So I have read Rayne's draft and I was disgusted at the nature of the argument between two users so I have taken my opinion to a seperate blog post.

FIRSTLY, I belive Soul Calibur V's story line should be considered as Rayne said a non canon event and SCIV's storyline to not have any gaps in happenings. Also the cutsenes should not be replaced with cheapo pictures sepia.

SECONDLY some of the characters who were dropped such as legends like HWANG and KILIK should be brought back. I believe the following should be re introduced:



-Soul Calibur 4 bonus characters such as Shura and Kamikirimusi which are my personal choices for reindroduction.

-Sophitia and Cassandra


-Yunseong and Mina and Hwang

THIRDLY each character should recieve in arcade modes and stuff a cutscene describing at the beginning and end why they are returning. Another problem with arcade was that each character unless it was a special character match that they have different intro dialogue and not just the same line over and over and over again.

POINT FOUR is that the fact of them taking out the ability to gain 2P equipment is devestating as not all people have access to DLC product.

Please add any points I missed. I think i missed A LOT as I wrote this in a massive rush!

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