Dear wiki users,

First of all thank you for keeping this wiki alive. I have been absent for a long time since I have been busy with many (and sometimes unpleasant) things in my life.

Lately I was surfing on 8WayRun and found out something really interesting... A petition.

Not any petition: this one was about the whole communities (French, American, Japanese, German, etc.) uniting under the same motto, "we want something".

After all, they had time to release outfits (or rather bit of cloth so tiny that even Ivy would find outrageous), they had money to create massive additions to the game (and soooo many things that were out of place, even Star Wars guests suited SC more than these things), but they don't have time to pay attention to the community.

So the #8WayRunCampaign is about being heard, about fighting for the series we all have been loving for many years. Soul Blade was the first game I played (and I remember Sophitia!! was a funny addition, yet now barely clothed babes is what SC has become) and I must admit I'm crying in front of the pathetic Lost Swords...

So our time is now! Please read how this campaign should be done here and let's all work together and never let the legend die!
JefferyDante TALK
(08:15, September 29, 2014 (UTC))

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