Sure we all know that II and III were the best within the series thus far, yet why is it that V has dropped so far below the previous installments? Doesn't anyone else think there could be major improvements to the installment itself? Or am I the only one? Well, I'll point out a few things which should be fixed:

First off, as I looked in Natsu's command list, I noticed something. Yes, she Taki's disciple though, I could swear that Strangulation Blade is where someone is impaled through the neck. Am I right? Instead, Natsu's lifts her opponent and slams them to the ground.

Hilde's Moonlit Dancing is charge level 3 and states to press B B though when I tried this, the attack would not work. When I pressed B and A the attack performed. Am I the only one seeing the Disparity of the command lists and actual button presses?

I will admit i overlooked this and just kept playing yet when I went to create a character via CC (Character Creation) I noticed that the same thing which was the main issue with Hunted: The Demon's Forge was present in Soul Calibur V. In Hunted, a programming mistake was made and the distance is riddled with white lines minus when you are outdoors. In V, if you look to the characters wrists and ankles you can see this mistake. It irked me to see this because in IV, I saw it none whatsoever. I could have missed it, possibly but in V, I see it everytime.

Now the CC is remarkable and well laid out and planned. Yes, that I will admit but the execution is far from satisfactory. Clothing items cannot be worn with some things is understandable but when something is in a previous installment, why strip it from the next installment? The Heavy Belt in III for the female character was something I liked and often equipped due to it matching well for a feminine knight. In V, you can no longer do such a thing; however, the Gale Cloak can "seep" through the Scaled Fault and Slit Skirt as well as the Pareo. Why not have something which combines the two to make it easier for the player? CC is supposed to build your custom character and V has matched III in only a few areas. Yes, there is an abundance in what can be done yet, more could be done.

All of the clothing accessories should be modified so that they could fit with one an other. Such as the Scaled Fault and the Pareo. How so for these two since they are in the same category? Make an extra category. Armor of the Waist and Clothing of the Waist. Mere example but the point is there. If this were done, much more variations could be seen when it comes to characters as the creations possibilites would be nearly endless. As for creations, why is it that the DLC cannot have anything worn over it unless it is somethin over DLC or an Attachable Accessory? Again, all the clothing should be modified to fit with this and fit with that.

When it comes to their graphics update, much praise is there. Sure it looks bright and shiny when compared to IV yet V is lacking. The entire project seems rushed. Clothing features are not as they were in III where you wear long boots with a skirt yet you can wear something which breaks through the upper layer of clothing while the other does not break the clothing layer. This occurs in III and V but V should have this down pat and fixed. The Menghu Boots look deformed when compared to IV and there was also little to no true prologue or epilogue for any of the characters. With the exception of possibly Zwie, Pyrrah, and, Patrokolos. It's as if you are thrown in the middle of a battle with little to no idea what is or has occured. This is evident when Maxi, Xian-I mean, Leixia, Xiba, and Natsu are encountered. Yes, there is many things which point back to Soul Calibur II Endings, being the old parchment style which is represented throughout the story mode. A nice touch but with the lacking the story mode has, that nice touch is easily overlooked.

The training mode lacks the potential it held in II and lacks the creatvity of additional styles as it had in III. Not everyone knows how to do the button presses and not everyone is a seasoned professional or familiar with the Series. The common gamer is more familiar with Tekken opposed to Soul Calibur and Tekken has yet to make drastic mistakes such as Soul Calibur V. Though I suppose that's why Tekken, with it's numerous installments, pretty much if not all of them are titled Greatest Hits and or Platinum Hits for the 360.

The gauge is rather ridiculous. This is NOT Mortal Kombat. Guard Impact should have never been made into a gauge feature. Nightmare and Siegfried within Quick Battle representing the IV style should at least have quotes and things from IV to make it feel a bit more original instead of just the basic 2P entrance.

In my opinion, the next installment or rather, the new DLC patch, should come with SC: III character voices and weapon styles such as Hwang, Li Long, Arthur and other characters. Amy's style should be present just as Devil Jin's. The SC voices from III and IV should be in a patch with classic as well as new quotes.

As I stated before with the Scaled Fault and the Pareo, this is what it could look like:

[1] Added by Snowsfall

During the CC, you should be able to pause character movement when you are taking their picture, that way it will be easier. I mean honestly, I've seen some pretty bad character pictures possibly because the individual does not care or they do not want to take so much time trying to get the picture that they want. That and having the option to have them close their eyes would be nice since if you are into the game and your character, you would want your character to look badass. Or awesome, whichever you prefer. Even more so, a future DLC should have Taki's SC: III or IV style as well as Talim's SC: II style availible for download. The older styles would be a nice touch as it would bring a more competitive force from the players and with so many ways to fight with a style whether it be II or III, it would be worth praise. Honestly, think of Xianghua's style from III or IV versus Leixia's style. Soul Calibur II Nightmare versus V's Siegfried. Hwang or Assassin from III or II versus IV's Yun-Seong.

The possibilities and matches would be endless.

Speaking on that, the main thing that should be with CC to make it revolutionary: Have the player select a weapon type being large (ex: Astaroth, Strife Astlar, or Nightmare etc.), medium (Hwang, Leixia, or Raphael etc.), or small (Natsu, Maxi, Li Long, so on and so forth). With that, have the ability to create your characters moves from the ground up and an easy way to limit the move usage is to limit the availible moves to the average move list of the weapon class, being large, medium, or small.

Doing that will have player create their very own character and if possible, have the original characters stances from Soul Edge to Soul Calibur V availible for choosing. That will have endless possibilities for custom characters as well as matches. The clothing as well, being DLC should be availible for both genders. In III I wanted to give the bangles to a male character because it fit the way I wanted him to look ,but alas, it was not permitted for the male character. In V, Xiba's Wilding Guantlets fit that character of mine perfectly. Why can't the DLC be for unisexed? Make a female version of that clothing. I mean, you can put Patrokolos in a pink skirt, with pink armor, pink and white weapons and a ponytail which was blonde because he annoyed the Hell out of me when I first played V. Male clothing such as Zwei's Vest should be made into a female form yet, have it much like the spy robe where the breasts or rather, the areole are covered. If the player wants to make a character which is dark or a rogue while still retaining some sultry or lustful appearance that would be great. Especially if you could edit the tears and slashes throughout that vest.

Something like that would give greater freedom with creating especially if the clothing could be chosen as to how it would break or if it broke at all.

I mean looking at II to V, if Team Battle, Weapon Master, Chronicles of the Sword, Tower of Lost Souls was brought back in some form then the game might possibly be just as great as Tekken. Though until something of that nature is done to Soul Calibur...we might be looking at IV as the last GOOD Installment before everything went down The Pit.

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