Members of the Soulcalibur Wiki please read this come on an idea to create a fangame (not by myself) but with you all (members who has plenty of idea's to make a good game (just like we are about to create the 6th SC game)

this is what i had in mind

- Every user (who will take part of this entire game idea0 adds 2 chars with him/her (even if they have their own story's and Fanfiction)

- We can create levels or take the normal SC levels

- As i saw some good people who can make good drawnings (i need some guys for this game to create drawnings from the characters who are in it) sow that we can post those on the page

- Also i like to have a few people who can Create a new Nightmare (not one we already saw) in the previous games

- As for the name we can decide that also (as for myself the name Soulcalibur: Dawn of Destiny was going in my mind, but we can always take another name

i hope all of you want to join me in this entire game plan

when we set up the things like a story, and serval modes we can set up the page

NOTE: this project is not a Fast and Finish work no we take our time to make it and if some things wil change in time so be it but please inform me when doing so....


Here The project page , its still empty but will be filled in in time by the members who are involved in this game project

  • sow everyone who is in the project i say START editing* 

Maleficent Elysium's page like the other (only members of this project are allowed to edit the this pega)


  • added some chars already
  • putted things like Story, Trivia sections of the page
  • added a infobox for the game with picture (teaser)
  • Added a small Story

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