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  • Johnnthemaster

    Howdy folks its news times

    So some small news have been revealed about Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul well really is just a trailer for it.

    The trailer shows something new which is just that it will on the Xbox 360 and Ps3 and a music from the opening in SCV but with someone screaming/crying no at the end but nothing else 

    here is the video in case you want to see

    If you ask me i think this is just a updated version of SCV properly just like SCBD but im just quessing

    If this is just like SCBD we can expect too see stuff that did not make it for SCV but i don't know 

    Anyway what do you thinks this is, what does this mean.

    That is for now folks this is Johnnthemaster saying goodbye for now

    but no worries i'll be back with more news if there are any  …

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  • Johnnthemaster

    In the year 1546 a warrior named Rick Johnathan met and fell in love with a woman named Catrina they both got married, become the king and queen of Almarian kingdom and 9 months later Catrina gave birth to Four children. they were named John, Jacob, Linda and Marco however the were born without a father as Rick died by the hands of the Wizard. Jacob was send to a village far away from the kingdom after a year. 10 years later Linda was send to the flamear kingdom and Marko send to the solar kingdom John however was left at the Almarian castle. They have no memory that they had a fourth brother. Catrina trained john how to use a sweihänder at age of 14. During John's 15th birthday the wizard the ruler of Ascuridat kingdom suddenly attacked t…

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  • Johnnthemaster

    17 years have passed since john killed Emilo Deaman and saved the world even if John saved the world he lost his wife Jen. John was married to Jenna who gave birth to Richard who was named after his father. In Almarian kingdom all people were heading towarts the castle to celebrate Johan's crowning tomorrow. many people had arrived and sat on chairs which was around a long table. John sat on one of the chairs on the front of the table together with his wife Jenna. John's appearance hasn't chance so much since he killed Emilo Deaman although he had wrinkles and a long dashing scar over his right eye. His hair was longer and grey colored same with his beard. He is clad in a red shirt with golden blue trim, a blue cape with colden trim, yello…

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  • Johnnthemaster


    September 15, 2010 by Johnnthemaster

    Soulcalibur: Son of A Calibur- tells the story about my fanchar John's son. Its gonna be 5 chapters witch will be done when Soul calibur V is out..

    Ive decided to make Custom Character Gallery witch will be done this week or next week.

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  • Johnnthemaster

    My kingdome name

    September 12, 2010 by Johnnthemaster

    deos anyone have a suitable kingdom name to my fan character King Johnny if you do write the name down at the commants.

    my name for now is: the heavenskingdom if you get a better name i will think about it

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