(Note: John is dreaming this)

The year is 1548 the rulers of the Almmarian kingdom and Ascuridat kingdom has declare war to eachothers, Almarian Ruler Rick Johnathan who was now the father of three children called John, Marco and Linda. Rick was a tall man with light blue eyes, had Grey hair with a matching beard and wore pearl-silver paladin armor with blue ascents, blue cape, light green shirt, light yellow pants and a black chain mail. Rick had a sweihänder with a golden hilt sheathed on his back, it had angels carved on the hilt and was called Alma. Rick with his army had arrived at Ascuridat Kingdom and prepared to attack.

Rick saw the Wizard sitting on his throne. the wizard was an old tall man with red eyes, had grey hair with a matching beard and wore he wears pearl-black paladin armor decorated , red cape, white shirt, white pants and a black chain mail. he had also a strange scythe on his back.

Ah... Rick you finally made it. said Wizard.

It is over Wizard you cant run from me anymore. said Rick


What is so funny? asked Rick

it is never over. said the wizard, and now that you are here we can now finally end this forever. the wizard walked down from his throne to Rick.

indeed said Rick as both draw their weapons. Wizard swinged his scythe at Rick but Rick dodged it and rammed the hild of Alma into wizard's stomach. the wizard went down to his knees and Rick to execute him. Before Rick had the chance to swing Alma Wizard touched the ground with the scythe end and a huge shock wave came forth and sendet Rick to the wall.

enough, i will now show you why they call me The Wizard, yelled Wizard as he took up his hand, aimed at Rick and shot him with Dark energy and hit him. Rick flew away through a dorr to another room. Rick raised up bleeding from his mouth and wounds. The Wizard walked through the door and looked at Rick picked up Alma and lifted Rick up from the floor by the neck.

This is the end Rick said the Wizard Impaled Rick with Alma as the blood spilled and dropped from Rick. The wizard throw Rick outside to the war. all people looked at him and the Wizard

This is the end people, the King of the Almarian is dead but we still most defeat the others but now we have one less to worry about said the wizard. the black army cheered and went from the Rick's army. Hanson the general of the army walked to Rick and hald him

General, said Rick with a low voice

Hang in there my lord we will take you to the castle to fix your wounds said Hanson as tears fell from him

No, i am already a dead man, just tell my wife that i am dead and also Rick took of his helmet and gave it to Hanson give her this so she can give to John when his is grown up said Rick and stopped brething

I promise my lord said Hanson and closed Rick eyes, take the body and bury it in the tomb.

Hanson and the army walked home and told Elen the bad news as Rick was buried in his tomb.

Hanson was sitting on the balcony and thinked: now that our king is dead we have to wait till John has grown up and take over his father´s work but how will he take it when his mother tell him the bad news we have to see. Hanson walked in.

Then john woke up sweating. John took up his fathers helmet and looked at hit.

Father, i will have my revenge he said, that i promise you as john looked up to the sky through the window.

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