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  • I live in Netherlands
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Writer and Picture Creator
  • I am Man
  • SoulGauger

    Where has the old editor been this new way of editing a page is just crap I want the old editor back as it was when I made my first pages

    That was a good editor

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  • SoulGauger

    FanGame Idea

    June 2, 2014 by SoulGauger

    Members of the Soulcalibur Wiki please read this come on an idea to create a fangame (not by myself) but with you all (members who has plenty of idea's to make a good game (just like we are about to create the 6th SC game)

    this is what i had in mind

    - Every user (who will take part of this entire game idea0 adds 2 chars with him/her (even if they have their own story's and Fanfiction)

    - We can create levels or take the normal SC levels

    - As i saw some good people who can make good drawnings (i need some guys for this game to create drawnings from the characters who are in it) sow that we can post those on the page

    - Also i like to have a few people who can Create a new Nightmare (not one we already saw) in the previous games

    - As for the nam…

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  • SoulGauger

    I saw on this wiki some pictures who where edited by Members here with their own characters of normal SC characters

    How's everyone's photoshop skills around here? cause i bet some members here are able to make serval Wallpapers of pictures by using a picture editing program

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  • SoulGauger

    The Legendary Swords

    October 27, 2013 by SoulGauger

    In a Future two boys discover an old house in the middle of a forrest and there they discover a Chest but without a key,

    What they will find in it ia a Map and that will take the boys on a search to find the Remains of Two Swords that belonged to a Legendary Warrior that lived far in the Past

    Chapter 1 - Ruin in the Forrest

    On a good day somewhere in 2011 on a good morning a boy named Jonathan woke up in his bed in his bedroom, the sun was shining in his eyes what woke him up 

    Man..... what a strange dream i had, but again its a good morning again  Jonathan said to himself

    When his mother was calling him from downstairs

    Jonathan...... you getting late on school please hurry up'   his mother said

    Jonathan dressed himself up and came downstairs to …

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  • SoulGauger

    This Story takes p[ace into two worlds the Soulcalibur world and the Marvel Universe, the names and characters of marvel have no pages or char profiles here in the SC wiki and are all part of this crossover story

    In a world of super hero's where evil always lurks and bad guys always gets defeated they are about to meet a new world: a world far before them and years ago there where no here's to be found only sowrds and wars where be fought out.

    This world was about to meet the other side of time when a group of hero's must travel back into the past to stop a very powerfull treath that escaped the future by travelling back in time to find the very one thing what could make this thing unstopppable, This creature knowed as Nemesis Phoenix was created…

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