place between 2 people and some Shadow Soldiers Luke and his travelling companion Danryl Altec rushed into a bunch of them while they wanted to safe a young woman who was attacked by the Shadow Soldiers,

Luke and Danryl battled against the weak soldiers cause these weren't the strong soldiersLeandra and Siegfried battled they where easyly defeated and the woman thanked the two hero's by inviting them for dinner at her house as they accepted it and joined the woman for dinner.

Meanwhile in Wolfkrone Kingdom Leandra and Siegfried where asked to help Queen Hilde to set up a meeting with this evil Shadow king to argue but they said it was toi dangerous for her to talk with him sow Leandra and Siegfried lefted to go on their own to the Shadowland but the way would be dangerous and full of evil sow Leandra had to watch out not to become her Malfested Side cause that would be a danger to her ally Siegfried as they left off after saying good-bye to Queen Hilde.

Luke and Danryl where already on their way again to travel and making adventures as they reached a wasteland this land was destroyed by the shadow soldiers

What happend here....... Luke asked Danryl

as they saw some movement behind a burned house they runned to it as they saw an injured soldier this soldier was from Wolfkrone Kingdom and he was attacked by the shadow soldiers and was left for death, Luke and Danryl took care of him but he was badly injured sow it was the question howlong he would survive

Go and leave me here, i will die soon and i am of no use to you the soldier begged to Danryl

But Luke wanted to stay as they saw two other soldiers laying under some damaged houses as he wanted to go to them he saw two othrs but these where not injured or wounded, as Luke looked better he saw that nit was his Mother and Siegfried

MOM.......... overhere  Luke screamed

Leandra heard her son's voice as she runned towards him cause she hadn't seen him in awhile since he was travelling with Danryl, but much time to talk they hadn't

LUKE......... what happend here Leandra asked her son 

as he told that they came here and that they founded 3 injured Soldiers as Siegfried and Leandra saw the 3 soldiers she asked what happend, he told them that they where helping a village when the shadow soldiers destroyed the place and took all of the villagers prison and took them away

They will pay, for taking those villagers Leandra yelled but she had to watch out cause her right arm was light orange (a sign that she could transform) sow she relaxed again and her arm became normal

Siegfried told they where close to the shadowland but it was still a long end and the 3 soldiers couldn.t be taken cause they where to bad injured, sow they decided to leave them there and would send help soon to recue them as the soldiers agree'd on the terms the four decided to travel together to the shadowland to defeat the Shadow King 

Siegfried, Leandra, Luke and Danryl where going to fight the Shadow Soldiers and trying to safe the Wolfkrone Kingdom, But the way would be even more dangerous cause the Shadow King had heard from sources that Queen Hilde had sended her best Knights to defeat the evil king once and for all.

The Shadow King would not taken anything to be beaten by a bunch of Knights sow he made his own plan to get them out of the way and taking over the peacefull kingdom of Wolfkrone.


Chapter III

As the Shadow King almost completes his plan he needs one more thing to make it work he needs Leandra's son Luke as he will setting up a trap to capture the boy and make his plan work.

Its almost time to go on with my plan, and then Wolfkrone will be mine The Shadow King yelled

Meanwhile the group is still underay to meet up with Shadow King as Siegfried discovers something he just found out that they had to follow the trace of destruction

We will end of in the shadowland for sure of we follow the destroyed villages and the destroyed homes Siegfried spoke to the res

But how we haven't seen anything yet Danryl spoke to Siegfried

And on the top of that we are also asked to find injured soldiers, Queen Hilde asked us that also Siegfried Leandra spoke

Suddenly they where attacked and ambushed by a horde of Shadow Soldiers but before they could do anything they vanished again quickly as Leandra looked around

Luke....... Luke.......... she yelled but he was gone taken by the Shadow soldiers

Why they wanna have Luke Danryl asked Leandra

I don't know Leandra said back

In the castle of the Shadow King Luke was chained as he saw a very well knowed weapon

Soul Edge you have Soul Edge, why? and what do you want with my...... Luke yelled

But he said nothing and muttered some words then he tirned around himself to Luke

haha you my boy...... i know what happend to you in the past The shadow King told Luke

