Hey there everybody, i've been playing SCV for a weeks now and it's a good game...skipping that well so far well there are few mimic characters such as Edge Master, Kilik now and Elysium. But Elysium is getting me quite curious and such plus to answer a few questions about her.

1. I find her evil because how "she" was able to manipulated Patroklos all this time and take the form of his mother and covering up how "her" movites are justice and such but when Patroklos (and Alpha form) beats her he keeps on mentioning "mother"

2.I think when "she" is using Pyrrha Omega's fighting style i think it's her "true" fighting style because of retaining Sophitia's painful fate attacks and the artwork also shows using the sword and shield (Soul Calibur form) and not to mention Elysium uses the fighting style in story mode as well in the first and final rounds and didn't i mention Pyrrha Omega also uses a few of Cassandra's moves as well, plus her moves are also named by evil greek mythology (if i spelled right) figures.

Enough of Elysium....

but anyways should i make one of my soul calibur created characters have a wiki page?

feel free to reply and such.

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