In the year 1546 a warrior named Rick Johnathan met and fell in love with a woman named Catrina they both got married, become the king and queen of Almarian kingdom and 9 months later Catrina gave birth to Four children. they were named John, Jacob, Linda and Marco however the were born without a father as Rick died by the hands of the Wizard. Jacob was send to a village far away from the kingdom after a year. 10 years later Linda was send to the flamear kingdom and Marko send to the solar kingdom John however was left at the Almarian castle. They have no memory that they had a fourth brother. Catrina trained john how to use a sweihänder at age of 14. During John's 15th birthday the wizard the ruler of Ascuridat kingdom suddenly attacked the kingdom before even Catrina had a chance to react the wizard killed her in front of John's eyes. the wizard attacked John but barely missed as John terrifed to get out of there, jumped out of a window and landed in the river below it. the wizard tought that John was dead or just wounded as he left the castle. John laid down on a beach near the river as John woke up he noted that he was in the Grandall Empire area. John joined the grandall empire and stay there as he become a general and untill The Red War. At the age 22 John met and fell in love with a women called Jen during the war. After the war they both married each other and become the king and queen of Almarian. 17 years later Jen give birth to two children who was called Johan, Jack who was named after their father and grand uncle and 1 year later jen gave birth to two children who was called jeny and Johana named after their mother and father. 3 years later john heard about the wizard was alive and now john's quest starts.

Chapter 1

A Kingdom in distance known to many as Almarian Kingdom, it is symbolised by an angel. The king of the kingdom, John Richard Johnathan whos parants had died by the Wizard, he swore that he will kill to avenge his parants. Inside the castle there were many decorations inculding angel statues, small dove sculptures and painting on the walls and a large blue carpet in the throne room. In the throne room there was a man sitting on the throne. The man appeared to be around fourty years of age, was tall, had normal skin tone, light blue eyes and medium long blonde hair. he was clad in silver armor with an angel-like design on his breastplate, black chain mail, a red with gold markings, yellow pants and a blue cape with golden markings.

"I must get stronger to kill the wizard" tought man as he put his hand on the forehead. suddenly a man come in the room, man was clad in same armor as the man on throne although he wore bird-like helmet.

"My lord John" said the man as he was rushing towards the throne.

"Calm down Hanson, take a deep breath and tell me" said John as Hanson calmed down.

"we have infomation that the wizard is still alive" said Hanson as he bowed. John had an angry grin on him and raised from the throne.

"Alright, order the men to postitions" said John as he went behind the throne, opened a hidden wall and went in "but wait for me to return".

"Were will going my lord?" asked Hanson as he saw john came but with a large sword on his back.

"To the temple of life and death" said john as he headed towards the exit. john arrived at the temple and prayed. suddenly spirits come from nowere and told john everything to get stronger.

"You need to go to the grand labyrinth, inside you will find a man who has an owl head and feets. his name is Olcadan and skilled in any style. when he is defeated you are ready to attack Ascuridat kingdom were the wizard is in. Go and fight well " said the spirits as the disappeared. Knowing this John headed out and towards the lybyrinth. John arrived at the labyrinth entrance and step in. inside the labyrinth John fought many creatures mostly skeletons and lizardmen but they were no match for John as he defeated all of them. John ment Olcadan deep inside the labyrinth who had an owl's head and feets.

"So you are Olcadan, the one who is skilled in any style?" asked John as he draw his sweihänder Alma.

"I don't know who you are or how you knom my name but if its a fight you you will get it" said Olcadan as he ran towards John with a sword in his hand. the battle tough for John as Olcadan chance his style mostly but John saw an opening and swinged his sword. Olcaden schocked over his wound fell on his knees.

"I didn't known souch warrior existed" He said "now finish me". John pointed Alma's tip towards Olcadan's head and suddenly sheated on his back.

"Warriors such as you deserve more then being cursed " John said "I will free you from you curse and the life you will live after this its you choice" with that john hold up his hand and pointed towars Olcadan. john opened his hand and a blue beam came from it and hitted Olcaden who began to shine blue. After the blue shine had passed away Olcadan looked on his feet and saw the were human. He then took up his hands to his head and felt it was also human. Olcadan then relised that the man was gone and Olcadan then began to walk outside. Outside Olcadan felt the wind on his face and looked up to the clear blue sky and smiled. After defeating Olcadan and cured him from his curse, John left him so he could live his life once again and headed towards home. John arrived at his castle and saw the army who was facing towards Ascuridat kingdom.

"Are the men ready general" said john as he looked towards Ascuridat.

"Yes my lord, we will move as soon you give the order " said Hanson.