I know you where Nightmare's new host but it failed because of youre Mother she broke the link and defeated him The Shadow King spoke

Nightmare...... what has he to do with this Luke yelled while he was trying to break free

You my boy are the plan which i will conquer Wolfkrone, but first i have another task for you: DESTROY OMEGA The Shadow King told Luke

My own mother, Must i destroy my own Mother, forget it Luke yelled

But the shadow king had Soul Edge ready and it transferred itself into Luke's body as he became Nightmare again, the shadow king was laughing

Perfect..... PERFECT........ it worked, Now Nightmare DESTROY THE OMEGA shadow king yelled

As you wish Master Nightmare/Luke spoke as he vanished

Later the group was battling a bunch of Soldiers who where only a temporary slowdown to make them tired but the soldiers where defeated soon

Man what lame are these guys Siegfried spoke to Leandra and Danryl

I have a weird feeling...... if Luke is coming to us...... Leandra said

Inside her body she was feeling that her Omega transformation became stronger and it could meaning one thing: LUKE WAS EVIL.......

My son...... i have to go as Leandra runned away as she was transforming into The Dark Omega again and leaving siegfried and Danryl behind and the looked strange why did Leandra left us they thought

Well well..... im back to hunt you Omega A voice spoke while Dark Omega was looking around

Show youself coward, i know you are her Nightmare Dark Omega Yelled as she ws attacked by Nightmare/Luke again
Dark Omega vs NightmareLuke

Nightmare (Luke) vs The Dark Omega (Leandra)

You....... have changed, sow did i, i am back as Nightmare..... Luke yelled

as the fight begun Nightmare and Dark Omega where heavy equal against eachother Soul Edge against Soul Edge *Necro* this battle would be decided by who has the most power and a battle between Son and Mother

As siegfried and Danryl arrived on the stage they saw already that the clash was begun

Owno Luke......... is he....... Danryl spoke

Yeah and the other....... is Leandra, now i know who she really is Siegfried said to Danryl

In his castle the Shadow King was looking in his visions

Yes......Yess........ DESTROY HER........ and then WOLFKRONE

The battle against the two unstoppable forces was raging heavy both where equal but it was a fight between to persons who where Mother and Son

Give it up Nightmare....... you cannot win from my power  Dark Omega yelled

You......... shut up as Nightmare/Luke attacked Dark Omega

Siegfried and Danryl couldn't do nothing cause these two where unstoppable as they saw how Nightmare/Luke did a powerfull attack but was dodged by The Dark Omega

I always knewed that Leandra had something to hide Siegfried told Danryl

And now i see it to........ Danryl answered back

The Shadow King was very happy that his plan worked and he would soon take over Wolfkrone, but in Wolfkrone Kingdom Queen Hilde had heard that two powerfull opponents where fighting but she didn't was was happeing out there sow she sended her best general to the place

Lance i will send you to investegate the battle of this unstoppable power  Queen Hilde spoke

As you wish my Queen, i will go and bring report Lance said and headed off
Dark Omega vs NightmareLuke1

Dark Omega holds Nightmare

On the battlefield The Dark Omega overpowered Nightmare/Luke as she was holding him again in her hands just like back then in the Caves of Death

And again you cannot defeat me........ RELEASE MY SON.......... The Dark Omega yelled to Nightmare

I AM NOT YOUR SON!!!!!!!!!!! Nightmare/Luke yelled as he broke free as prepared his weapon for a devestating attack sow did The Dark Omega, and when the both released their energy it clashed and a big explosion was heard and blown away Siegfried and Danryl

LEANDRA........!!!!!!!!! siegfried yelled


Chapter IV

A giant explosion was heard after Nightmare/Luke and the Dark Omega and blowed both into different directions and landed on the ground after the smoke was gone Nightmare/Luke was vanished and Leandra was laying down on the ground but she was reverted from her Omega State and was not badly wounded.

Are you alright Leandra Siegfried asked and helped Leandra back on her feet

Leandra survived the blast but was reverted again

Yeah im alright, but i thought i would be at my end with our last attack Leandra said to Siegfried

Back at Wolfkrone Castle Queen Hilde heard about the clash of Luke and Leandra by her loyal attendant Lance he told that Leandra's Son Luke was back into evil hands again by the Shadow King and he had layed his hands on the remains of Soul Edge and transformed Luke back into the New Nightmare.

