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    May 1, 2014 by Mintia43

    It appears hell had no vaccancies. 

    In all seriousness, I'm back and will hopefully be getting an English copy of New Legends of Project Soul in a few days.

    Due to my biases, I want to first focus on editing Tira and Pyrrha's pages, though I won't neglect the other ones. 

    MAYBE I'll work on the Lost Swords page.

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  • Mintia43

    There are several tibits of information concerning the series that have proven to be difficult for me to find. This is post is a request for help from anyone who may have the following information that should be added to the wiki.

    • Sophitia, Mi-na, Necrid, Spawn, Heihachi, and Link's extended Japanese SCII profiles. I don't know if their extended profiles even got official English translations (I recall seeing Link's extended profile many years back, but I was stupid then and didn't save it)
    • Translations of the SCV characters' weapon and discipline profiles. Most are on the Japanese site, but some (the unlockable characters) are only in New Legends of Project Soul.
    • Translations of Algol and Edge Master's SCV profiles.
    • Any information and transl…
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  • Mintia43

    Is it bad that I've just decided to ship Leo and Miharu from Tekken just because her select panel is right above Leo's?

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  • Mintia43

    You know, it's quite likely that the two figures who helped Ivy mentioned in New Legends of Project Soul are Edge Master and Kilik, since Edgy has knowledge of Astral Chaos and Kilik is wearing a mask...

    ...But I'm going to pretend they're actually Zasalamel and Talim.

    That's my headcanon, and no one can convince me otherwise!

    (until we get a canon explanation that is...)--Mintia43 (talk) 07:42, September 6, 2012 (UTC)

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