• Jaydenyeah


    May 23, 2015 by Jaydenyeah

    I'm making this post out of poor boredom, I'm just playing Soul Calibur and hanging out, Just seeing how everyone is doing. And telling everyone how I'm doing.

    Yes, I'm that same Jaydenyeah who stupidly wrote that dumb fan page about my character. A page that sucks horribly. A page I should not mention again, A PAGE I GOT BLOCKED FOR, A page I'm still embarrassed about writing. Don't judge me, It was that bad.

    By the way, that particular character is who I currently have as my avatar on this wiki. 

    That's besides the point though, Nowadays, I'm just a regular guy, a guy who loves games such as Soul Calibur in itself.

    Well, that's all folks. 

    I'll see you people later. :)

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  • Jaydenyeah


    December 9, 2012 by Jaydenyeah

    Yeah guys it's me Jaydenyeah

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