So before i begin thank you a lot to SoulGauger for restoring Janeta's page after half was deleted by an anonymous.

I am going to start making the other characters of the acts and stuff and I was wondering if anyone had any characters they would like to submit in?:) Ifit is going to be a proper crew like thing would anyone have any ideas for a good name?

Please have if making a request for their character:

  • Creation photo/formaula sorted.
  • Photo or drawing
  • A page with at least an .infobox with ALL parameters filled in and a photo.
  • Brief personality description. 
  • I STRONGLY RECCOMEND YOU DO NOT SUBMIT A CHARACTER WITH DLC EQUIPMENT. I have none of this so it would be exrememly difficult for me to create the character. If they have tattoos or something please describe to your best their placement and maybe include a photo tyo make my life easier. :P

STRONG ADVISORY FOR CHARACTERS TO BE NEUTRAL OF ALIGNMENT AND/OR MALFESTED/EVIL. Sorry but if there is any good alignment characters requested it is likely they will be rejected. 

I thank you if you submit a character, please describe them as best you can.

Best wishes! About 6-10 characters will be accepted and I allow a maximum of up to 2 characters per person.

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