In the ending of Soul Calibur V Patroklos has to fight the owner of the Dvapara-Yuga, Kali-Yuga,and the Krtia-Yuga. Patroklos resurrectes it with the help of a women named Ivy. Then Patrolos re-enters his mind and seeks his mother Sophita she tricks him into murdering Pyrrah because she a malfested. Patroklos kills her and fails to save Pyrrah then, traveles back into time and a man told him to " Do not let the Soul Calibur wield you. You wield Soul Calibur." Later Z.W.E.I slayes Nightmare the orgainal Soul Edge wielder in previous Namco games. Pyrrah then kills Z.W.E.I with Tira beside her. Pyrrah reaches for Soul Edge and obtanes it, and now she is the wielder. Patroklos does not kill Pyrrah he actually saves her but, re-enters he's mind and fights he's own mother. Later, that day he comes back then, Pyrrah and Patroklos go home: " We've made so many many mistakes now, we must maked amends to the rest of our lives."
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