Warriors/Members and weapons.

  • King Anders (former king now dead)-Siegfried: Soul Calibur
  • Queen Elin (former Queen now dead)-Sophitia: Soul Calibur
  • King Johnny (the new king)-Siegfried: Soul Calibur
  • Queen jenny (the new queen)-Siegfried:Gram
  • John (johnny big brother)-Siegfried: faust
  • John (the new prins)-Siegfried
  • Jenna (the new princess)-Siegfried: soul calibur 2p(SCIV)
  • the general-siefried: Faust
  • Warrior-Nightmare
  • Soldier lv 3-sword&shield(SCIII) sophitia(SCIV)
  • Soldier lv 2-sophitia
  • Soldier lv 1-cassandra

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