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  • I live in U.S.A
  • My occupation is Fan of Mei (Overwatch) and Night Time Roleplayer
  • I am Female
  • IceLoverMei

    We all have our favorite character in the Soul Calibur series and we all hoping to see our favorite return in the upcoming Soul Calibur VI game. *Hoping for Talim to return* I know I am ready. But you then wonder for every game they made from SCII to SCV, They include some form of including a guest character. Either it be in form of a character creation or moveset or actual appearance like Link, Spawn and Heihachi (along with Kratos). You begin to think the possibility for who might be the next guest. Here I introduce 10 characters I think should be guest in the game. Note this is my own opinion and I hope I can make myself clear on it. Even if some of the character have the lowest chance of appearing.

    • Only 1 Character per series.
    • Characters that…

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