When I was first told that Project Soul had deprived Ivy of her precious Coiled State, I was mortified and disgusted, having mastered the three states from Soulcalibur IV. I'm not going to say I was unhappy about her 1P, but I wasn't happy either. I didn't mind her having a more revealing look because that's what I think her clothing theme was all about. Her 2P costume was an improvement however she looked a lot like a Mrs Santa Claus and received a lot of criticism.

When I started to see more in-depth gameplay which featured a wider variety of her Soulcalibur V moveset, I found out that several things had been nerfed, for example her damage is appalling compared to previous games. I also watched a French Soulcalibur V tournament and the final match was Ivy Vs. Siegfried. Now, in Soulcalibur IV their power was evenly matched (excluding Ivy's Calamity Symphony and Summon Suffering grabs), but in this Soulcalibur V match Siegfried outpowered Ivy by a mile and his 3B was overpowered and was way too safe. But hopefully they will nerf Siegfried and everything will be back to normal again.

But for now,

Goodbye, Soulcalibur IV Top-Tier Ivy.

By Mage_8WR.

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