As one creates and customizes a character, how do you feel they are represented? What shapes their mindset as well as their actions, reactions, speech? What gives your character/creations, their soul?

I've decided to add what has driven a few of my original characters into creation as well as what currently shapes their mentality.

I added the character name to the left, and their respective theme to the right. some pages are still in progress while others need to be revised, however, they will be completed eventually.

Aliyah Ruel Halteese - Theme of Aliyah

Annebella Williams - Theme of Annebella

Arrai - Theme of Arrai

Dawn Larrieux - Theme of Dawn

E'laura Riga - Theme of E'laura

Garrett Mulls - Theme of Garrett

Kusanagi Ky - Theme of Ky

Raiko - Theme of Raiko

Raisa - Theme of Raisa

Achilla - Theme of Achilla

Isai - Theme of Isai

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