Hi everybody.

I don't expect you guys to be enthusiastic of what I am about to say, but I'm gonna say it anyway.

As you all know, Namco will re-release Soulcalibur II in HD this fall.  At first, it may be stupid ti do such a move, but as a fellow fan told me, it is the only way for him to get this marvellous game since his console PS2 broke down.  If he is in this situation, many more could be.  So it is a good news after all.

Then, it was announced that they would release Lost Swords, some kind on an incomplete appendix to the almost desastrous Soulcalibur V, a sad excuse to try to redeem their faillure.  

Daishi Odashima and that Tago dude aren't there anymore and with a new producer, we were in our own right to expect a new game, more complete, better elaborated and with a TRUE,EXCITING stoy, in hopes of un-doing was was done wrong with SCV story mode.

Only, we have something of a seperate mini story, with no explanation as to why Sophitia is back (not that I am unhappy about it, since her absence is a cruel joke and a real cheap shot to the nuts), with new features.

The fact they are trying to redeem SCV isn't bad onto itself, but to make that Appendix free to play is an absolute ultimate insult to the fans of the soul series.   At first enthousisastic about Lost Sword, I decided to Boycott it and one of my fellow fan here will do the same.

If you REALLY want to have a Soulcalibur 6 game, if you really want to make a point and prouve to namco that you are fed up with their bulls**t, please boycott the Lost Sword Game.

A petition for SC VI would be a good thing too.

I appeal to you so we could really make our voice heard.  Even if we have to twist their arms, to give us not only a good story, but an excellent story, with seperate endings for EACH characters, with animated cutscenes, not lazy ugly sketches, and a real biography for each characters, we really should get together and raise our voices.  We buy their games, we pay their salaries, we deserve the absolute top-best.

Please, join us in this LC boycott.

Yours truly,

Rayne Kraven

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