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  • RBlade6989

    So far with SCV

    February 7, 2012 by RBlade6989

    Hey there everybody, i've been playing SCV for a weeks now and it's a good game...skipping that well so far well there are few mimic characters such as Edge Master, Kilik now and Elysium. But Elysium is getting me quite curious and such plus to answer a few questions about her.

    1. I find her evil because how "she" was able to manipulated Patroklos all this time and take the form of his mother and covering up how "her" movites are justice and such but when Patroklos (and Alpha form) beats her he keeps on mentioning "mother"

    2.I think when "she" is using Pyrrha Omega's fighting style i think it's her "true" fighting style because of retaining Sophitia's painful fate attacks and the artwork also shows using the sword and shield (Soul Calibur fo…

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  • RBlade6989

    Hey everybody, i have a question for everyone here...

    Since Cassandra is "Missing" in Soul Calibur V do you consider her as "whereabouts unknown" under Patroklos and Pyrrha's profile?

    Feel free to answer if you want.

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  • RBlade6989

    If Ezio doesn't have his own what stage do you considered it?

    I'm think it's either Astral Chaos or the Free Imperial City Stages.

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  • RBlade6989

    Hmmm since we have a Devil Jin fighting style in SCV...what do you think what is the next or a DLC for the custom characters?

    My ideas are or such...

    1.Bring back the Yun-seong/ Hwang fighting style although Xiba has a few moves from them.

    2.Zasalamel fighting style needs to come back.

    3.Talim fighting style despite Z.W.E.I. has a few moves from her.

    4.Wave Swords/Revenant fighting style from Soul Calibur III should come back.

    feel free to comment on this or such....

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  • RBlade6989

    Hi, um by chance feel free to ask me some questions....

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