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    August 14, 2014 by Insert Rupee

    As one creates and customizes a character, how do you feel they are represented? What shapes their mindset as well as their actions, reactions, speech? What gives your character/creations, their soul?

    I've decided to add what has driven a few of my original characters into creation as well as what currently shapes their mentality.

    I added the character name to the left, and their respective theme to the right. some pages are still in progress while others need to be revised, however, they will be completed eventually.

    Aliyah Ruel Halteese - Theme of Aliyah

    Annebella Williams - Theme of Annebella

    Arrai - Theme of Arrai

    Dawn Larrieux - Theme of Dawn

    E'laura Riga - Theme of E'laura

    Garrett Mulls - Theme of Garrett

    Kusanagi Ky - Theme of Ky

    Raiko - Them…

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    May 28, 2014 by Insert Rupee

    A few questions to those who write fanfiction:

    What gives you insperation? Ideas? That spark which is to take the form of a raging inferno of words and reading? How do you go about building your original characters? What gives them life? A meaning, a purpose? Are they built solely from emotion or solidly built from music? Is it easy or difficult making an original character?

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    "Updated with a slight of new information and to correct an out of date fan character code"

    This is now completed (5-7-14) So, read on and edit as you will. ~ Snowsfall|Lyrical

    Hello, it's been a few weeks...I've had no laptop. Though, with an absence, I've had an idea. Seeing that some or most are placing pages with their original characters (OC's) I thought it to be at least of some courtesy to leave a blog about it. Yet, the character I chose is part of my own on-going fiction and if any information about her is too much for you, then do not read her Info Box or locate another source to learn this.

    As some of you know, (if you've read the rules of fanon), you can place a page pertaining to a character or group. That said, opposed to having…

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    Fiction Wise

    January 23, 2014 by Insert Rupee

    Looking through picture and some characters bios, I've noticed that a lot of people have their own characters. notihng wrong with that at all, though if you've your own character, do any of you have a fiction revolving aroud that character(s) or anything dealing with series-based characters?

    I ask since if we all bear the same interest in the series, why not read what another has written? I think it'd be better to share and have those around the community know a bit more of what fictions have been written than to not know of them at all. That itself could be beneficial to everyone.

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    Thoughts and Ideas

    December 31, 2013 by Insert Rupee

    After browsing a few other wiki's, I'm wondering if this wiki itself needs improvement itself. uite frankly if there are any other ideas, I'd like to know what your thoughts would be on the subject.

    That, and when it comes to a Soulcalibur game itself, what would you want to see within it?

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