So, I need some people who kinda master Japanese, since most of the pages here are filled with google-translated paragraphs that are COMPLETELY impossible to understand.

Since I got my knuckles rapped when I deleted these parts, and since my request for the person who copied these parts to help translate went unheeded, I am asking the community here for some help. I have a basic knowledge in Japanese, but I'm not able to fully translate everything, I might be of some help however I cannot do it all by myself.

I cannot, and other moderators either, leave these really poor translations on the wiki, it would be a total mess.

So is anyone around here capable of translating accurately? I would appreciate it very much.

If no one can be found within, let's say, 10 days, I'll have to delete the paragraphs since Adding nonsense/gibberish is a reason strong enough for me to delete these incomprehensible parts... And ban those who added them.

I thank you all in advance!

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