These are the main villans of my story. 

Kronus, (also known as the Azure Death) is the main villan of the story. He is heartless,cold, bitter , and could care less of others' feelings. He has killed Kokoro, Kai, and Kasumi's parents. He possessed Resse and possibly Emilla's father which in result killed their mother. His true identity is unknown. His weapon of choice is the zweihandler. Some have rumored that his sword is Soul Edge in a veiled form and that he is a servant of the cursed sword. What lies in his soul is Death.

Kira, Kronus' favorite servant. She, just like her master is cold, bitter, and heartless. Her eye color is a deep teal with a black sclera. Her hair is put pigtails which surprisingly form a jester's hat. She grew up in the woods, until a kind german woman took her in. The woman had one child named Nathan. One night, Kira lost it and unwillingly killed the woman, stole her gold and clothes and left. This devastated Nathan, thinking only for redemption and redemption only, he travels the European villages to find his mother's killer. Kira enjoys using her ring blade, Verzweiflung. Her combat consists of speed, flexibility, power, and range. It is yet unknown if she is German or not. What lies in her soul is Despair.

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