"Alright, send them" said John as he wistle to his horse, Jesse and then climb on her. John then ride towards the Ascuridat Kingdom together with the army.

Chapter 2

The night has fallen, john and his army was heading towards Ascuridat castle. they saw an massive black army who was waiting for them.

"Alright men, today we show the wizard what the Almarian army can do" yelled John as he put on a helmet. The helmet had angel carved on hit and had bird wing one each side of it.

"Attack" yelled John as he and the army ran towards the Ascuridat Kingdom and so did the Ascuridat Army. Both armies fought each other in the war but John was heading towards the castle entrance and went inside. Inside the castle John saw a man on a throne. the man was very old tall man with red eyes, had grey hair with a matching beard and wore he wore black armor with several spikes on it, a red cape, white shirt, white pants and a black chain mail. he had also a strange scythe on his back.

"WIZARD!" yelled John as he draw Alma. The Wizard saw John and then raised up fro the throne.

"Ah, John it has been many years since i last saw" said the Wizard as he draw his scythe.

"I am not here to talk, Wizard" said John as he tighted his grip on Alma.

"yes, today you and i, we shall fight to the death but still you is the one who will die John" said wizard as he ran towards John and swinged his scythe. John dodged the attack as he swinged Alma and hit wisard back. The Wizard put his hand on the wound, screamed and backed away from John. The Wizard looked at his blooded hand and ran towards john and swinged his scythe once again.

John and the wizard repeatedy attacked eachother the weapons rang echoed around the throne room. then their weapons clash themself.

"You are weak same as your father and thats way you will die like him" taunted Wizard to john that but suddenly John graped Irkalla with red eyes and took it away from Wizard as Wizard struggled to get it back but in vein John throwed away Irkalla and impaled trough Wizard with Alma. John pulled out Alma from Wizard and cutted of his head. As the lifeless body fell on the floor, John picked up the head, went out side and showed both armies the head. The black army drop their weapons and walked away as they known theres no point continue the war if they have no leader. John's army cheered as they went home. John throw the head aside as he walked slowly home. John arrived at the castle and sat on his throne and tought what the wizard said about Soul Edge. Hanson walked up to John.

"My lord, now the ruler of Ascuridat is gone it will take some time before a new ruler will take over." said Hanson as he bowed.

"Yes, Hanson i known but now all we can do is to live our life untill someone take over it. you may leave now" said John as Hanson leaved. John put his hand on the forehead and sighed even if he had avenged his father he known this was only the beginning.

Chapter 3

5 months have passed since John defeated the wizard. Sitting on his throne John thought to himself "is this the end, freedom” then John later heard of someone named Emilo Deaman the new ruler of Ascuridat and the wielder of the Edge is treating the world, John must stop him of any means. Raising from his throne, quickly picked up his sword Anima, sheathed it one his back and went to the exit and forward the Ascuridad kingdom.

Arrived at Ascuridat castle John fund himself in the throne Room. The throne room looked mostly the same but with some new statues and a huge pit at the end of the room. John looked down at the pit and soon realized someone was behind him. John turned around and saw a man, the man was clad demonic armor with red ascents and spikes on each greaves and gauntlets, a horned helmet, a fauld with several tassels , red cape, red shirt, red pants and a black chain mail. The mas also holding a large sword on his left hand. The sword was covered in red blood color and it had a distinguished eye on the hilt. John draws Anima.

"Who are you?" asked John as he looked at the man.

"Me, I am Emilo Deaman the emperor of Ascuridad" answered the man. "So you are Emilo, then i challenge you to a fight to death" John said as he swinged Anima.

Emilo dodged the attack and quickly kicked John in the stomach, John stumble a bit before being hit in the shoulder by Emilo sword breaking the pauldron in progress and later Emilo raised his sword and struck down creating a ball of energy which later exploded, destroying mostly of the room and John armor. John laying on the floor looking at Emilo as he pointed his sword at him.

“If you wish to fight me you must become stronger” Emilo said as he took john by the neck and throw him out thru the window. John rose from the ground and went home. Meanwhile Emilo who was standing in the basement swinged his sword as blood from john flew from it and touched the ground; suddenly fire surrounded the blood and creating a person. The person had grey skin, red hair, red eyes and was clad in spiked black armor similar to John’s but with a horned helmet and was holding a huge sword covered by bone and flash. The person looked at Emilo and bowed.

“Raise Night Raven” said Emilo as Night Raven rose from the ground. “You will attack the Solar Kingdom and collect souls for me”. Night Raved did as his Master told him and went to the Solar Kingdom and begin his massacre. In the Solar Kingdom was a massacre many people were dead now only their king Marco and his guardians stood left.

“This is it men, we must hold post” said one of the Soldier

“Yeah we know but now we can see who is killing all these people” said another soldier.

