So, Soul Calibur will be released soon and we're all hyped for it.

Now some of us are just guys that enjoys fighting, but the rest of us (people that hangs around the wiki a lot) tend to look at the story; is it promising? Will it work? Fighting in all honor, but we want a story!

We know that the creators of the Story Mode are CyberConnect2, the people behind the Naruto games story and more recently, the promising Asuras Wrath.

The trailers look good, but what worries me is this:

Have Project Soul chosen to neglect us, the fanbase the chance to see our custom-made characters in action and cutscenes like good ol' fashion Chronicles of The Sword mode, and Character Creation is just there to look good (like in SCIV)?

We all love a good story for our favorite characters from past series, but when you add a mode like Create-A-Soul, you bring upon yourself some expectations from the fanbase.

Chronicles of The Sword lived up to that, and I guess the Gauntlet mode in Broken Destiny sort of did that, so what I worry about is that you create a character, and then it just stands there, doing nothing.

Sure, you could customize whoever you are forced to play as in your own way (if possible) to make up for it, and I won't complain if your created character appears alongside Patroklos as a companion, like Chronicles of The Sword and Tower of Lost Souls.

Something I tend to hear from fans of other games is that the reason some creators don't add Character Creation is that it draws away attention from their characters, but surely we don't believe such bs now do we? We still love Siegfried, but if you are given a piece of chocolate and then is presented a slice of chocolate cake and is forced to choose, what would you pick? (no wise-cracks about "I don't like cake" thank you)

Of course we won't take one, I'd take both if I could. I love their characters; it's just that I want the chance to add something to their world, to make it better. This is one of the things I don't like about Tekken (aside from the horrible controls) is that they give you a chance to edit the characters clothing, but not make your own character?

Not cool, NOT COOL.

My hopes are that our CaS will have some impact on the story mode, I'll still buy the game even if it doesn't, but it will be with less "wohoo" than usual.

What do you think?

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