"Updated with a slight of new information and to correct an out of date fan character code"

This is now completed (5-7-14) So, read on and edit as you will. ~ Snowsfall|Lyrical

Hello, it's been a few weeks...I've had no laptop. Though, with an absence, I've had an idea. Seeing that some or most are placing pages with their original characters (OC's) I thought it to be at least of some courtesy to leave a blog about it. Yet, the character I chose is part of my own on-going fiction and if any information about her is too much for you, then do not read her Info Box or locate another source to learn this.

As some of you know, (if you've read the rules of fanon), you can place a page pertaining to a character or group. That said, opposed to having it look the same as all others, there are some ways to diversify your character so that it stands out.

As always, remember that this template:


(Snowsfall is only an example and where Snowsfall is placed is to be your wiki name) as a placement which symbolizes that you are the author whom had written the page. Along with that, please remember to include the this to show that it is a created character and not one of the main characters of the Series and to follow guidelines.

With and end result, as you can see here:

Guilt -Cover-

"Without the means to defend even yourself, how can you even begin to attempt to save another? Let alone protect them..."
Real Name Maria
Birthplace Italy
Birthdate 1536, ??
Age 24 when she was killed by Cervantes
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Eight Inches (5'8)
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color White
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Zwiehander
Weapon's Name Remorse
Family Her adoptive mother was killed after weeks of being sexually abused.
Her father was killed at sea, never to bear sight to his child.
Her biological mother died after giving birth to her.
Alignment Neutral
Resides Wanders about the World searching for leads on Soul Edge in hopes of locating Cervantes


It looks very simple, yes, but with one slip in coding, your Info Box can be left in ruins.

However, we will start with the first things I do:

If you will, please open three tabs. One will be of this, the other, a page of your original character or one of your original characters, the final one will be of this page here, yet, it will be in source mode. To get to source mode, click Edit Page at the top in order to view it with all its numbers and symbols.

In total, you should have four tabs: the one you are reading now, the community link, the page of your own character, and lastly, the the source version of this page.

With that done, let's get started:

Beginning with the Source Mode Page, select the code you see. This is typically beginning with "{|" and ending with "|}". That means everything in between "With an end result..." to "It looks simple..." With it highlighted, right-click (or press CTRL and C simultaneously) and Copy it.

Head over to the page with your character and open the Source Mode on that page. Press the Enter key at the top...four times. Be sure that you DO NOT save/Publish as you are testing things out. Unless you know what you are doing, don't Save/Publish ahead of time. For now, use Preview to check on what you changed.

Now with the text/code you've copied, Paste it to the page of your Original Character. Again, this should be in Source Mode, if not, your code will be partly spread out.

As it's copied, you'll see all the numbers and symbols which are probably the same as reading a foreign language. Yet for starters, look at the third line of code. It should begin with Border. Within the first line of that, locate text-align left and change it to Center. This can be done by erasing (backspace) left and typing center.

Click preview.

See how it changed the position of the text compared to that of the Blog Page?


Colors are used to...well, add color. The link which provides colors and the like should be open in a tab.

Switch to that tab.

Now, with the HTML Color Names (section), look at Red. The code is #FF0000. Highlight and copy it. Now on your character page, locate any of the numerous (either by skimming and looking or by pressing CTRL and F simultaneously) #000000 (Black).

Highlight it and Paste over it.

Now Preview.

Now whichever code for Black (#000000) you have changed, should be Red (#FF0000).

Now select a color of your choice, with the exception of Black and White (#FFF). Also, remember, you need to have the # in front of the number you choose.

Locate the color code #FFF and replace that the color you've chosen.

Preview. See the difference?

Colors can be changed by inserting a different number and anytime. You can also change a single word into a plethora of rainbow-esque colors.

Info Box Title

Now looking at the Blog Post, you can see the name "Guilt". Switch back to your character's page and locate the first appearance of her name. It should be after the "|" and appear as "| Guilt". Change Guilt to your character's name.


if is part of the code--obviously--however, it is a vital part of your code. With a mistype, your code will break. Rather, it will be messed up, but fixable.

By looking at the code, you will see "if" followed by a file name. This file is named (in bold): File:Guilt_-Cover-.png|center. Locate your character picture and copy the file name and paste it here. Yet, you will need to add two brackets ((these --> [[ <-- these) before the file name and these ( --> ]] <-- ) after it.

After means after png, jpeg, gif, tiff, jpg, (etc.) Also, be sure to add "File:" after the first set of brackets ( [[ ). Now with them joined, you should get this:
Guilt -Cover-

The underscores ( _ ) are only spaces which are translated to appear as such with file names and even some urls. The dashes ( - ) are only from me naming my file. So don't worry about that.

If this method fails, then simply click on where Guilt's image code was and then move your mouse over to the right and click Photo to search for your own picture or a picture you want to use.


Source Mode wise, on your character's tab, you'll see the Line Break code "
". This is used on the Main Characters in the Series in their Info Boxes. If I recall right, I checked the source mode of Siegfried. Particularly when it explains his relatives, and series appearances.

The quotation, however, is completely optional and I added it simply because I wanted to. But know this, the quotation is repeated. Altering the second (the repetition) of the quote will be what is shown. This is similar to character references. Such as a blue link bearing another character's name. Or rather:

Aneko if this is done differently it will say Isai. Whether you use your mouse to hover over the name listed or you use source mode to view the difference, it is easy to see.

Yet to explain it a bit further, within the repetition of Guilt's quote, highlight the repeating quote (the second one minus the quotation marks) and place "whatever you want". By that, I mean those three words.

After Previewing it, you can see that the second line (or name) is what will be shown, just the same as with Aneko and Isai. In this case, by name, Aneko|Aneko and Aneko|Isai are the differences in the created character's page links.