We have to defeat the Shadow King and release this young boy from evil Hilde told Lance

Back in the Shadow Kingdom Nightmare/Luke reported himself back to the Shadow King and he told that he had killed Leandra and that Wolfkrone will be soon overpowered by an invasion of Shadow Soldiers

Its done master.. Leandra Scott is none of our problems anymore, She's been destroyed Nightmare/Luke told the Shadow King

Exellent now we can start the invasion of Wolfkrone and Defeat their Queen  Shadow king spoke

Back at the battlefield Leandra and Siegfried and Danryl where talking about what to do next and what they should do about Nigfhtmare/Luke

I will go after my son again, and i will go alone its the safest option Leandra Spoke

That will be a trap set up by the Shadow King, he will expect you Danryl spoke

Maby he was informed about that Leandra died in the fight, sow he would have no idea that Leandra is after him Siegfried told

Exactly that is why i will go after my son, Tell Hilde that i will join soon again when i found my son again Leandra Spoke and lefted the two other behind

Nightmare/Luke meeting the Shadow King

Siegfried and Danryl where going back to Wolfkrone to help Queen Hilde defend the Kingdom and to help Lance to lead the Wolfkrone Soldiers into battle against the forces of the evil Shadow King and his evil Shadow Soldiers.

Back in the Shadow Kingdom Nightmsre/Luke was practicing with his Soul Edge against a group of rocks by smashing them into pieces and unleashed a powerfull attack on the rocks

Yeah now i know what it felt to hold this Soul Edge] again, Back  thee in the Caves of Death i was almost at the top of my power till She ruined my powers and brought my back to my childisch body again Nightmare/Luke spoke

he was thinking what would happen if he would leaving this man and go alone further then he would rule the Shadow Kingdom as his own personal Land and his own Minions and layed down Soul Edge,  in the times after the fight he got mutated again and his arm had became a giant claw to grab his opponents with and draining them of their souls. 

Meanwhile Siegfried and Danryl already came back into Wolfkrone Kingdom and visited Hilde in the throneroom

My Queen i've bad news to tell you its about Leandra she lefted us to.......... Siegfried spoke but was interrupted by Hilde

To find her son yes i know all of it, i have also my connections around the kindom Siegfried Hilde spoke

Hilde explained that they didn't need her now for the battle for Wolfkrone cause she had to deal with her own probs again but as she had done her thing she would return to Wolfkrone to assist us in the war against the Shadow King.

Meanwhile in the Shadow Kingdom Nightmare/Luke was speaking to the Shadow King

I have thinking about this plan, and i have decided to leave you now that i have full control over Soul Edge, and that i don't need you to give my orders Nightmare/luke said to the Shadow King

But the Shadow King wasn't about to let happen that his creation would leave him and trapped him inside a vortex to keep him down

You have no idea what youre talking about, it was I who brought you back Nightmare, it was i that ressurrected Soul Edge again and now you want to leave my side, well forget it you will do as i say every order i give you the Shadow King Spoke

But Nightmare/Luke broke the vortex and grabbed the Shadow King by his neck

Nightmare/Luke holding the Shadow King

You stupid fool, you have no power over me anymore I AM NIGHTMARE the azure knight re-born again from its ashes, do you really think it was youre plan to bring my back again??, well let me tell you that it was ME that allowed you to bring Soul Edge back to life sow that i could have my revenge on Leandra, and that moment is there and ONE more thing LEANDRA IS STILL ALIVE  Nightmare/Luke yelled to the shadow King that was still in his hands 

the shadow King called upon his Soldiers to save him but Nigfhtmare/Luke used one move to kill them all in one single hit, then Nightmare/Luke dropped the Shadow King and told him to leave this land cause it was now his land/

But the Shadow King had his own plans and vanished again you will be killed whahahahaa the Shadow King yelled and vanished into thin air

