(This is a preview of my story Broken Destines: The Diary)

As we defeated Tira.. We found a fragment of Soul Edge. "Soul Edge, the cursed sword!" explained Joel. "Do you think that we should just keep this fragment?" asked I. Joel rolled her eyes and said "We should, it could help of in battle."  "No way! I've heard stories about Soul Edge and it's chaos power!" yelled I. Joel put the Soul Edge fragment on her leather choker. "I'll keep for save keeping on my choker, okay amiga."  I playfully rolled my eyes and began walking again. "You should put the Soul Calibur fragment on your necklace, amiga!" said Joel."Why in the hell would I do that?" asked I. "So if were in combat, we could combine the two fragments into one!" said Joel. "Okay here, it goes............

That's all for now.......see you guys later! -iSleezy

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