I've been looking through the contributions recently and noticed that not many Admins have been active. The most recent activity from an Admin is Snowsfall which was from four days ago. I think some new Admins may be needed. So, basically this is my pledge for me to become an Admin.

Here are my reasons why I think I should become an Admin of this Wiki.
1. I use the Wiki often, from both my PC and my mobile phone. So I would always be available even on the go.
2. I edit many pages and always make sure the information I add is real and explain my edit. If it's an important edit I will always link to a viable source of information.
3. I am very educated on the Soul series, I even run a Facebook page called Soulcalibur Community HERE which has 350 likes at the moment.
4. I always stay updated with the latest information on the Soul series and will always add the newest information as soon as I find out about it. (This can been seen by edits I make - Like Leixia being announced for Lost Swords or the Facebook poll - and you can see this from my Facebook Page.) Keeping up to date with the latest information is also vital for me to keep my Facebook page updated, so you know I will always be updated.
5. If I see any spam or information that is possibly wrong or does not have a viable source I will remove it.
6. I treat all other members of the Wiki with respect, always.
7. I get along with many people on the Wiki and I am always friendly.
8. I have very good grammar and have improved articles that where very badly written in the past (Like Pyyrha's Battle Style).

Well they're my reasons why I think I should be an Admin. So please, if you think I should and will be a worthy Admin, please make it happen. Thank you!

Should I be an Admin?

The poll was created at 14:35 on May 13, 2015, and so far 5 people voted.

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