Chapter 1

17 years have passed since john killed Emilo Deaman and saved the world even if John saved the world he lost his wife Jen. John was married to Jenna who gave birth to Richard who was named after his father. In Almarian kingdom all people were heading towarts the castle to celebrate Johan's crowning tomorrow. many people had arrived and sat on chairs which was around a long table. John sat on one of the chairs on the front of the table together with his wife Jenna. John's appearance hasn't chance so much since he killed Emilo Deaman although he had wrinkles and a long dashing scar over his right eye. His hair was longer and grey colored same with his beard. He is clad in a red shirt with golden blue trim, a blue cape with colden trim, yellow pants with golden blue trim, a red belt with golden trim and wears little silver armor included spaulders, gauntlets and greaves. he also wore the Almarian crown which was blue and gold and decorated with angels and in the front was a big blue gem. Jenna had brown eyes and same hair color has John and wrinkles, she wore a white,red and yellow dress with golden blue trim, yellow pants, wears little silver armor as John and a crown identical to john's but smaller. John raised from the chair and told everyone to be silent.

"Today you are all here to celebrate my son's crowning tomorrow" said John "So eat, drink and have fun" After the celebration and Everybode went home to sleep, A man was standing next to the throne looking for something. The man had blonde hair, beard and purple eyes, he was clad in armor with bird wings decorated on it, golden blue trim and an angel design on the breastplate, a dark red shirt, a red cape and dark yellow pants. The man went behind the throne, pushed the wall and waited. The wall suddenly began to move around and soon revealed a door. the man opened the door and went in. Inside the man saw writnings on wall which told about the Seinaru and the history about them. He then saw three armor sets inside a rum. Two of the three armor were his father John's armor when he fought the wizard and Emilo. The third was identical to his own armor but had a helmet. after a while the man founded what he was looking for, in the room had three small rums The first rum had a book inside which said on it the histoy of Almarian, the second rum had a huge sword inside. The sword had the colors of red and blue the man know that was the thing he was looking for and the third rum had the three armor set. The man went to the sword, grapped it and headed to the door which was open.

"Soon the preperations is complete, i just need to hide the Edgbur and then when my father is not ready I'll strike said the man who went out and closed door. When he closed the door the man heard someone said Jack behind him. the man turned around as he recognised it was his name and saw a man. the man was identical to Jack including hair, beard color and armor but had light blue eyes, a green shirt, a blue cape and red pants.

"Johan, my brother, what do you want" said Jack sore.

"what are you doing with the Edgbur Jack" said Johan "Father told us to never go or touch anything inside the chamber of history, so put the Edgbur back"

"No brother, i will not, not when i am so close to my plan" said jack "And you will not stop my brother not now not ever!" Jack was surrended by red aura, Johan was chocked as his brother has become meaner then ever.

"Jack i will stop you said Johan as he ran towards Jack and grapped the Edgbur. the both struggle over controll over the Edgbur untill the middle of the Edgbur began to shine and splitted into to the Calibur and the Edge again. They both heard someone coming down the stairs. They both saw John who had an angry face on him.

"Johan, Jack stop this now and give me the Calibur and the Edge!" yelled john as Johan went to his father side while Jack remained were he was.

"Give me the Edge, Jack" said John. "Now"

"never father i am done listen to you" said Jack as the aura chanced to black. "I hate you father cause you have power and money but all you do is help and give money to others, help and heal the poor and sick. I am sick of it, thats why i shall take over this kingdom and do what you should have done". suddenly guards came in the throne room who all had swords and shields. john told the guard to arrest jack but before the guards come near him jack swinged the Edge and a huge shockwave came from it and the guards, John and Johan fell over and jack ran towards the entrace. Jack opened the door and turned around.

"Remember this father" Jack said "that i hate you and i will kill you one day" Jack ran out and heading towards the temple of life and death. John, Johan and the guards rised from the floor and looked at the entrace.

"Johan my son you must stop him said john as he went to the the armory and come back with a Fera a sweihänder used by john in the red war.

"If i must defeat my own brother to save this castle and its people even if it means killing him then i must." said johan as he took Fera and sheathed it on his back.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

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