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Just thought I'd show off one of the characters I made called MOCKINGJAY.

  • MOCKINGJAY - VictoryGo to
  • MOCKINGJAY - Full BackGo to
  • MOCKINGJAY - Full SideGo to
  • MOCKINGJAY - Full FrontGo to
  • MOCKINGJAY - FrontGo to
  • MOCKINGJAY - SideGo to
  • MOCKINGJAY - BackGo to

Ps. If anyone can tell me the three special equipments equipped to my character I will permenently list you on my profile as "my favourite user". Two are reasonibly easy to see, one will only be noticible to the trained-eye who's done a lot of CAS.

Hint: Links from images go out to the Photobucket pages where I have them hosted, where you'll be able to view much larger versions of the images, which may be required to find the third special equipment, though, knowing where it is, it's also quite easy for me to see even on these smaller images.

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