To be perfectly honest, i was very upset with the rushed and bland story for soulcalibur 5. It was a disgrace to previous stories. One story, thats where you can tell its bad. I wasnt notified that we would only have a single story. Ive been a fan of soulcalibur sense the second, and its out of bandais character to do this. My favorite characters where scrapped over some new characters who had slim to none story or backround. If your going to replace the rosters main characters, at least give the new ones some backbone to stand up against the previous ones, but no and utter disapointment. That really kind of threw me down, sense now i have to wait a couple of years to understand the purpose of what really happaned to the new and previous characters during the SoulCalibur 5 story. But hopefully Soulcalibur 6 can make up for this one....

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