• Jayking116

    Has anyone else ever noticed that the weight of some of these people is just straight up ridiculous? Here are just a few examples of some people who you may of never known weighed as much as this person.

    Siegfried (5'6", 50kgs/110lbs) > Hilde (5'3", 50kgs/110lbs) - Siegfried is a whole 3 inches taller than Hilde yet they're the EXACT same weight!! How is this even possible? Siegfried must look like Jack Skellington behind all that armor!

    Natsu (5'5", 52kgs/115lbs) > Xiba (5'5", 51kgs/114lbs) - Okay, I can bypass the whole Siegfried situation but this is just straight up ridiculous... Not only is Xiba way more buff than Natsu is, but they're the exact same height too! This just doesn't make sense! How can someone so buff weigh not only as muc…

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