• JefferyDante

    Dear old and new friends,

    I am finally back (oh my god nobody cares ^^) since I've heard the good (wonderful! fantastic!) news about the closure of Lost Swords (rest in peace pieces).

    People wonders what is happening after that. I am myself really eager to see if we are getting a Soulcalibur game worth the series (because, let's face it, V, LS and US are really really bad).

    Yet, Namco has teased with two more comments pointing towards an upcoming game.

    Glad to be back (if the series is reborn of course), and I'll need some time to get used to the new layout of the wiki (I've always preferred neutral themes haha)

    So, what do you think about these images?

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  • JefferyDante

    Dear wiki users,

    First of all thank you for keeping this wiki alive. I have been absent for a long time since I have been busy with many (and sometimes unpleasant) things in my life.

    Lately I was surfing on 8WayRun and found out something really interesting... A petition.

    Not any petition: this one was about the whole communities (French, American, Japanese, German, etc.) uniting under the same motto, "we want something".

    After all, they had time to release outfits (or rather bit of cloth so tiny that even Ivy would find outrageous), they had money to create massive additions to the game (and soooo many things that were out of place, even Star Wars guests suited SC more than these things), but they don't have time to pay attention to the commu…

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  • JefferyDante

    Dear friends and wiki users,

    You are aware that SoulCalibur Lost Swords might be on its way and that Masaaki Hoshino is the producer of this new SoulCalibur. However, nothing is clear for now: we don't know which platform it will be on, nor if it's a new game or the complete edition of SCV. I would be grateful that nobody creates a page regarding this game if we don't have any important information...

    Let's face it, what would the page be like?

    SoulCalibur Lost Sword It's the next installment of SC produced by Masaaki Hoshino.

    Rivetting, innit?

    Anyway I'm looking forward to contributing with you all for the supposed next game to come, and hopefully we won't be disappointed like with the half finished SCV we got 18 months ago :)

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  • JefferyDante

    Like Katsuhiro Harada who is TOTALLY into fan suggestion, Daishi and Project Soul should listen to the community.

    We play, buy and enjoy their games. We KNOW what we want, what we need, what the game lacks and what the game should improve. If Daishi and Project Soul paid more attention to what we have to say, the Soul series would be the BEST so far. Yet...

    Yet they don't seem to listen to us very carefully and they do VERY few effort on that game: plenty of DLC thumbnails were leaked and they quit half of them; Story Mode was just the visible part of the iceberg they were preparing; characters were cut for no apparent reason (e.g. Cassandra in Astral Chaos? How? Why?) and some were transformed without reason (e.g. Amy/Viola, Raphael/Nightma…

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  • JefferyDante

    Maaaaaaaaany many times I have seen changes on Soul Calibur and Soul Edge pages, changing the "it"s into "he"s or "she"s...

    My question is, therefore, should we consider the swords as swords possessed by spirits or as spirits possessing a sword?

    In my humble opinion, they are just swords, end of the line. Soul Edge is not completely male or female (it had a male form when the sword was not complete, reason why there is Soul Edge (Male) and Soul Edge (Female)).

    Soul Calibur is not female, it's just a sword inhabited by a spirit. I agree, the spirit takes the form of Elysium... But why? By chance, that's it. There is no point in any story mode (as far as I remember, source if I'm wrong) where the Soul swords are namely referred to as male and female. …

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