There are several tibits of information concerning the series that have proven to be difficult for me to find. This is post is a request for help from anyone who may have the following information that should be added to the wiki.

  • Sophitia, Mi-na, Necrid, Spawn, Heihachi, and Link's extended Japanese SCII profiles. I don't know if their extended profiles even got official English translations (I recall seeing Link's extended profile many years back, but I was stupid then and didn't save it)
  • Translations of the SCV characters' weapon and discipline profiles. Most are on the Japanese site, but some (the unlockable characters) are only in New Legends of Project Soul.
  • Translations of Algol and Edge Master's SCV profiles.
  • Any information and translations relating to the Taki text adventure game released around the time of SCI.
  • Likewise for the Xianghua game.
  • Information relating to the named members of Fygul Cestemus and the Fu-ma clan that aren't already on the wiki. The Fu-ma clan especially.
  • Any information at all about the very obscure (non-canon) Soul Edge light novels and their contents.
  • Any information at all about the more recent (non to semi canon?) Soulcalibur V light novels and their contents.
  • And finally, any information or story tibits from any of the sourcebooks released throughout the years that have not been properly edited into the wiki, especially those from dating earlier in the series (SE and SCI era).

I would appreciate the help very much. Thank you all in advance.

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