YOU ALL WILL PERRISH, when i am done with all of you  I AM NIGHTMARE......... Nightmare/Luke yelled while he raised Soul Edge up

outside the castle the Shadow King appeared again and said now both Nightmare and Wolfkrone had to be destroyed

Meanwhile on her travel to save Luke from Soul Edge and the Shadow King Leandra had to meet Lance again he told Leandra that it soon would happen the assault of the Shadow King on Wolfkrone Kingdom and that Nightmare/Luke had overpowered the Shadow King and was at his own and became more dangerous then back in th\e Caves of Death some years ago

Leandra... Luke is now in total control by Soul Edge and Nightmare, he and the Shadow King will be attacking Wolfkrone and we need youre help to fight on out\r side Lance asked Leandra

I will fight with you against the Shadow King but i have to save my son first he can be of use in the battle also Leandra spoke against Lance while she took on her Wolfkrone Armor

Leandra and Lance made the deal that Leandra would fight along with the Wolfkrone Army and that they would help to save Luke from Soul Edge

Lets do it Lance, For the glory of Wolfkrone Leandra spoke to Lance 


Chapter V

While Leandra and Lance make their way to stop Nightmare/Luke, The evil Shadow King was making his own evil plans again now that his Creation had betrayed him

Danm that Nightmare i should not nrought him back to life, and now he is taking over Wolfkrone, THAT WAS MY PLAN  The Shadow King yelled

The Shadow King had to make another plan to defeat Nightmare/Luke and to get Wolfkrone Kingdom by defeat Queen Hilde, as he was thinking he grabbed in his pocket and he was holding another Red Stone in his hand and the Shadow King knew what it was

This Stone,...............Ah yes its another part of the old Soul Edge this can help to make a plan to destroy Nightmare/Luke and get the power in Wolfkrone Kingdom  The Shadow King spoke

As The Shadow King was in a cave he was planning to Create a new minion to assist him in the battle against his enemy's, but what kind of Creation he should make......... as he was thinking he soon got the answer

Yes ofcourse. with this Creation i have sure soon the power to grab the upperhand in WolfKrone The Shadow King Spoke

While he was preparing his plan to make his new Creation Nightmare/Luke was also in search of a battle but he was noyt at full power yet after the Clash with The Dark Omega

Still i need some more energy to get my full powers back and get rid of that Wolfkrone Army sho was leaded by Leandra and Lance  Nightmare/Luke spoke in thoughts

Night5mare/Luke then spotted a small group of Wolfkrone soldiers and looked to them as he was thinking

There is my snack for power  Nightmare/Luke spoke while he vanished to battle the the Wolfkrone Soldiers

Back in the cave The Shadow King had his spell ready and he spoke it out

Evilness of Soul Edge, with this last Fragment of your powers i command the evil Sword to give me a new Creation to destroy my enemy's  The Shadow King yelled

and the Stone was raising up and lighting up as it transformed into a new Creature that would be usefull to destroy eveyone who was getting in his way, as soon the light was gone the stone was transformed into a sword that was standing into the ground and it had the looks of Soul Edge and the eye was glowing and Created a new wielder for the Sword

Yes this is it, welcome my new Creation of evil, Now take this Sword and destroy my enemy's  The Shadow king Spoke
Dark Hilde3

The Shadow King and Dark Hilde

As a hand appeared and grabbed the sword and the glow vanished and The Shadow King could see what the Sword had ceated, as he was seeing it he was shocked cause the Creation had the lookes of Hilde but this version had red glowing eyes and had black hair The Shadow King called this Hilde: Dark Hilde

Im here to serve you master  Dark Hilde spoke

Yes you will serve me well, i have took care of it, now listen my new Creation of evil you will go after another Creation i made what turned out to be a failure his name Nightmare and you will destroy it and then you will go to Wolfkrone where i will join you to fight for thw throne The Shadow King spoke to Dark Hilde

As Dark Hilde was vanished to search for Nightmare/Luke the Shadow King was proud if this new Creation and this one would not fail or betray him as he looked to his hands and spoke

Soon these hands will hit the Throne of Wolfkrone haha  The Shadow King spoke while he vanished into thin air.

