Forums have now been activated on this Wiki! Go here to start a new thread! Don't forget to read the Forum Policies before you start a thread. Speaking of Policies... Users can have a say on what Policies they want on the Wikia! Use the Policy Discussion thread to propose new policies or propose a change to existing policies. Please read this page before proposing any new/changes to policies! I hope you enjoy the new features of this Wiki and I'm glad to be making it a better place! - JaseyJasee (talk) 01:52, June 7, 2015 (UTC)

Calling out to all the active Admins of this Wikia SarahPaiFan, SMS1996, Suuusuuu, Yuna.Fan, JefferyDante, Arishimaru, Ericard, Oh Mario, Nightmare76, Lyrical Disparity and Users alike, I have a proposal.

I think we should bring Forums to this Wiki! Forums are an excellent part of any Wiki and a great way for User's to discuss things. With Forums we can have different sections like Community Discussions where users can start a Forum to discuss anything concerning the Wiki in general, this could be changes to the wiki or anything similar. Game Discussions where users can start a Forum to discuss anything related to the games in the Soul series. Help Desk where users can post a question they have about the Wiki. Report Center where users can report another user, tell us a complaint you have, or anything else. Fanon Discussions where users can discuss any fanon, fanfiction, fan universe's or anything else related to user created media. Player Theories where users can discuss theories on their favorite characters (like is Sophitia dead or alive? Where is Cassandra? What about Talim?) and any theories regarding the games in the series. And finally, Off-topic Discussions where user can discuss anything no-related to the Soul series.

Forums would be a great new addition to the wiki. The addition of Forums will make all our talk pages much more neater and they wont be full all the time. The Forum feature provides a central location for discussion about the topic of a wikia and other matters important to the community. Any user can participate in a Forum conversation, and registered users can follow discussion threads and received notifications when updates occur. The Forums will be managed by the community's administrators and moderators.

Forums also have a feature called Highlighting this is where Admins can click a special "Highlight" button which notifies all logged in users in the Community about a specific, important thread, using the notification system. This is a great feature as all users would be able to know instantly what the latest news is or anything else major happening on the Wiki.

So, for us Admins how would we manage the Forum boards? And what about Polices?
This information was copied from HERE.

  • On Special:Forum, administrators and moderators have a Manage Boards button in the lower right corner that allows creation, renaming and reordering of boards. Boards can also be removed by merging their threads into another board.
  • Board descriptions can contain bold and italic formatting, links and templates. Templates will display on the individual board page, but not on Special:Forum.
  • Wikia has provided basic forum policies that become available when the feature is first enabled. Administrators can edit the policy page (a MediaWiki message) using the edit button on the Policies pop-up, if community-specific policies are preferred.

So, what changes will happen to the Wiki if Forums are enabled?
This information was also copied from HERE.

When the Forum feature is enabled in WikiFeatures, three changes occur on the wikia:

  • A link to Special:Forum is added on the navigation.
  • It becomes possible for the Discussions module to appear at the bottom of article pages, if topics are used on a thread.
  • The "Forum" namespace, used for the older, wiki-style forums, becomes editable only by administrators (for maintenance purposes) and all content in that namespace acquires a header directing users to Special:Forum. The header is styled according to the wikia's theme, and should prevent any user confusion if the wiki-style forums had been used on the wikia in the past.

So, if you all think that we should bring Forums over here let us know!

Should We Enable Forums?

The poll was created at 18:53 on June 1, 2015, and so far 9 people voted.

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