It is also tethered by an IF function. That function needs to be present for any of it to come together.

Opening and Closing Code

No doubt you've seen this:

| in addition to |- along with }} and {{| and |}} and lastly |.

These are opening and closing marks for parts of this code.

The "subst" is code for altering a pre-existing Info Box. I listened to the web-cast ( it might be called something else ) as wiki members explained how to do this and that. I believe they still do this on Fridays, but I'm not entirely sure as I've not listened in over six months.

Anyway, let the "subst" (substitute) remain as it's needed.

In your character's source mode, ( or if you want to open another tab--which may be easier ) fill in information pertaining to your character.

You'll see Maria after "subst". Remember that the second is always what will be seen, yes that applies here as well. I point this out because further down you may see "subust" a few more times, over Hair Color, for example. Again, the second is the visual but still, change both to the desired character's name.

If you want to add anything extra, per say "Aliases". you will need to insert
on the next line. For example:

| style="background-color: #000080; color:#FFF;" |Aliases | Wōdāo
Shéng Biāo
Lady Sapphire |-

Copy and past that into the appropriate area and the color should change to a deep blue, the name will say Raisa (Russian influenced) and Real Name will say Aliases.

To point this out, "Real Name" or anything which appears in the same fashion in this area can be changed to whatever you want it to say. As this was meant for this wiki (and it can be used on others as well) The Dragon's Dogma (currently obsessed with at the moment) wiki for instance accepts this format as I'm sure others do, but I've kept it relatively simple so that I can navigate my pages with ease. Such ease that I can copy a portion of the code and simply fill in from there a new character if I truly want to.

Now, with this area, most of the code is self explanatory. You've your Color Code, which you can simply change with ease, but remember to keep the # in front of the number. Background would be the black (#000000) which you see. The #FFF (white) is just after it. Simple changes by now I think.

The opening | needs to stay where it is. Unless you are experimenting and trying something else out, leave it be. An opening is needed for the second listing of the character's name and AFTER the characters name is |-. You need to have a closing symbol else your code will be a nightmare. I say that from experience...and hours of wondering "why the f*** are you f******" you get the point.

The symbols are needed as well and mark the beginning and ending of a portion of the code here. They are a must and the correct number of symbols of this kind you see are all you'll need. Too many will show up in the Visual of your Info Box. Arrai is an example of this.

Family & Others

Remember the quotation and the repetition? This is the same thing here. The Break Code
is also used here and in a bit more abundance. Now, as you can see in the text which is of Guilt's family:

Her adoptive mother was killed after weeks of being sexually abused.
Her father was killed at sea, never to bear sight to his child.
Her biological mother died after giving birth to her. | | style="background-color: #000000; color:#FFF;" |Family |Her adoptive mother was killed after weeks of being sexually abused.
Her father was killed at sea, never to bear sight to his child.
Her biological mother died after giving birth to her.

Using Breaks here, will make this appear nice and neat. A list at that.

Ky and Raisa are good examples of how Family and Relatives appear. However, with these two specifically, I simply pressed Enter in both parts opposed to using Breaks. but this is due to any explanation of them being short.

Notice, Guilt's is much longer and Breaks were needed.

{{#if:Aunt: Abigale Younger Cousin: Grayson| | style="background-color: #000080; color:#000;" |Living Relatives |Aunt: Abigale Younger Cousin: Grayson

The code above is how Raisa's appears in source form. Ky's is in a similar fashion.

Naomi can use the method (Breaks) as you see with Maria's (Guilt's) family and relatives. "I am not trying to be an ass...I'm only pointing this out, especially since I've done the same years ago."

Again, the second or repeating text in this area are what will be visible.

After that, is where she Resides. Which is similar to what you've already seen. The ending symbols of code should be left alone. These are the true ending of the entire code and need to remain untouched.

I'm not the best teacher, but I did try. If you've any questions, concerns, or comments, you can leave them below or message me here. I may not get to them right away but I'll try.

Additionally, listen to that track while reading her Biography and see if it fits.

In closing, if I missed something, let me know, and best of luck with your editing and characters. I would say "yay SC:LS" but I'm not a fan of it whatsoever..... Lastly, always guard your work, make duplicates, keep backups.

You never know when you may lose your work or if someone gets into your account and alters it. Personally, I lock every page I've made/I make due to my original wiki account being ass-jacked and even with my current account, some still try to edit this or that. So make sure you save our work and keep back ups.

UPDATE 2015/15/10

Much like some of the main characters of the series have, multiple pictures/pictures throughout the years or from game to game -if you will-, they use the Tabber code. If you check back with what was posted above about Guilt/Maria, or view your own character(s), you may see how the character has a single picture.

To reflect the change and to effectively (or rather possibly) shorten the work you might have to add for a character or just for the sole purpose of ease of access:

"We are all at some point nervous of what may come but to allow it to feed off you would simply be giving yourself to your growing fear. Much be the same for one who drinks too deep on rage to allow it to be false courage; it only breeds recklessness through foolishness."
— Annebella Williams
The Tabber code is a wonderful thing. Really, it is. Utilizing this code will allow you to place picture after picture which you can edit the label of the photo above (in the example of Annebella, by clicking Act I or Act II) as to where you see it in the code. Since code and all else is color-coded now, it should be even easier... Furthermore, additionally pictures can be added by inserting the beginning of the code (Tabber((header of the photo=)(FILENAME) along with the brackets you see as well.)) An example of how it works would be to visit on of the main characters' (of the soul series) pages and seeing the tabber function itself.

Commander Annebella Williams

Annebella Williams (Act II thumbnail)

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