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Reasons why bonus characters should not be considered canon

Jayking116 September 16, 2014 User blog:Jayking116

Okay, so. I'm kind of new to this wiki and I've noticed that out of all the encyclopedia's out there that have information on soulcalibur and it's characters. This is the ONLY wiki that seems to treat bonus characters as if they are apart of the actual roster. Well, personally, I don't think they deserve to be because they rarely ever stay for more than one game and don't even get a mention in further games or a wave goodbye (excluding Ashlotte and sort of Angol Fear in BD, but come on. That was obviously a joke. I mean, Yun-seong getting kidnapped by aliens? come on xD)

I'm mainly referring to the ones in SCIV since I remembered them the most. And don't bother bringing up the whole relationship chart nonsense. Ya know, the one that looks like it was done on MS paint. The one that's supposed to be legit because it excludes non-canon elements like guest characters but included the bonus characters from SCIV and other soulcalibur games as well. Well, there are a few reasons why that doesn't count in my book.

  1. The only purpose of that chart was to add a ton of stupid information and backstory about the minor characters that won't in any way progress the story so its pretty much pointless xD
  2. The person who drew up this chart was a minor staff member, an assistant of the main writer Nakagawa. For all we know, this could be his weird fan fiction that he made in his spare time.
  3. All of the supposed story elements that were supposed to have happened during the course of the soulcalibur games were never explored or mentioned in the soulcalibur universe so I don't count it as canon.
  4. There's already a perfectly good relationship chart within SCIV itself called the chain of souls that explains the backstory of the main characters and how their stories tie in to each other perfectly. So what's the point in making another? just to tie in all the minor characters backstories as well? well, they didn't even get a mention in later soulcalibur games so like I said, it seems pretty pointless to me.

So, anyways. Here are my four reasons why I think bonus characters aren't canon. (Keep in mind this is all strictly opinion based. And forgive me if this is all just some big misunderstanding too xD I mean, I understand that them being specifically created for the games earns them a spot somewhere in the soulcalibur universe. But not among the main characters, ya know. The MAIN focus of the storyline. Also, keep in mind this argument may seem a little one sided because I tend to defend Ashlotte in this. But come on, she's the only bonus character that has any relevance to the story. With the possible exception of Shura as well. And no, I'm not defending them because they are my favorites, I'm just being truthful here.)

  1. Their designs - This one might seem like a no-brainer to a few. This one is mainly referring to Angol Fear. Their designs just look whack as hell and don't fit into the soulcalibur universe at all. I think my favorite one has got to be Angol Fear (a.k.a. A living anime character o.O) now I know what you might be thinking, "Well, this is a game about two magic swords who can talk and zombie pirates and ninja's and all that." Well, that's true. But at least those two swords are based on real weapons. And at least pirates and ninja's (not in the traditional sense, but thieves/rogues and stuff) actually existed back then too. And keep in mind this is all based on a medievil fantasy too. Zombie pirates and ninja's and stuff are okay as long as they fit into the story. But a futuristic anime looking character alien character does NOT fit into the story. I mean, come on. You see zombies, ninja's, samurai's and knights all the time in fantasy. But how often do you see a futuristic anime character in a fantasy? Aside from Final Fantasy, NEVER. On another note, Ashlotte's design (while it looks weird as hell) actually makes sense to me in a way. Because she was physically built from people who actually exist in the soulcalibur universe. That's a different story.
  2. Their names - Okay, this one is mainly referring to Kamiyurikimimusi (or whatever the fuck her name is) and Scheherezade who is named after a persian queen? O.o. Now, again. You could make the argument that everyone in the soulcalibur universe has really odd names too. Like Xianghua, Siegfried, Hwang and Seong han Myong. But they are STILL names that real people would have. Especially back then. But names like Kamikirimusi is just so unnatural. it's frickin 12 letters long and it sounds like something straight out an anime. Which, I get it. She was made by a guest artist who works on anime and stuff. But soulcalibur isn't supposed to be an anime. It's supposed to be a fantasy that is somewhat, relevant to real life. Okay, I can bypass the incredibly long, ridiculous name were it not for the translation. Her name can be broken into three different words (three words, people. How many names can you think of that have three different meanings?) the first word in her name (Kami) means God. GOD!?! a frickin demonic minion from hell has the word god in her name? the lord of all that is good and holy? They might as well of called Nightmare Sunshine Goodness. I guess it's supposed to be ironic maybe that was the point. But to be fair do you see where I'm going with this? Ashlotte sounds natural. I can accept that, same with Shura. Scheherezade is named after a persain queen strangely enough, but I can bypass that. Angol Fear sounds weird as hell to. But she's an alien. And her name at least fits her character. But come on, an oni with the word god in her name?? blow me.
  3. Their fighting styles - Okay, so for this one you could technically make the argument that because they were last minute additions maybe the developers ran out of time or were too lazy to give them their own fighting styles so they gave them the fighting styles of main characters. But in the soulcalibur universe they would have their own fighting style, I mean. Come on, what are the odds that an alien from outer space who has infinite knowledge of the universe would have the same fighting discipline as a bratty teenage korean girl? But the way I see it, the developers themselves seem to acknowledge just how pointless and non-existent these characters are so they don't even bother to give them their own fighting style. They just made them pallete swaps of the original characters. Now, again. In a sense, for Ashlotte it makes sense for her to have the same fighting style as her template, Astaroth. Obviously to match his skills.
  4. The fact that they're BONUS characters - Okay, this may seem like I'm ranting on here but seriously, why do you think the games themselves create a distinct difference between them and main characters? they have a special button specifically designed for them just incase you wanna play as some epic characters that have already basically been created for you (by the way, did I mention you could create just almost ALL of these bonus characters yourself?) just so you could feast your eyes on the eye-candy that Namco went through the effort of hiring guest artists just to create for you. And that's basically all they are, eye candy. They have no character, no story, no relevenace to the universe whatsoever, they're just there to look pretty and copy other people. From what I've seen so far, the only distinction that I've seen made between main characters and bonus characters on this wiki is that they need to be unlocked and they aren't selectible on the main screen. Maybe this page just needs some editing, maybe I'm just missing something. But is that really all that there is to them? or did you guys just miss something out?

Maybe something just went wrong when editing this wiki, maybe you guys still need to add a bit more information on Bonus characters. But I hope this debate has opened some of your eyes up a bit. Because, let's be honest. A living anime character apart of the official soulcalibur canon? pfft, ridiculous.

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