Starting off...

Greetings, fellow Soulcalibur fans. Ever since I've joined here, I've noticed that a lot of us here have had different ideas of how the next canon Soulcalibur installment would go... many of which we can agree to disagree on. This idea presented here is no exception.

So disagree as you might, but respectfully I hope, these are the three reasons why I want the next Soulcalibur to be a prequel, as opposed to a sequel.

I will definitely be updating this, whether it be adding more stuff or clearing up a few things.

1. Soulcalibur V: The End

Soulcalibur V took many risks, from replacing some beloved characters with a new cast, certain characters not even getting a mention, and perhaps what I consider the biggest of them all... a conclusion to the endless cycle of conflict between the two soul swords.

Whether we like it or not, Namco went all the way with it and had their two wielders turn on their weapons and destroy them. Honestly, if Soulcalibur VI was, "Patroklos and Pyrrha destroyed us for good? Nah, just kidding. We're totally fine and we're coming back," then that would just feel like a cheat.

As for some saying that Soulcalibur V's story should be retconned, Namco isn't the type to retcon an entire game's story. Heck, I wasn't a fan of Tekken 6's Jin, but I'm not expecting Namco to retcon Tekken 6 so that Jin can be the hero again in 7.

So for those of you still upset about everything else done with Soulcalibur V, I believe these next two sections are for you:

2. The fate of the original cast

Eleven characters. Eleven characters that didn't return. Not counting characters who haven't played a major role since Soul Blade and the first Soulcalibur (Li Long and Hwang), almost half of the main cast didn't make an appearance in Soulcalibur V. While five of the characters had successors, whether they were children of those characters (Sophitia, Xianghua) or apprentices (Taki), the rest had nothing. We don't know if half of them are even alive, with only one confirmed death and three alive and well (if Setsuka was still alive in V).

So imagine a Soulcalibur prequel that tells of their fates after Soulcalibur IV. Maybe some of them are doing their own thing, no longer battling, or maybe a few died before V began. Wouldn't it be nice just to see how things turned out for everyone?

And now last, but definitely not least...

3. The tale of the newcomers

What I considered more disappointing about Soulcalibur V than the fate of the original cast was that we were introduced to seven new characters... and we only got to learn about two of them... and even that wasn't nearly enough to truly get to know them. I was looking forward to learning about Taki's apprentice, her story, and how her journey ended, and yet all we got was Natsu forever repeating the same two intro lines.

And like the fate of the original cast, there's so many unanswered questions aside from how their stories end, like, "Is Viola Amy with amnesia?", and "What in the heck does Z.W.E.I.'s name even mean?"

For those of you that actually went to the new characters in open arms, wouldn't you like to finally learn about them beyond just a simple description? See their humble beginnings, their growth into the characters they are in V, as well as giving all of them an ending to their tale like how Patroklos and Pyrrha were given theirs?

In conclusion...

Soulcalibur V was far from perfect, but I honestly don't see retconning it or just having the soul blades return right after it being the solution. They went into the story with the intent of adding closure to the conflict and they did that; all that's really left is for us to see Soulcalibur's original characters get a proper send off and the new characters expanded upon.

And that's why I want the next Soulcalibur to be a prequel.

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below.

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