I've been a SoulCalibur fan since I was four. I loved characters like Taki,Yun-seong,Talim,Cassandra, and the late Sophitia. I'm very displeased with the fact that they're not even in this installment of Soul Calibur. Also three random characters. Was Namco/Project Soul serious about taking out some fan favorites? But do not get me wrong..the creation mode is basically well-planned out, sharp, and most of all epic. Just one problem. I would wear the Hunter's suit with the Dancer Breastplate and so on. We could of gotten more out of the story like where's Hilde, Raphel, and Kilik? Is Z.W.E.I dead or alive? Why is Pyrrha's arm is deformed like Nightmare's? And most importantly where's Tira? These need to be answered. Also I've been thinking about newcomer Viola. Is she really Amy? If so how did she lose her memory? Also, I serious question for we Sophitia fans.....who killed her, how, and why? Basically Soul Calibur V was a game of unsolved mystries....-iSlezzy 

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