“The door is opening” said the third soldier. As the door open a figure appeared, figure had grey skin, red hair, red glowing eyes and was clad in black armor with a silver trim including a three-horned demon like helmet with five red tassel behind it, a single demon like gauntlet and spaulder, a demon like fauld with tail and two demon like greaves. A big grotesque right arm with three digits. He also carried a big grotesque sword made from steel and bone. The three soldiers began to attack the figure but easily defeated by him. Suddenly the king Marco rose up from his throne and drew his sword Aurum. The figure stood still and looked at him. Marco was clad in in golden samurai armor with dark trim, a black shirt and black pants. He had also a helmet with black tassel surrounding it and a mask with horns.

“Who are you to attack my castle” asked Marco.

“I am Night Raven and i thirst for….. SOULS!” yelled Night Raven as he ran towards and swung his sword. Marco quickly dodged it and swung his sword. The sword hit Night Raven on the side of his stomach.

“You miserable cur!” roared Night raven as he swung his sword with such force it crushed Marco sword, breastplate and cut of right arm. Grabbed him by the neck and throw him to the throne, destroying it.

Suddenly souls from all the soldiers and civilians went to Night Raven transformation his armor and arm. As the last soul want in Night Raven he was wearing Black-pearl armor with spiked spaulder, gauntlet, greaves and a new arm. Night Raven left the castle which was in ruins and it ruler Marco

Chapter 4

Meanwhile at the Almarian kingdom John was arriving home everyone was worrying about him as he grasped his wound. John’s wife Jen appeared, Jen was clad in a white dress with blue gloves, yellow belt, red and blue choker and red boots. She had green eyes and purple hair. Her eyes were full of tears as she ran towards John.

“My love, are you all right” cried Jen as she hugged and kissed John

“I am all right Jen” john said “but a need a new armor” as John was done talking with Jen, he was heading to the throne and went behind it. There John pressed the wall and another wall vanished and showed a door. John opened the door and went in. inside were three corridors one lead to the armory, the second lead to a big book and third to the weaponry. John took the armory and inside he saw his father’s pearl-silver armor. It consisted of helmet with blue trim and decorated with light blue feathers, bladed fathers spaulder, a breastplate with blue trim, gauntlets with blue trim and bladed fathers, a fauld with a red tassel and greaves with blue trim and bladed fathers.

“Well father you know how to keep yourself in style” john said has took off his old armor and put his father armor on but leaving the helmet.  John then leaved the place. As John sealed door a soldier who was clad in golden samurai armor. John turned around and saw him, he recognized him as one of the soldiers of the Solar kingdom.

“Lord John I have bad news” he said

“What is it” John said

“The Solar kingdom has been destroyed by an unknown foe and the king has been severely wounded” the soldier said and went away.

“NO!” John yelled as he ran towards the exit and to solar kingdom. Arriving at the Solar Kingdom John saw that the kingdom was ruins and many bodies lying around, John went inside the castle. Inside John saw more bodies and a person sitting on the now destroyed throne.

“Brother!” John yelled as he ran to his brother.

“John” Marco said as he tried to get up but in veil.

“Marco, don’t try brother just sit” John said as he stood on the side of the throne before he saw Marco’s right arm was complety gone.

“Who have done this?” John asked as he looked around.

“Someone named Night Raven came here and started killing everything in here. I am the only one left”

“Night Raven?” john said while he looked at Marco.

“Yes, I was clad in similar armor like you but with different breastplate, helmet and demonic right with three fingers and he went to the Ascuridat castle” Marco said as he fell asleep.  John then went to the castle as he known Marco will survive.  At the castle John went inside, inside he saw no trace of Night Raven but then he felt an evil power in the tower and quickly ran towards the entrance to the tower. Inside john ran up the stairs to the top. At the top John saw a figure that was clad in similar armor as him but had different breastplate and a demonic right arm.

“So you are Night Raven aren’t you?” John asked as he draw Anima

“Yes I am and you must be my next VICTIM!” Night Raven yelled as he ran towards john and swinged his sword, Soul Edge fused.  John blocked the attack and slammed the hilt of Anima into Night Raven’s chest breaking the breastplate.  

“You will die for want you did my brother!” john yelled as he punched Night Raven helmet, breaking it.

“You miserable cur” Night Raven as his swinged his sword crushing John’s left pauldron. Both of the swords clashed each other until they deadlocked each other. John struggle as he tried to exit the deadlock. John exited the lock and impaled Night Raven through his chest. John drew out his sword Night raven and kicked him from the edge. John looked down as he saw Night Raven’s body splattered on the ground and then john went back home

Chapter 5


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