Hello everyone!

for the pas few days, my friend Comix77 and I were discussing about how we could convince Hoshino to create a Soul Calibur VI game.  Of course, the Idea of creating a new petition was debated, but we also talked about spaming Hoshino's Twitter account with messages demanding a SCVI game.  While this avenue is very interesting, we could easily get blocked if we did so.  So my best guess would be to put a petition online.

The problem is:  I do not know how to make this happen.  I have a very good Idea of what I could write  as a message for the petition (I could write down the text this weekend, post it on this topic and let you tell me what changes or what suggestions you guy have in store).

The Petition could be set up on facebook.

The thing is I need your help.  WE need you help.  The Soul Series NEED OUR help.  I pretty damn well know that this is a total shot in the dark, or as we say in french:  un coup d'épée dans l'eau  (roughly translated as a sword hit in the pond of water) but we have nothing to loose.  Who knows?  Maybe a new game could start right here, with us.

With the permission of the admins here, we could advertise the petition on this wiki, in the news section, I could put a video add on youtube to advertise the petition, etc.

Dammit, let's do this.  Let's shake the tree and see what happens.

We only need some one who would agree to put the petition online.  then we could all sign it!

Are you in?  

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