On the field Nightmare/Luke was battling the Wolfkrone Soldiers and he defeated them with ease, as he took them all out he looked to them and he thought

Look at them..............useless Soldiers i will make them usefull to me  Nightmare/Luke spoke as he raised up his Soul Edge and its eye glowed and turned all of the Wolfkrone Soldiers into Shadow Knights

You will all serve me and destroy The Shadow King and his followers  Nightmare/Luke yelled

But then Dark Hilde appeared on the fielld and Nightmare/Luke ordered his Shadow Knights to attack Dark Hilde and destroying the Shadow Kings new Creation, But instead Dark Hilde defeated all Knights with one attack and they where downed

You................., you will be destroyed as my master ordered me to do  Dark Hilde spoke
Dark Hilde4

Dark Hilde fights Nightmare/Luke

Youre master is nothing more then a weak idiot who sends his minions to do his evll ways, well i have changed that by leaving him and take the power myself Nightmare/Luke spoke

Then you will be eliminated first and after i will take care of Wolfkrone in order of my Master The Shadow King Dark Hilde spoke

Then Nightmare/Luke attacked Dark Hilde and yelled Then you have to kill me first WAAAAAAA as he attacked Dark Hilde and hitted her but Dark Hilde smashed Nightmare/Luke back and attacked him also

Meanwhile not far from the fight Leandra, Lance and a huge group of Wolfkrone Soldiers where also fighting. they where fighting against a group of Shadow Knights and Golems

Man it looks like they can't be destroyed cause everytime i kill one 2 come back.......... Lance yelled

Keep it up Lance we have to keep fighting Leandra yelled back

But then all the sudden Leandra was feeling the presence of her Son as she could feel his energy and she stopped attacking

LUKE.............. Leandra yelled and she runned off from the fight while Lance yelled LEANDRA COME BACK...........

But she had to see what was happening with her son, as she reached the spot she saw Nightmare/Luke fighting another strange Person that had the looks of Hilde but it was wielding a strange sword and not the weapons that Queen Hilde was using normally
Dark Hilde

Dark Hilde attacking

As Leandra was watching the fight between Dark Hilde and Nightmare/Luke was going to a highern state and the attacks they where giving achother where heavy

You will be eliminated soon Nightmare Dark Hilde yelled

Yeah...............DON'T count on it Nightmare/Luke yelled back

As they clashed Leandra had to do something...........but since her Son is now Nightmare she was thinking, also Lance joined after he and the Soldiers defeated all of the Golems and the Shadow Knights

We have them all defeated Lance spoke

Alright, but look at that its Nightmare fighting a person that looks like Queen Hilde Leandra spoke

Yeah but that ain't the Queen. cause she is back in Wolfkrone Lance said

As they where looking down sudden Nightmare/Luke was in the hands of Dark Hilde after she grabbed him from the ground as it was holding Nightmare/Luke and Dark Hilde spoke

Now youre final hour has been arrived Nightmare, any last words before i destroy you and re-join my master Dark Hilde spoke
Dark Hilde2

Dark Hilde holding Nightmare/Luke

As Leandra was watching what was happeing down there she began to feel Anger against Dark Hilde that was about to end her Sons life

I have to do something, i know my son isn't his normal self but i can't allow that Creature to kill my son  Leandra was thinking

Leandra you can't help him............., or he might attack you aswell Lance spoke while he saw Leandra thinking

Listen Lance i can't let my son down he s my son and ONLY i can save him, im going down there Lance, take care for now Leandra spoke while she stoot up and jumped down to the fight spot of Dark Hilde and Nightmare/Luke

Leandra transfomed into the Dark Omega, meanwhile Dark Hilde wanted to stab her sword into Nightmare/Luke's chest as sudden Dark Hilde was smashed away by The Dark Omega while yelling NOOOOOO, STAY AWAY FROM HIM

Dark Hilde flew away and Nightmare/Luke was on the ground and not moving, as soon as Dark Hilde stoot up it saw The Dark Omega and spoke

YOU well well,I know all about youre skills Omega...........  Dark Hilde spoke to The Dark Omega

Now Lance was seeing Leandra as The Dark Omega against Dark Hilde as he was thinking



Chapter VI

(more to come)

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